D I S T A N C E *C.H*

Evelyn and Calum is in a long distance relathionship. Calum is in the famous band 5 Seconds Of Summer, so they keep their little relathionship a secret. But what happens when they two meet, and their fans find out?


6. 6

" But she will be looved " i sang, as i waited for Calum to call me. 

I've been waiting for awhile. Does he hate me? Is he gonna break up with me? Thoughts like that flew through my mind.

I heard my phone buzz, and i littarly ran towards it. I saw a text from Luke.

' Calum fell asleep, so sorry if you waited for him to call you, i'll wake him up '

I chuckled and responded.

' You could wake him up, but it's okay, really '



I began to tweet random things to Calum.

@EvelynHawk ' @Calum5SOS is your refridgerator running? Cause you better go catch it '

@EvelynHawk ' @Calum5SOS i love you babyyyyy '

@EvelynHawk ' @Calum5SOS you're an idiot. '



He never did answer, though.



* 5 hours lataah *


@Calum5SOS ' Yes, it's running, i love you too, and hey im your idiot '


The fans were littarly going crazy as they saw Calum respond to my tweets. 

I finally saw him calling, and sighed in happiness.


" Yo wassup baby " He said in his best new jersey accent but he failed terribly.

I laughed, " Hi Babes " I smiled, and both of us began laughing.

" Jesus the fam is going crazy " He mumbled, and he checked his phone. " Yep, i know. " He suddenly frowned.

" Whatever you do, DON'T check twitter, if you do when we aren't talking, call me, okay baby? " He said and i nodded. His frown replaced with a smile as he saw me trying to concentrate on drawing something.


" You look cute when you're concentrated, babes "  I heard him say, and i blushed.

" I'm not cuuute " I mumbled, and continued to draw.



After 1 hour, i finally finished my drawing.

" DONE! " I screamed and i saw Calum jump. " Jesus you scared me! " He said and i laughed.


I showed him the drawing. It was a picture of me and Calum kissing. He immideatly smiled. 

" I love it, and i love youuu " He said, and smiled widely.

" I wanna meet you so bad right nooow " 

" It's gonna happen, i promise babes " He said and smiled.

" God i love you, what should i do without you? " I mumbled.

" I love you, so much. You are the best thing that ever happened to me, babes " 

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