D I S T A N C E *C.H*

Evelyn and Calum is in a long distance relathionship. Calum is in the famous band 5 Seconds Of Summer, so they keep their little relathionship a secret. But what happens when they two meet, and their fans find out?


11. 11

I woke up ontop of Calum's chest. I felt his fingers softly playing with my hair. I looked up up at him to see him smilng at me.

" GoodMorning, cutie " He said and smiled. " GoodMorning Handsomee " I said and softly smiled back at him. He grabbed my hips and pulled me up so we were face to eachother. He kissed me slowly with passion.

" I like kissing you " I smiled and said, " I like kissing you too " We both chuckled.


" Let's just go out for breakfast today, alright? " He said and i nodded.

" I know this resturant thing thats just 4 minutes away from here, we could walk " I said and he smiled and nodded.





Be both got dressed, me wearing his shirt that was too big for me.

" You look cute in my shirt cutie " He said and i blushed. I pecked his lips, and we began walkting to the resturant.

Our hands were locked together, i swear nothing could get between us.




We finally arrived, and sat down at a table for two.

" Do you want anything to drink before i get your orders? " The man asked politely.

" Yeah, we would like a big milkshake with two straws " Calum said and i immdeatly smiled and felt my cheeks go red.

" Blueberry, strawberry, chocolate or vanilla? " He asked, and Calum looked at me.

" What would you like babe? " He asked and i responded, " Blueberryy " I smiled.

He nodded, and walked away from our table.

" Can i get a kiss? " He asked nervously and i chuckled, " Of course Calum " I kissed him over the table and he smiled once i pulled away.

" The boys are comming to visit us soon, if it's okay with you? " He said and i smiled. I've always wanted to meet the boys.

" I would love to finally meet them, Cal " I said and he smiled at the nickname.




Our big milkshake came, and i ordered a Salad and Calum ordered chicken salad.

I took a sip out of the milkshake and so did Calum, making our noses crash into eachother.

I began laughing as Calum still were drinking out of it.

" You're such an idiot, but i looove you " I said and he smiled.

" I looooooooove you too baby " He said and smiled at me, as we continued to laugh together.

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