what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


13. chapter 13

I looked I Misael not wanting to answer his question should I lie ? but I don't want that to be a problem in our relationship I wanna trust him but I know him and he Is gonna wanna find Michael and kill him I just know it ''so who is this Michael guy '' he said looking at me waiting for answer I took a deep breath and just then the waitress came with our food ''thanks '' I said and starting eating trying to avoid Misael's stare ''alaya im waiting'' he said ''hey guys'' yelled brook coming towards oh boy was I mad at her but right now she made all that anger go away and it was replace with happiness I was so happy to see now I didn't have to tell Misael ''brook '' I said hugging her ''hey im so sorry my phone died and I couldn't call u to tell u I was staying of carlos house and then we woke up so late ''she said ''it nothing don't worry about wanna sit with us'' I asked looking at her so she knew she had no option ''I would love 2'' she said understanding and sitting next to us thanks u lord ''well I see you at home babe ''said brook as she hung up her phone ''what happen'' I asked ''well nana just called and said she would be home tomorrow night I need to clean up around the house '' she said ''you need help'' I asked ''no baby last time u did it now its my turn ''she said walking away ''bae can we go home I wanna take a shower im sweaty nd I feel sticky '' I said he nodded he payed the bill and we were on our way

the car ride was so silent I wanted to talk but I was scared he would ask me about Michael I still haven't decided if I would lie to him or tell him the truth we pulled up in my drive way and he didn't turn off the car ''I have to go do something with jaid I see u later '' he said ''are u taking my car or your bike '' I asked ''the car'' he said I nodded ''ok babe I see you later'' I said pulling in to gave him a quick kiss but her turned his face  he has never done that I guess he was mad i got off the car and shut the door and walked inside watching him as he raced off

i walked to my room and started taking  my clothes off when i heard noises coming from brook's room and i heard a loud moan eww was she  with carlos eww  i made sure to lock  my door and started to pick up the mess that was in my room when i was done i walked in to the shower


i was under my covers watching Netflix with my lights turned on its been 3 hours since Misael dropped me off i had cleaned my room and bathroom and now im watching a movie i called him 6 times and he didn't answer brook and carlos had stopped making noise after the first hour and i guess they were now asleep thank god cuz that was just  gross  i heard a car pull up  i ran to see if it was Misael and it was i ran down the stairs and opened the door

''hey how u knew i was here'' he said looking at me ''i heard you'' i said he kept looking at me and then i remembered i was just wearing a big shirt  that went up to my thigh  i walked inside pulling him with me and he closed the door behind him ''why didn't you answer my calls'' i asked ''i was busy '' was all he said just then brook and carlos walked downstairs ''alaya when did you get home'' asked brook surprise to see me ''i have like 3 hours here '' i said ''oh i didn't hear you''she said  carlos looked at me from head to toe Misael noticed and he stood infront of me ''what you looking at '' he said rudely ''nothing man clam down ''said carlos brook pulled him to the kitchen and Misael pulled me up the stairs and in to my room ''now tell me who is Misael ''

''fine i will tell you '' i said giving up i notice it wasn't going to go away i took a deep breath and started taking ''ok so Michael is my mom's bestfriend son when we lived back in Philadelphia we use to live right next to eachother and we use to be bestfriends i started to like him and we started dating '' i said i didn't lie i just didn't tell him the whole truth ''why do i feel there is something your not telling me'' ''ok ok and he was abusive he would hit me for no reason and call me names and when i tried breaking up with him i ended up in the hospital i couldn't tell my dad because he would have killed him and his family is like family to us and i didn't want to ruin anything but what drew the last straw was when he tried to rape me i couldn't take it and i confused to brook and my bestfriend we made a bug plan for us to move out here and so i would get away from him i changed my number he got a hold of me couple months ago but i blocked his number i guess he calls me block now or something but he wont give up and it scares me but i know he doesn't know where we live i made sure mom didn't have time to tell auntie cristal '' i said feeling a lot better that i told him

''im sorry bb i didn't mean to get you up set '' he said hugging me ''its fine i just don't like talking about it '' i said ''o i wish he would try to hurt you again i would kill him '' he said getting anger ''it fine baby he cant find me '' i said ''i wont ever hurt you like that baby don't worry '' he said kissing me ''i love you'' he whispered against  my lips i smiled ''i love you'' i said

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