what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


10. chapter 10

''how come u didn't tell me'' said Misael still shocked that Israel is my father it took me for ever to convince him I showed him all the pictures ''u never asked'' I said with a  smirk making him rolled his eyes we were sitting on his couch talking about my dad ''aww im sorry baby'' I said pulling him closer to me so I could kiss him I crashed my lips on his abut pulled away ''have you been drinking[' I asked ''yeah but it was only 1 beer '' he said I rolled my eyes I hate when he drinks ''im sorry '' he said pulling me on his lap he brushed his lips against mines and then bit my lower lip he was teasing me I smiled and soon we were making out I heard foot steps and soon after that someone clearing their  throat we pulled away to find a tall light skin girl with long black hair looking at us amused ''sorry to interrupt but Misael I need the keys '' she said he took the keys out is pocket and threw them at her ''by the way im emely his sister'' she said smiling at me ''hi im alaya ''I said shaking her hand ''my girlfriend'' said Misael before emely said what she was about to say ''oh nice to finally meet one'' she said ''that is exactly why we are not family u see she is adopted '' said Misael making me laugh and emely punch him in the arm ''and you punch like a boy I swear you are half man'' he said rubbing his arm making me laugh ''well I see yall later nice meeting you alaya'' she said and left

''so bae'' said Misael pulling me on his lap again ''soo'' I said ''Im going to a party tonight'' he said I looked at him rising an eye brow ''come again'' I said still looking at him ''im going to a party tonight'' he said again ''ok baby lets just think for a minute I know its hard for u but stay with me what are u saying wrong in that sentence '' I said making him laugh finally getting what I was saying ''we'' ''that's better see youre not as dumb as u look'' I said ''oh really'' he said and started tickling me ''nooo please stop'' I begged he kissed my lips and then helped me up ''lets get you home '' he said


''ALAYA'' yelled brook in my ear while shaking me waking me up from my nap ''what'' I said annoyed and sleepy ''HOW CAN U SLEEP AT A TIME LIKE THIS '' she yelled again I sat up on my bed ''just incase u didn't notice im awake u can stop yelling '' I said '' im sorry im just freaking out I don't know what to wear'' she said putting up 2 dresses ''which one blue or red'' I laughed ''aren't those both mines'' I asked amused ''yeah I didn't find anything in my closet so I looked in yours anyways answer my question '' she said ''red looks better on you '' I said she nodded and left I got up and walked to the bathroom I need to start getting ready Misael would be here at 9


i walked out the bathroom and in to my room to find brook doing her makeup ''don t u have your own room''i said looking for underwear and putting it on ''yeah but i need u to tell me how i look'' she said i rolled my eyes and got my high waist long skinny jeans sky blue and my cropped off shoulder top black and white  i curled my hair and then started to do my make up ''where are u going anyways''asked brook now curling her hair ''party with Misael '' i said finishing my eyeliner  ''huh that's funny cuz im going to a party '' she said taking my black heels out my closet  ''while you in there pass me the black sandals with wedge heel '' i said she passed them to me and i put them on

just then the door bell rang i grabbed my purse and phone and ranned down stairs followed by brook she opened the door and there stood carlos she hugged him ''hey can u take a pic of us please'' i said handing him my phone and pulling brook so she would be next to me she put her arm around my waist and we both smiled and carlos took the picture ''taking pictures with out me not cool'' said Misael walking up the drive way he had on a red v neck and black pants he pulled me closer and kissed me just then i heard the cam and saw the flash i smiled knowing that brook and carlos had my phone and took a picture ''how about u take one we know about'' said Misael hugging me from behind and smiling i smiled and they took the picture

after a few pictures carlos and brook left ''we should get going '' said Misael ''im not going to get on that bike it would get my hair messy  we are taking my car '' i said crossing my arms ''fine but im driving'' he said bring his bike in so i can lock it up i closed the gate and he started the car my phone rang and i stared at  it ''who is it'' ''dad''

hey daddy

hey honey how are you what u doing

im fine and nothing home watching a movie

that's great where is your sister

she is in her room asleep how is mom how are u

we are fine about to go on my frist show

well good luck wish u the best

thanks honey i call u tomorrow to check on yall

ok bye daddy love u and tell mom i love her 2


''daddy'' said Misael laughing ''shut up'' i said hitting his arm ''so your mom is with your dad '' he asked i nodded ''so who u with'' ''nana but she has this week off so now alone till Monday '' i said as we pulled up in front of the party tonight im going to have fun lets make a night to remember i took a deep breath and got off the car



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