what has cupid done

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18. chapter 17

''alaya if you don't hurry up i will be staying home ''yelled brook she was in a hurry to get to the air port my mom comes home today and she is mommy's little girl i rolled my eyes and walked downstairs texting Emely ever since the day we went shopping we have gotten so close is like i can tell her anything i was suppose to hung out with her today but my plans changed i got in the limo and paul started out the drive way ''im so happy mom is going to be home soon'' said brook clapping her hands ''i know me too but i wish daddy can be home 2 i mean homecoming is Friday '' i said sadly ''well yeah but we been living like this our whole life we should be use to this '' she said ''i know but its still sad he is never there for our special moments '' i said which was true he wasn't there for our first steps  our first word our graduation  brook pulled me in for a hug ''im sorry bae'' she said ''its fine baby'' i said still hugging her

''where is she '' said brook looking around the airport ''alaya and Brooklyn '' we heard ''MOM'' we said at the same time and ran  to hug her she smile ''i miss my girls ''she said paul helped my mom with her suit case and we were on our way ''how is daddy'' i asked ''he is fine sad that he couldn't come back '' she said ''paul remember i stay at the address i told u''i said paul nodded ''where you going'' asked my mom ''her boyfriends house '' said brook 'shut up'' i said blushing ''umm young lady you mind explaining '' asked my mom with a huge smile ''fine i have been dating this guy he is so sweet and nice and cute and he is always looking out for me ''i said blushing ''whats his name baby'' asked my mom ''Misael we been seeing each other for 2 months almost 3 '' i said ''wow honey im so happy for you but i got to meet him so we will all be going to his house''she said ''umm ok i guess ''


we pulled up in front of Misael's house i took a deep breath and we opened the door and walked up to his front door knocking emely open the door ''hiii '' she said with a big smile i walked in followed by mom and brook ''emely this is my mom and twin'' i said ''hi nice to meet you'' she said with a huge smile ''where is Misael '' i asked Emely smirked knowing what was going on ''ill get him'' she said running up the stairs ''jossy'' i called and soon she walked in the living room '' hey darling didn't know you were here '' she said hugging me ''jossy this is my mom and sister mom this Misael mom ''i said they hugged and said hi to eachother  everything was going good so far ''who u here to see emely or Misael '' she asked ''Misael but emely went to call him''i answered she nodded ''want anything to drink'' asked jossy ''no its fine thanks ''said mom with a smile


i saw Misael walking down the stairs with basketball shorts and no shirt he looked sleepy ''hey there'' i said making him look at me ''hi bb'' she said rubbing his eyes and walking over to me but stopping looking surprise ''what happen with your shirt''i asked amused with the face he made when he saw my mom ''i-umm-i emely'' he yelled making me laugh my mom smiled ''hi so you are the boy these 2 wont stop talking about'' my mom said moving closer to me ''hi mrs.espinal im sorry i didn't know you were here '' he said shaking his hand i giggled and hugged Misael ''surprise'' i whispered in his ear making him give me a dirty look ''i will get back at you don t worry'' he said making me laugh


we stayed for dinner and we just talked and talked mom and Misael getting to know each other i think she liked him yey ''so i would like to invite you to eat dinner at my place on Saturday '' said mom ''oh you don't have to '' said jossy ''come on its a special dinner for family and you guys are family already''said my  mom ''then we would love to ''said jossy Misael grabbed my hand under the table ''mom wait family what you mean'' i asked ''well your grandmother and father are flying in from philly and also cristal and Michael and zuriel so long we don't see them i miss her'' my mom said my face dropped when she said Michael was coming and i started to tense up and freak out on the inside Misael noticed and squeezed my hand letting me know everything would be ok ''yey i was dieing to ssee auntie cristal''said brook my mom smiled ''wait mom  is dad coming '' i asked '' i don't know '' was all my mom said

''cant wait to see momma i miss her '' i said ''you call your grandmom momma '' asked emely i nodded ''so whats up with the limo''she asked  right now me her brook and Misael were in the living room and mom was helping jossy clean up ''you don't know alaya you didn't tell her '' said brook ''no and went were picking up my mom at the airport'' i said ''tell me what'' asked emely Misael and me looked at each other ''this should be good'' said Misael covering his ears i did the same ''our dad is Mr.ep '' said brook making emely let out a big scream ''what''she yelled making jossy and mom run in to the living room ''what happen'' asked jossy i was amused at emely's  face  ''we just told her that daddy is-'' ''oh '' said my mom cutting me off she smiled


''why you didn't tell  me before '' said emely hitting me with a pillow on yeah i was also on the floor and she was on top of me its Micaela all over again ''this happens a lot '' said Misael with a smirk  i rolled my eyes at him ''you never asked'' i said she kept hitting me with  a pillow ''MISAEL'' i yelled ''just a minute '' he said amused ''MISAELLLL'' i yelled again ''ok ok '' he said grabbing emely and taking her off of me i stood up ''im sorry baby '' i said hugging her''no no no im still mad'' she said looking at me ''how about a sleep over at my house on after Saturdays dinner party'' i asked ''ok im not mad no more'' she said hugging me back i smiled '''well girls let go i haven't called Israel to tell him got home safe and my phone is dead and im tried ''said my mom ''it was so nice to meet you Ashley see you on Saturday '' said jossy hugging my mom ''see you Misael and emely '' said brook walking out the house ''nice to meet you 2 i had fun and the dinner was great thank you fro everything''said my mom and walked out the house i hugged emely and jossy and Misael walked me out side

mom and brook were already waiting inside the limo ''why u didn't tell me '' asked Misael ''it was a last minute thing '' i said he nodded and kissed me on the lips i pulled away because i knew mom was looking ''goodnight i see you tomorrow'' he said i nodded ''babe one more thing '' i said before turning around ''what is that'' ''on Saturday make sure to wear a shirt'' i said pocking his chest with my finger laughing i turned to walk away but he grabbed me from behind picking me up the ground making me scream ''ok im sorry '' i said with a huge smile he put me down and kissed my cheek ''i love you'' he said ''i love you more'' i said kissing his lips really quick and ranning to the limo   and getting on

''i like him honey he is so nice and sweet and you can tell her really loves you'' my mom said ''im so glad you like him and you and his family get along '' i said hugging her

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