D I S T A N C E *C.H*

Evelyn and Calum is in a long distance relathionship. Calum is in the famous band 5 Seconds Of Summer, so they keep their little relathionship a secret. But what happens when they two meet, and their fans find out?


7. 7

" Three weeks, babes... Three weeks then i can finally see your fucking beautiful face in real life... " Calum said, and just by saying that, he brighten up my whole day. I love how even on my darkest days he can bright them up by just talking.

" Three weeks already? God... Can't wait to be in your arms " I mumbled, and tears filled my eyes.

" Babes, why are you crying? " Calum asked. " I-i just want to meet you so much... N-no ones ever been so nice to me before... " I mumbled. I sniffed and wipes my tears. 

" Baby... I love you alright? Don't ever think that i hate you or anything, alright? You are the fucking best thing that has ever happened to me " He said, and smiled at me.

" God.. I love you so so so soo much Calum... You honestly make me the happiest person alive... " I said and he smiled.

" YO WASSUP NIGGS " I heard Michael's vocie yell.

" Dude shut up i'm in a romantic moment with my girl! " Calum yelled back and you could hear laughter in the backround.

" I wanna talk to Evelyn! " I could hear the boys say that over and over again.

" FUcking fine! But don't say something embarrssing okay! " Calum yelled, and got up from his chair. I saw that Calum was only in his boxers along with a tanktop wich i thought was so hot.




" yo wassup Eve " I saw Luke enter. Wow not everyday you get to see a flat haired Luke.

" Hey flat haired noodle " He fake pouted. " I'm not a noodle " He said and we both laughed.

" MICHAEL CLIFFORD IS IN THE HOUSE MA HOMIES " Michael yelled wich made Luke jump and fall of the chair he was sitting on.

" Jesus christ Michael! You scared the living shit out of me " Luke said and Michael laughed.

" Hey Evelyn " Ashton said walking normally in.

" Okay, one ganster Luke, one yelling Michael and there comes a regular Ash " I mumbled and we all started laughing.

" Calum is lukey to have you god " Luke said and we all laughed. ( See what i did there ) 

" Yep i know! Shes my fucking babygirl so hands off mate! " We could hear Calum yell from inside the bus somewhere. I blushed and the boys started laughing.



It was actually uite fun to talk with the boys, they listened to every little thing i said. Calum does really have good friends.

" Hey Evelyn, guess what? " Calum said running into the room.

" What is it, Cal? " You asked and he smiled.

" I love youuuuu " He said in a childish voice.

" I love yooouuuu toooo " I said in the same voice.




This is le chapter 7 and i only have one AN so i thought hey why not talk to some of you guys? If you want to contact me or have any ideas for another fanfiction just kik me :-) My kik is MartineHood



xxx CaLzAbRuH

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