The player. The bad girl. The dork. The diva, and the counsellor. Sounds like the start of a bad joke, right? Well, let me put it into more of a better perspective.
The popular playboy who's set as an outcast in his own family and tries to make a name for himself in the outside world; the foreign rebel who tries to forget the painful memories of her past and puts on a fake smile just to get through the day; the quiet one with his nose in a book who tries to focus on the good while living in a world of bad. The openly gay who is still afraid of judgment and being cast out as a 'freak' or 'mistake' and not being accepted by society, and the girl who tries to fix everyone else's problems but can't fix her own, stuck in a world where everyone expects her to have the answer.
Five completely different teens, each living and leading their own lives. But what happens when one night turns into something that none of them will ever forget. *COVER BY Cheba


4. [4] Party Drama

Mikayla sighed as she glanced up at the clock and looked at the time. It had been about twenty-five minutes since she had been kicked out of the conference room and was told to wait outside while the session continued on without her. To be honest, Mikayla was seriously bored. Her phone was at 48% and she didn't want to waste any more charge since she planned to listen to music at her job to help pass the time later; most of her homework was already completed and she didn't have any other motivation to finish it off while she waited. The guinea pig scurried around in its cage in the corner of the room and Mikayla wasn't allowed to take it out and play with it because that was against the rules, and her novel that she was reading was back in her locker. It was a cruel life, waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting!

It seemed like forever until finally, the door opened and Chase stepped out. He smirked when he saw Mikayla, who was not in the happiest mood.


"Your turn, princess," his expression was smug and Mikayla just wished that she could smack it right off. Instead, she kept her cool.


"Don't call me that," she retorted, although knowing that wouldn't stop him from calling her that.


She picked up her stuff and made her way into the conference room, not before being grabbed by the arm and stopping as Chase held her in his grip.


"Hey," he mumbled quietly so that only she could hear. "Do me a favour and come to the Dwayne Manor on Friday night."


Mikayla scoffed. "And why would I do that?" she snapped.


"Because there's gonna be a party - not a big one, just a couple of other students - and I wanna see you there," Chase explained, his eyes glinting with mischief.


Mikayla rolled her eyes. Trust Chase to immediately try and take her to a secluded house in the middle of nowhere and try and get into her pants. Party or not, she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of going.


"Sorry, but I think I have a headache that day so I can't make it," Mikayla sassed and snatched back her arm. "Now why don't you make me the happiest girl in the world and be like the sun and stay one-hundred-and-forty-nine-million kilometers away from me."


Mikayla waltzed away like a queen and left Chase in the dust. She could thank Xavier later for teaching her the art of being sassy, but right now, she had to deal with Summer Masons about her behaviour.

Summer was in her office, packing up her things and cleaning up her desk (it would get just as messy tomorrow but Summer didn't really care). Her hair was now up in a messy bun revealing her ears that had several piercings in them and a small birthmark on her neck as well as showing of the undercut she had on the nape of her hair.


Before Mikayla could knock, Summer spoke. "Are you okay, Mikayla?" she asked.


Lowering her hand, Mikayla stared at Summer confusingly. "Uhh... excuse me?" Mikayla said.


"You just seem a bit... off track today," Summer explained as she shut one of her draws behind her desk and organized the contents on her desk more efficiently. "You never loose your temper when I'm working."


Mikayla sighed and stepped into the office. "I know and I apologize deeply, Miss Masons," Mikayla rarely used her surname, only in times of dire need. "I just... didn't have complete control for some reason."


"Any clue to what reason?" Summer finally looked up at Mikayla and stared at her with her soft, bright green eyes.


Mikayla exhaled and looked around the room until her eyes landed on a picture of a sunset back in Summer's home country in the outback. The quality was great and if Mikayla stared at it for a long time, she could picture herself there, enjoying the peace and quiet of the nature around her.


"For some reasons I'm not too sure," Mikayla said and looked back at Summer. "But I just didn't like the way Chase was acting towards you. And to me."


Summer gave a small smile. "You're being assertive. That's good, Mikayla. But I've dealt with students like him before so I think I could've handled myself," Summer's smile broadened. "But thank you for standing up for me."


"So I'm not in trouble and I won't lose my spot being your apprentice?" Mikayla asked, hopeful.


Summer chuckled. "Apprentice. I like that," she exhaled through her nose and stood up straighter. "And no, you haven't lost your spot. You were just... acting out of emotion and I can understand that," Summer nodded to the door. "Go now, my young apprentice. School's almost finished and I believe you have a job to get to."


Mikayla grinned and started heading out of her office. "Thank you, Summer. Have a nice day!"


"Oh and Mikayla?!" Summer called.


Mikayla stopped and turned to face her. "Yes?"


Summer smiled gently. "I don't think it wouldn't hurt to go to the party on Friday, do you?"


Mikayla internally groaned but didn't show her annoyance. Even her counselor wanted her to go. "Maybe, we'll see."


Summer Masons nodded and smiled. "Okay then. Ta-ta."



Work was quiet for the first half and not much happened. A few people came in and purchased a few CD's of their favourite bands and asked about the Battle of the Bands competition that was happening in March next year. Some people took forms, some just asked for details, which Mikayla gladly explained to them (although she was careful about not giving too much information away).

