what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


11. chapter 11

me and Misael walked in the house and the music was over the top it was my dad's new song i smiled and rolled  my eyes 10 bandz Spanish remix ''stay close'' he whispered/ yelled in my ear i nodded ''yo yo Dr M in the house'' said a guy giving Misael a guy hug i laughed ''whats up whos this hottie'' he said smirking Misael punched his arm playfully ''im good bro and this my girl'' he said ''oh hey there hottie'' he said winking at me and left Misael grabbed a cup from the table ''want one '' he asked i nodded and he gave me on ''but that's the only one i don't want u getting drunk''he said kissing my cheek i smiled and we walked towards a group of boys ''yo guys whats up'' said Misael shaking hands with all of them  i just recognized jaid and a couple more guys from school then i didn't know any one Misael sat down next to jaid and pulled me on his lap i took a sip of my drink and it burned my throat im not used to drinking ''ALAYA'' yelled a voice i turned around to find Brooklyn and Micaela i smiled and got up but Misael pulled me ''i'll be right back ''i said he .looked at me like he is was doubting if he should let me go i gave him a quick peck on the lips and he let go of my hand  i walked away to where the girls where at and i smiled ''hey girls'' i said Micaela was very drunk she made me laugh and brook was half way there ''ready to have fun'' they said i nodded and walked away with them

after a couple drinks i was done i could barely stand up its been around an hour seens i left Misael and he hasn't came looking for me yet ''wanna dance'' whispered Jeremy in my ear making me giggle ''no thanks'' i said ''come on its just one song please'' he said putting his hand out for me to grab i was hesitating but took it and we walked to the dance floor and started dancing ''not bad'' he said making me laugh i was sure hopping Misael didn't come or it was going to be a problem the song ended and i started walking off the dance floor but Jeremy pulled me closer to him ''why u going so soon'' he said ''i need to look for Misael '' i said trying to get him away from him he let my hand go and i walked away but frist i went to get a drink and then walked over to Misael

he was sitting next to jaid who was smoking and had Rachel in his lap ''hey babes'' i said ''there u are where were u'' he asked standing next to me ''dancing '' i said with a smirk he took my cup out of my hand ''how many drinks have u had '' he asked ''i don't remember '' i said with a smile he rolled his eyes and sat down again pulling me on his lap as soon as we sat down my favorite song came on ''wanna dance'' i asked him ''no'' he said rudely ''im goin to go dance'' i said ''no stay here '' he said ''come on man stop being bored let her dance'' said the boy we first saw when we walked in ''stay out of this mike '' said Misael angrily ''come on doll face i'll dance with you'' he said pulling me by in arm making Misael mad ''don't touch her'' he said ''relax we just wanna have fun '' said mike  Misael took a deep breath ''im gonna tell u again let her go ''  mike smirked and pulled me away to the danced floor just then Misael tapped his arm making him turn around to look at him and Misael punched him making him fall

mike got up and punched Misael making his mouth bleed Misael eyes turned dark and soon they started fighting jaid ran and grapped mike and i tried to hold Misael back but he was stronger then me i grabbed his face forcing to look down at me his eyes soften ''stop please'' i said he stopped trying to go after mike and grabbed me ''im sorry baby'' he said kissing me ''its fine i think we should go'' i said he nodded  and we started to make our way to the door when someone grabbed my hand i turned and looked at brook ''why u leaving'' ''Misael got in a fight '' ''oh ok see u at home'' she said i nodded and kept walking with Misael making our way to the front door

we pulled up in my drive way Misael got off the car and opened the gate i sat back my head started to hurt when he opened the gate he came in the car and drove it inside he parked next to his motorcycle he turned off the car and we got off the car while he closed the gate i opened the front door walking in him following me ''you ok baby girl'' he asked ''no not really'' i said sitting on the couch he sat next to me ''want me to make you  something to eat '' he asked ''no i just want you to kiss me '' i said pulling him closer to me and crashing my lips Against his he smiled and kissed me back with passion  i felt butterflies in my stomach i was now  laying on my back and Misael on top of me holding him self up with his arms his tongue asked for entrance i granted it and soon it became a battle to see which tongue would win we pulled away out of breath

i stood up and pulled him up stairs in to my room i locked the door and pushed him on the bed making him smirk and again crashed my lips against his he turned us around so i was now laying on my back and he was on top he started pulling my shirt up over my head tossing it on the floor and moving to kiss my neck sucking on it slightly making a moan slip out my mouth he made his way down to my pants undoing them and taking them off as he did that i took off his shirt he was kissing my v-line then brought his lips up to mines and sucked on my lower lip letting go slowly then biting it slightly making yet another moan slip out my mouth

i was now laying on the bed in my bras and panties when he started to un hook my bra i started to get scared i was still a virgin i didn't know what i was doing he noticed i was tensed and stopped  ''whats wrong '' he asked i sat up ''im scared'' i said honestly ''baby u have no reason to be scared and if u don't want to go all the way with his i understand'' he said ''i do im just worried '' i said looking at my fingers ''why is this your first time'' he asked making me look at him ''yes and i think about all those girls you been with they had all this EXPERIENCE and  i don't what if im not good enough for u '' i said a tear going down my cheek ''listen to baby i don't expect you to like them or any one i want you to be yourself i don't want them i want you '' he said kissing me ''im sorry for ruining the moment'' i said ''don't worry about that baby the important thing is that you feel ready to take this big step '' he said

i kissed him he was so sweet ''how about i let u go to sleep its been a long night''he said getting up ''can u stay the night with me '' i asked he smiled at me and nodded he got under the covers with me and pulled me closer to him i put my head on his chest and he put his around around me tangling his legs with mines playing with  my hair ''Misael'' i said just loud enough he could hear me ''yeah baby'' he said

''i love you'' i said making him look down at me ''i love you more'' he said kissing my lips


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