D I S T A N C E *C.H*

Evelyn and Calum is in a long distance relathionship. Calum is in the famous band 5 Seconds Of Summer, so they keep their little relathionship a secret. But what happens when they two meet, and their fans find out?


1. 1

I heard my computer go off. I ran as fast as i could to see if it was Calum calling me on skype.


I smiled once i saw it was him. I accepted the call, and put on webcam. I saw his familiar face, wich made my smile grow wider if it even was possible.

" Hey, Evelyn " He said, and smiled softly at me.

" Hello, Calum. How is your afternoon going? " I asked in a very british accent, wich made us both laugh.



" You have an amazing laugh, Eve " He said, and i blushed. " And i love your cute british accent.. "

" Why thank you, Cal " He smiled as i tried to hide my face from blushing. " No, Don't hide your face " He said, and i stopped hiding it, showing my bright red face. " You look cute when you blush " That made me blush harder.



" Calum! Where here! Now get off skype with your little internett girlfriend and help us! " Calum's bandmate, Michael, yelled somewhere on the tour buss Calum was currently in.

" Give me 5 minutes! " Yelled Calum back.

" Where are you guys now? " I asked. " We're in Denmark, tomorrow we will be in Sweden, then it's Norway " He smiled.

" I'm still sad since i couldn't visit you when you guys were in England.. " I mumbled, and felt amount of sadness hit me.

" Aw baby, it's okay. We will meet after the tour. A few months, and you'll be in my arms, me whispering how much i love you " He said, and i already imagined it.

" I can't wait, i really want to miss you, the Distance is killing me.. " I mumbled, and felt a tear run down my cheek.

" Baby.. Don't cry.. I love you, okay? Think about eating chairs, and you'll laugh " He said in a calming voice.

" You're werid " I laughed. " But i love you " He smiled.


Then someone came storming into the room and took his laptop.

" Done with the flirting for now! Bye Evelyn! Calum says bye too! " Michael shouted, and he ended the call.


5 Minutes later, i recived a message from Calum.

' Sorry about Michael. I'll talk to you after the show, alright? Love you x '

I smiled, and typed in a message.

' Okay <3 Love you too x '




okay so yes Calum and Evelyn is in a long distance relathionship. :D

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