D I S T A N C E *C.H*

Evelyn and Calum is in a long distance relathionship. Calum is in the famous band 5 Seconds Of Summer, so they keep their little relathionship a secret. But what happens when they two meet, and their fans find out?


14. 14

" Evelyn, i have an ideaaa " Michael said, walking into my room.

" Oh no.. not your ideas. " I mumbled.

" We can prank Calum! We can pretend you commited! He's gonna freak! " He said, and i nodded.

" It's actually a good idea, lets do disss! Wait! We can put it up on youtube, make like a GFvsBF channel! " I said, and Michael gave me a thumbs up.

" Great! Lets do this shit!! " He yelled.





We bought fake blood, and all that kinds of stuff.

" Okay, we are actually gonna prank all the other boys too " He said. Calum, Ash, and Luke was out shopping, and it took alot of time sending 3 boys out shopping for food and deserts and shit.

We filled my thub up, and i laid down. Michael poured some fake blood in the water, on the walls, and on the floor.

" Okay, i have this wax thing so i can form like cuts on you, if you lay still " He said, and grabbed a can.

He took something out of it, and formed a cut on my arm with it.

He poured more fake blood on my hands.

I dipped underwater, so the water coverd my mouth, and i could breath with my nose.

My hand hung lifeless over the tubwall, and it pretty much looked real.

Michael put a knife on the floor, so it looked like i really did it.

" Okay guys, this is the suicide prank! " Michael said into the camera, and pointed it at me. I gave him a thumbs up, and he put the camera somewhere it wouldn't be seen. 

" Now we just have to wait for them to come home! " He said to the camera.



* Michael's POV *

They finally came home after 5 minutes.

" Hello? Evelyn? Michael? " We both heard Calum yell. I  looked at Evelyn, and she nodded, giving me the ' signal '.

" OH MY GOD! EVELYN!!! CALUM FUCK HELP! " I yelled, and we heard Calum's groceries fall to the floor.

We heard hisrunning footsteps up the stairs, and Calum came bursting through the door.

As soon as he saw Evelyn's body, his face went pale. I pretended like i was panicking and almost crying.

" Evelyn! Evelyn! Fuck! " He screamed, and shock her body.

" Evelyn! Please.. Evelyn! " He screamed louder, and tears were falling quickly down his face.

I felt kinda sad about Calum, sorry not sorry.

" Why did you do this! Evelyn! Please Evelyn! " His screaming began to get louder, and he began crying more.

He got inside the bathtub, and hugged her wet body tight.

" Evelyn... Evelyn.. Please... " He whispered.

" HAAA! " She said, and Calum jumped because he got scared.

" You just got prankedd!! " I said, and got the camera from the hiding spot, that was filming the whole prank.

" Oh my god! I thought i lost you! " He yelled, and hugged Evelyn, and kissed her lips.

" Don't do this ever again! " He said, and i ended the recording.

" It was just a prank Cal " Evelyn said, and kissed his nose.

" But i thought i lost you, it all looked so real " He said, and he was sobbing.

" Shh babyy " Evelyn said, and hugged him.


* Evelyn's POV *


" Let's get dried, and just watch movies or something for the rest of the day of something. " I said, and i felt him nod inside the hug.



We got dried up, and changed. I stole Calum's NASA shirt, wich was too big for me since i'm 5'4 and he's like a giraffe.

We walked downstairs, and the boys were laughing their heads off because of the video of the prank.

" You didn't get us pranked! " Ash and Luke said, and Luke kissed his cheek.

" Woah, what just happened? " I asked. Luke and Ashton's faces went red.

" WeAreDating " Luke said quickly.

" What? " I asked, since i didn't quite hear what they said. 

" We are dating. " Ashton mumbled, and basically jumped ontop of them.


The boys looked shocked at my sudden freak out.

" We started dating 1 month ago, and no, we haven't done the dirty " Ashton and Luke said, and i smiled.

" CONGRATSSSSSSSS!!! " I yelled, " Uh i mean.. Congratulations! " I said, and we all began laughing.

I swear to god, i have the best friends on earth; and boyfriend :p

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