what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


12. chapter 12

 loud ringing started .  it kept going off I hit my alarm clock but no it wasn't that I opened my eyes and saw it was my phone I checked the caller id and it was unknown I let it go to voice mail it was 10:30 I need to wake up and do things I walked in to the bathroom with 2 towels and some clean underwear and bras I turned the water on and let it run as I brushed my teeth so it would get warmer I took out my contact lens since my eyes hurt i walked in the shower

i dried off and put on my bra and underwear wrapping a towel around  me and one for my hair i put on my glasses and walked back to my room only to find a very sexy sleeping Misael  i smiled and took as picture and forgot to turn the volume down making it make a loud noise waking up Misael im so dumb ''morning sleepy head'' i said with a smile ''morning baby ''' he said sitting up on the bed i looked for black tights shorts because it was hot today and a pink tank top i put it on and after i had that on i dropped the towel Misael sat smirking at how hard i struggle so he wouldn't see me ''come here baby'' he said patting the side of the bed next to him i walked over to him and sat next to me ''how u sleep babygirl '' he asked ''great '' i said he pulled to kiss me but i covered my mouth with my hand laughing ''go brush your teeth '' i said ''no kiss me first'' he said with a smirk ''ewww no go '' i said laughing ''fine guess it will have to be the hard way i didn't want to do this but u give me no choice '' he said i looked at him confused as ever

he got on top of me and held both my hands over m head making me laugh and crashed his lips against  mines kissing me with a lot of passion making me moan he bit my lower lip and pulled away smirking ''for someone who didn't want to kiss me you sure did enjoy it ''he  said i pushed him off me and he started laughing i got off the bed and walked to my mirror to do my hair he followed and hugged me from behind ''we should go out for breakfast and then spend the whole day together '' he said kissing my cheek as i finished my high pony tail ''no cant do baby sorry i have cheerleader meeting and then practice since starting Monday is spirit week and i am the captain '' i said turning around so i would be facing him  i gave him a quick kiss 

'' i had plans'' he said with a puppy face ''how about after the practice which will be around 5 you pick me up and we go watch a movie or something'' i said ''sounds good i guess'' he said my phone started ringing again and i checked the caller id unknown again ''you not going to get that '' asked Misael looking at me ''naw its fine'' i said looking at my phone i had a feeling i knew who it was and last thing i need is him in my life ''bae how about i take you to eat something before the meeting'' he said ''sound great in the bathroom is a tooth brush you can use hurry up if you want to have time change qucikly'' i said he nodded and walked to the bathroom hitting my ass in the process


we sat in the car backing out the drive way ''i cant believe she didn't even call me to let me know '' i snapped i just notice brook never got home yesterday and i was mad ''chill out baby she may be with carlos '' he said rolling the windows down i rolled  my eyes and turned on the radio on but not so loud ''so the plan is i drop you off at the meeting and then pick you up at 5 after practice '' he said i  nodded he reached for my hand ''relax baby girl your sister is fine you worry too much '' he said kissing my hand i smiled and my phone started ringing again and yet again it was known i ignored it Misael notice and gave me a look i shook it off



''thanks girls you are doing great remember starting mondaywe have to wear our cheerleader uniform for that whole week and we have to be the first ones here and the last to leave ''i said the girls started to leave ''you guys are doing great '' said Micaela that came to watch us i smiled and thanked her grabbing my water bottle ''guess what happen today'' i said as we walked to the gate ''what'' ''i think michael is calling me again from an unknown number '' i said looking at my bottle ''bruh again why wont that boy leave you alone '' she said rolling her eyes ''i know he just wont give up he scares me sometimes '' i said ''what you mean'' she asked just then Misael walked up to us kissing my cheek ''how was practice '' he asked ''great ''' i said ''well i talk to you later als to finish talking '' said Micaela walking away ''what was that about '' asked Misael ''on nothing'' i said getting in the car


we sat in at milly's buying something to eat ''what you do all day baby'' i asked Misael as we waited for our lunch ''well i was with the crew and did somethings with jaid '' he said i nodded my phone went off again and you guess it unknown again i looked at Misael he was looking at me then we both looked at the phone and back at eachother ''you  not gonna get that '' he asked ''no its fine'' i said  the ringing kept going on misale reached for my phone and and answered it putting it on speaker

hello who is this

Misael who is this and why you keep calling

i need to talk to alaya

who is this what u need

tell her she cant ignore me for ever its Michael

when i heard that name my heart dropped and the call was ended ''alaya'' ''yes'' ''who is Michael and what does he want with you '' asked Misael making me get a not in my throat

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