D I S T A N C E *C.H*

Evelyn and Calum is in a long distance relathionship. Calum is in the famous band 5 Seconds Of Summer, so they keep their little relathionship a secret. But what happens when they two meet, and their fans find out?


10. 10

It's actually happening today.. I'm meeting Calum.. The love of my life...


' It's gonna be me ' by N'SYNC blasted through the speakers of my car as i drove down the highway. The airport was 2 hours away from my house, and i started driving 1 1/2 hours ago. 30 Minutes left. His plane lands in 2 hours, so i wanted to come early just so i don't need to come to late. It's better early than late right?


' Stupid Lovesong ' By Suite 16 later came on the radio, and i sang loudly.

" I turn my radio on! Turning up your favorite song! I could do this all night long la la la la love, la la la la love " I sang loudly, and people in other cars would stare at me weirdly.






I finally reached the airport. I bought myself a coffee from starbucks, as i scrolled down my phone.

I liked a few pictures on instagram, and favorited some tweets.


Minutes turned to hours, and i heard the speakers say, ' Flight 74 from Australia now landing '



I felt my stomach get full of butterflies. I sat there waiting for Calum to come out, and my eyes were glued to like where the people come out from the flights after getting their luggage.



I tok a little sip of my starbucks, then i saw his familiar brown/black hair.

I looked up and into his eyes. Beautiful chocolate brown eyes.

His eyes widen, and i littarly threw away my starbucks.


I ran towards him, and he dropped his luggage.

I finally reached him, and hugged him tightly. I jumped, and he grabbed my tighs.

" Finally... God i love you so so so so much " He whispered in my ear, and kissed my cheek.

" I love you so so so much too.. I can't even tell you how i feel, i'm too happy god dammit just kiss me " You whispered, and you both chuckled. He put me down, and finally our lips collided. I felt my whole world stop as his lips met mine. Our lips began to move, and we both smiled widely in to the kiss.
We pulled away for air, and smiled widely at eachother.

" I can't belive this is actually happening " He said and hugged me tightly. I immideatly hugged him back.

We pulled away, and he held my hand.

" Let's go home and cuddle, alright? " He said and i nodded. He grabbed his luggage, his hand still locked with mine. We swayed are hands, and laughed when he would almost trip.




We drove down the final highway, ' I don't think so ' By Suite 16 blasting. I held his hand as i drove. He swirled sircles on my wrist with his thumb, calming me. He skipped to next song, wich softly played ' A Thousand Years ' By Cristina Perri.

" I have loved you for a thousand years " I heard him sing and i smiled wide.

" You have an amazing voice, you know? " I said, and i saw him blush.

" Thanks babe, but i can't get the thought out of my head, that i'm holding your hand, and you're sitting beside me. " He said and i smiled.

" It's true, though " I said and kissed him softly as we reached a red light.





We reached my apartment, and are currently cuddling on the couch, watching some weird movie. He whispered sweet nothings in my ear, wich calmed me down. 




It was now 12 at night, so we decided we should go to sleep. I had a quite small bed, but hey! Thats a good thing, more cuddling am i rite?



I laid untop of his chest, his arms securely around me.

" Goodnight, cutie, love you " He mumbled, and kissed my forehead.

" Goodnight, Calum.. Love you too.. " I mumbled tiredly and fell into a deep sleep.





But srsly guys you should check out the band Suite 16 they are actually quite good! :D

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