D I S T A N C E *C.H*

Evelyn and Calum is in a long distance relathionship. Calum is in the famous band 5 Seconds Of Summer, so they keep their little relathionship a secret. But what happens when they two meet, and their fans find out?


5. 5

" Hey beautiful " Calum said as he answerd my skype call.

" Hi Calum " I croaked out, and coughed. " Aw... Is my baby sick? " I nodded.

" Wait, i'll send you something, just check your mail soon, alright? " He asked and i nodded again. I sneezed two times, and wiped my nose.

" I love you " he said, and i smiled.

" I love you too, AsianBoiii " I said, and he pretended to be hurt. " For gods sake Evelyn! I'm not asian! " He yelled, and i heard groans and Shut up Calum's in the backround.

" The boys are still sleeping so i have to be quiet " He mumbled. " You don't have to talk much, Cally " He smiled and nodded. 




I started coughing, and i wiped my nose.

" I hope you get well soon, baby. I'm comming for ya in 5 weeks, alright? " 

" Five weeks?! " I said rather loud. " Yeah baby, we cancelled some concerts, sadly " I frowned. " You did this.. for me..? " I mumbled. He nodded, and smiled. " Yeah, anything for my cute little baby girl " 



I smiled, and laughed at the silly joke he just said.

" God, i love you, Evelyn, " He said and i smiled wider if that was even possible.

" I love you too, Calum " 

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