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15. chapter 15

 i smiled as i got everyone's attention ''ok so ~~First of all, what is school spirit? Well, it's not really something you can put your finger on. It's that feeling you get when you enter a school, attend a game, or watch a pep rally. The feeling that everyone is proud of their team, their school and the students that attend there; past, present and future. It's an excitement in the air, an invisible electricity that seems to emanate from everywhere. It's pride, it's camaraderie, and it's the involvement of everyone in the community. It's what sets some schools apart, it's what makes school memories so precious, and even though you can't define it in one word, you know it when you see it, hear it and feel it. It's what possesses some people to paint their faces in their school colors, wear outrageous wigs, tattoo animal footprints on their bodies, or do a wave dance in the stands.'' i said  ''to make sure we have fun this week we will be holding contest in honor of our school and foot ball team '' i said and heard everyone clap and cheer ''• Most Spirited Girl and Guy• Most Spirited Club• Most Spirited Cheerleader• Most Spirited Teacher the winners will be said next week there will many different prizes and also to make sure you have all the sprit to give you a chance to win this week you will be need to dress in school colors '' i kept saying ''but that's enough of me talking lets bring out here what u really came to see the north east Vikings cheer team '' i yelled and the rest of the girls walked on stage getting in position

''ready ok ~~saw the other team (repeat)
had a little talk (repeat)
pushed em in the river (repeat)
hung em up to dry (repeat)
we could beat the other team (repeat)
99 to 5 (repeat)
lets go (Vikings lets go lets go Vikings lets  go '' i sang with the girls doing the dance that goes with it

''~~were first, not second, not third not last
we will run fast fast fast
when we shoot, we will score
cmon Vikings lets here you make noise'' i yelled and everyone yelled back


''that was great girls'' i said we were now done for the day im sure i will have no voice by the end of this week its to much yelling ''hey bby'' said Misael making me jump ''hey''i said kissing him ''you guys were great'' he said i smiled ''thanks ''i said ''i don't like your uniform tho'' he said making me laugh i had my high waist black and white mini skirt with short black tights under and also my crop top shirt that said Vikings   it only showed a little bit of my belly ''i think is fine'' i said he looked at me and i laughed ''well there is nothing  i can do so get use to it cause i have to wear it all week and to every game'' i said ''are you trying to get me kicked out of school'' he said pulling me closer i laughed he crushed his lips against mines  i didn't fight it even tho i know it was wrong and we could get in so much trouble ''eww no pda '' said brook laughing i pulled away and turned around to look at her Misael wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to him ''what you doing after school '' asked brook ''i have no idea '' i said looking at Misael to see if he had plans for us ''actually me and her were suppose to go to my house my mom wont stop asking about you'' he said

''then i guess i have plans brook'' i said ''oh ok '' she said and walked away

......                                                                     .....................

we pulled up in front of his house  and we walked inside ''i still think it would have been a good idea if i changed before coming here '' i said as we sat in the couch ''you look fine'' he said turning on the tv ''Misael i have my uniform on '' i said making him laugh just then his mom walked in to the room i smiled and went to give her a hug ''hey ms miller '' i said ''darling how are you nice to see u again can u please call me jossy i stop being mrs miller  along time ago''she said i smiled ''sorry its a habit '' i said she sat next to us and we started talking Misael was just watching tv

''how about you stay for dinner '' she offered ''no it fine i don't want to be  a bother ''' i said shyly ''nonsense sweet heart  you are family now its not a bother '' she said standing up ''ok fine but i will help you set the table '' i said she smiled and we both walked to the kitchen

Misael p.o.v

i was finished watching my movie and all i heard was my mom and alaya talking the whole time all they did was giggle and talk i think they like eachother ever since we got here she hasn't paid attention to me at all ''dinner is ready'' yelled my mom i walked to the table and sat down ''emely get down here '' yelled my mom i sat next to alaya who sat acrossed my mom and emely sat cross me ''hi nice to see you again''she said to alaya who smiled at her we started eating and sooner or later the girls started talking again ''alaya we should go shopping sometime '' said emely ''omg i would love that how about we go shopping for homecoming and go for lunch after that ''said alaya ''i would love you to when '' asked emely ''no alaya cant go out with you '' i said making them all look at me ''in a couple weeks sorry that is so far but im busy between cheerleading and school homecoming planning committee and its just crazy'' said alaya ignoring ''its fine but you just let me know when here get my number ''' said alaya what was happening right now ''is anyone listening to me right now '' i asked annoyed ''yes Misael why is it i cant hung out with emely'' said alaya turning to look at ''because you cant'' i said ''anyways emely i'll text you the day and what time we can get together '' she said i rolled my eyes i didn't like the fact she is going to hung out with emely emely may tell her something she knows to much

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