what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


17. chapter 16

''homecoming is less then a week away and he still hasn't asked me what is he waiting for'' cried Micaela in my pillow I laughed ''he will ask you don't worry about it you just have to act cool '' I said sitting up  ''its easy for you to say u have the perfect boyfriend who is taking you to homecoming'' she said making me blush ''I still cant believe it we are almost 3 months '' I said with a huge smile she rolled her eyes and hit me with a pillow ''hey I know who u could take to homecoming '' I said ''who'' she asked ''my pillow you sure love that thing '' I said laughing making her chase me around the house ''girls no running '' yelled my nana she tackled me on the floor making me scream ''watch it I do want to keep having a girlfriend ''said Misael walking in thru the front door ''a little help''i said ''naw I kinda like the view '' he said smirking at me ''BRYAN MISAEL YOU JUST WAIT TILL SHE GETS OFF OF ME''i  yelled  ''really babe are you threatening me right now '' he said amused ''can please just get her off of me''i said annoyed at him

Micaela's phone rang and she started screaming getting off me ''its him '' she sang jumping up and down and ranning out side  I laughed and stood up ''so you were saying '' I said crossing my arms over my chest ''babe baby have I told you how much I love you lately''he said I just stood there looking at him trying my hardest not to laugh ''let me tell you again I love you so much  baby girl ''he said hugging me making me laugh ''I came to get you so we can go out to eat something'' he said ''sorry bb I cant I have plans '' I said he looked at me shock  ''im sorry''i said giving him a quick kiss ''with who who is more important they our amazing hot boyfriend ''he said making me giggle ''your sister'' I said pocking his chest with my finger he rolled his eyes ''why is it you don't like me talking to her she is just a nice person and she is your sister'' I said ''I told you she is adopted '' he said I rolled my eyes ''I like her'' I said


I knocked on Misael's front door and emley opened it ''hey '' I said with a huge smile ''ready to go''i asked ''yeah let me just get my purse and we can be on our way '' she said running up the stairs I felt arms wrap around me someone kissing my neck making me giggle ''give me a kiss and no one gets hurt'' he said I laughed turning around to face him he was leaning  against the wall and I kissed him biting his lower lip and then pulling away I decided to tease him a little bit and I knew that kissing his neck turned him on so I started kissing his neck softly ''alaya stop that'' he said I laughed and started bring my hand up his shirt rubbing his back ''alaya''he said taking my hand out his shirt I laughed ''im ready'' said emely coming outside ''ok lets go'' I said walking up to my car Misael followed emely got on the passenger side and closed the door ''I see you later baby'' I said ''call me as soon as you done ok'' he said I nodded ''gimme a kiss'' he said


''so how is my brother treating you'' asked emely as she looked thru some dresses in ''oh my god look isn't this cute and good '' I said showing her a red dress ''that is cute and that's good'' she said still looking ''he is so sweet and adorable I don't know around him I feel safe '' I said moving to a different rack of dresses she followed ''I know my brother loves you because he has changed so much '' she said I smile ''and I love him ' I said ''look at this blue one'' she said holding a cute short sky blue with sparkles dress up ''smoking but how about you how is your love life'' I asked ''well im not very lucky with that '' she said sadly ''why u say that sweetheart'' I asked ''all of my relationship go down hill'' she said moving to another rack  ''who are you going to homecoming with '' I asked following her ''make that no one '' she said ''well emely you just found a date to homecoming'' I said  ''and who would that be '' she said looking at me ''u looking at her '' I said with a smirk she laughed ''I don't think Misael is gonna like that ''she said

''Don't worry about him i'll let him down easy but would you be my date for homecoming '' I said making her giggle ''well I would love too'' she said we started laughing and hugged then kept looking for dresses after we were done we went into some other stores by the end of the day we had so many bags we couldn't carry them all  ''I had fun today you are so sweet my favorite sister law'' she said hugging me I smiled  we put all the bags in the back seat

''so lunch'' I asked ''no I don't want you spending more money on me you already bought all these clothes for me '' she said I laughed ''its no big deal '' I said just then my phone rang and I had the car computer system answer it

''hey mommy how are you '' I said smiling at emely ''hey honey how are you '' she said ''great when u coming home'' I asked ''in 2 days hopefully '' she said ''yey love you bye '' I said ''wait im mad at you young lady '' she said ''why'' ''you went shopping with out me how dare you'' she said making me laugh ''im sorry mom I went with a friend'' I said ''oh ok'' she said

I ended the call ''see told you my mom wouldn't be mad '' I said as I drove up at burger king's drive thru ''welcome to burger king may I take your order '' said the lady ''can I have a number 2 with large fries also 20 pc chicken nuggets and 3 big macs and another order of fries and mango smoothie also a large soda '' I said ''would that be all'' she asked ''2 apple pies'' I said ''it will be 32.50 drive up to the second window thank you'' emely looked at me ''its for Misael and jaid they are at your house and were hungry ''  I said ''how u know'' she asked ''well Misael called me 3 times and left a voice mail so I did a wild guess'' I said paying the guy and he passed my food


i helped emely get her bags  off the car and in to her house ''babe your home i miss you so much'' yelled Misael hugging me kissing my cheek making me laugh ''yes i got you food its in the front seat'' i said giving him the keys ''man i love this girl '' he said running to the car making me laugh ''wow good guess'' said emely laughing Misael sat at the table stuffing his face with food just like jaid ''so how did it go '' he asked ''great '' we said at the same time  then laughing Misael looked at us ''guess how has a date for homecoming '' said emely with a big smile ''who'' asked Misael ''me and im going with alaya '' she said Misael dropped his burger and looked at us ''no no no alaya is mine and you cant take her away from me '' he said pulling me closer to him ''relax dumb dumb '' said emely taking a bite of his burger ''NO THAT MINES ALAYA IS MINE WHY YOU WANT EVEYRTHING THAT IS MINE '' Misael yelled i rolled my eyes and kissed him ''much better '' he said making me laugh

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