D I S T A N C E *C.H*

Evelyn and Calum is in a long distance relathionship. Calum is in the famous band 5 Seconds Of Summer, so they keep their little relathionship a secret. But what happens when they two meet, and their fans find out?


13. 13

This is where the boys come into England  )


" Evelyn! I'm picking up the boys at the airport! " I heard Calum yell from downstairs as i were drawing.

" Okay! " I yelled back, and i heard the front door shut. I heard his car door shut too, and he drove off.

I walked over to my speakers, and blasted Black Cat by Mayday Parade loudly, almost exploding my speakers.


I sang loudly with it, dancing around, pretending my brush was a microphone.

I took Black cat on repeat, and danced with it.



Hours passed, and i was still dancing.

But this time, i heard giggles comming from behind me. I froze, and turned around.

The boys stood there, laughing their asses off, while my face was completly red.

" Heey " I say, and jumped on them, hugging the living shits out of them.

They actually hugged back, wich suprised me. I didn't actually squish them.

" Nice to finally see Calum's girlfriend " Michael said and smirked.

" Oh shut up, so you guys are gonna call me ' Calum's girlfriend ' all the time your here? " I asked, and  Michael nodded.


" Well all of you have to sleep on the couch, or we could go out to buy beds " I said, and they nodded.

" It's okay, i wanna sleep on the couch cause im a grown up! " Luke said, and crossed his arms, pretending to be badass.

" You're such an idiot, Lukey " Ashton said, and poked Luke's cheek. I saw Luke blush. Is something going on with those two?


I looked at Calum in a suspicious way, and he looked at them.

" They are dating, i think " He whispered in my ear, and he pretended to kiss my cheek.




The boys were now sprawled on the couch, sleeping, while me and Calum we're kissing.

" I *kiss* love *kiss* you *kiss * " He said, and kissed between every word. I kissed him back, but this time i didn't pull away. We were inside the kitchen, so he lifted my tighs up, and sat me on the kitchen bench.

He slipped his tounge into my mouth, and he explored my mouth. I love the taste of his saliva. ( Lol that sounds so wrong in so many ways ) 

" Hey! Don't fuck on the kitchen bench! We are gonna make food there tomorrow! " A angry Michael said. We pulled away, seing a string of saliva. I laughed, and broke the string with my finger.

" Let's go to sleep, cutie " He said, and sweeped me off my feet.

He walked up the stairs, and placed me down so i now stood on the floor.

He laid down, and signalized me to lay ontop of his chest.


I slowly laid down on his chest, trying not to hurt him.

I faced him, and kissed his lips, before laying my head down on his chest.

" I love you, Eve " He mumbled, and kissed my head.

" I love you too, Cal " I whispered, and fell asleep.





Luke's POV *


" Ashton! Look at the love birds! " I whispered, as i stood on the door frame, looking at Calum and Evelyn sleeping peacefully. Evelyn was laid down ontop of Calum's chest, while Calum had his arms wrapped around her.

" We have to keek this! " Ashton said, and tok his phone up.

He typed something, and then started to film them.

" The love birds in their natural habitat " Ashton whispered dramaticly, wish caused me and Michael that stood behind me to laugh hard. 


" What are you guys doing? " We heard Calum's tired voice say.

" MISSION ABORT! MISSION ABORT!  WE ARE NOW SEEN! GET TO OUR BASEEE! " Ashton yelled, and we all began to run.

" WHERE THE FUCK ARE OUR BASE!? " Mchael yelled confusingly.

" I DON'T KNOW! " Ashton yelled back, and we all began to laugh.


* Back to Evelyn's POV again :3 *


" Eve? Evelyn? " I heard Calum's morning voice say. I opened my eyes, and the first thing he did was to kiss my forehead.

" Caaaaaaaaaaal " I mumbled, and laid down on his chest again. " I'm so tired " I mumbled, and closed my eyes.
" Sleep again, beautiful. I'll protect you " Was the last thing i heard from Calum, before i drifted into sleep.


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