Around quarter-to-four was when things actually started to get interesting.

Her boss had given her a new recruit to work with and show the ropes. Her name was Sally. Next, she had found a dusty box hidden in the back storage room filled with old CD's that no one had bought and were just lying to waste (she would have to ask her boss if they could have a sale day of old CD's or if she could just take them home to keep). Elliot had stopped by and helped her out a bit with sorting the new shipment of music into their proper places and kept a lively conversation going while the were at it (he had to go home afterwards because he had to babysit his younger sister); and with all that done and dusted, it was nearly time for Mikayla's shift to end.

But not without a visit from a certain British girl Mikayla and bumped into that day. Literally.


"Hello, Shorty," Zoey smirked as she walked into Rockin' Records and saw Mikayla working behind the desk. "Fancy meeting you here."


Mikayla just sighed heavily and shut the cash register from the previous customer who had just left. "Hi, Zoey," she replied with little enthusiasm. "Care to buy something or just waste my time?"


What was that expression on Zoey's face? Annoyance? Impression? Both? Whatever it was, she was good at making it difficult to figure out.


"Well then," she said casually. "I guess I better buy something."


"You do that," Mikayla mumbled and picked up the last box she had yet to unpack.


Mikayla walked around the front of the counter and wandered over to the 'Vinyl' section where some of the contents of the box went. You'd be surprised how many people liked vintage, vinyl records.

As Mikayla was calmly doing her own thing, she was ambushed by a customer.


"So," Zoey said. "Have you heard about Chase's party on Friday?"


Mikayla groaned internally. She'd had enough of this stupid party and this was only the third time she'd heard of it.


"Yes," she replied. "And I'm not going. How'd you hear about it?"


"Word spreads like wildfire when it comes to Chase Richards and nothing gets passed me," Zoey explained. "So why aren't you going?"


Mikayla pulled out five vinyl records at a time and put them in their correct places. "Because Chase asked me today before school ended and he's an ass so I politely denied. And by 'politely', I mean I told him to make the like sun and stay 149 million kilometers away from me."


Zoey's mouth gaped open like a fish. "You actually remember the distance of the sun from Earth and told him that?!" Mikayla couldn't help but smirk slightly at the recognition she got from Zoey. "My God, Shorty. You are definitely something."


Mikayla's expression went neutral and she shrugged. "I get it from my brother. No big deal," she said, nonchalant.


"And who's your brother?" Zoey asked. "Is it - oh my gosh! Is that an MCR vinyl album?!"


Mikayla held the My Chemical Romance record in her hand. "Uhh, yeah? What else does it look like?" Mikayla didn't see what the fuss was about as she put it on the shelf before moving over to the 'Pop' genre section and taking the last few CD's out of the box to put away.


Zoey took the vinyl record right back off the shelf and stared at it admiringly. "It's their first album on vinyl, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love; and I haven't seen this one yet!" Zoey squealed in excitement and did little jumps on the spot. "I am seriously going to buy this!"


"You do that," Mikayla grumbled, hoping Zoey didn't hear her. She was a little bit tired of have Zoey around now and just wanted to get home.


As Mikayla finished putting the last CD in its place, she picked up and box and made her way back to the counter. She put the box in the pile of the other empty boxes she had unpacked that day with Elliot; who had left her to finish the job.


"So," Mikayla huffed and rested her hands on the counter as she leaned on them. "Are you gonna buy it?"


She looked over at Zoey who was still fangirling over the My Chemical Romance vinyl album.


"Huh?" was her response when she looked up. "Oh, right," Zoey made her way over to the opposite side of the counter and was just about to hand the album to Mikayla when she pulled back. "Actually, could you do me a solid?"


Mikayla raised her eyebrow, confused. "What for?" she asked.


"That, I buy the album and get out of your hair, and you come to the party on Friday," Zoey said, smirking cheekily.


Mikayla sighed. If anything, she would do whatever was absolutely necessary to not go to this party. She was never really a party girl and preferred watching her favourite shows on Netflix on a Friday night, not going to a house in the middle of nowhere and hanging out with a bunch of other kids getting laid, smoking and drinking underage with no adult supervision. Mikayla was a good girl like that, although deep down, she kinda wanted to live the full high school experience and go to a party at least once. Nothing bad could go wrong, right? After all, Chase said it was only a few other people and not the entire school, so it might be okay.


"How 'bout I do you one better," Mikayla retorted and stood up straight with her arms crossed. "You buy the album and I go to the party only if I get to bring my friend along."


"And who's your friend?" Zoey asked, seeming to bubble with anticipation. She either really wanted Mikayla to come or she was just extremely desperate on buying that album.


"Elliot. Elliot Mitchell," Mikayla said.


Zoey raised an eyebrow. "You mean that dweeb in Mrs Weir's Biology class?" she sneered. "Yeah, no thanks. I don't want his nerdiness rubbing off on everyone at the party."


Anger swelled up in Mikayla and she slammed her hand down on the counter. "Say that to me again, I dare you."


Mikayla was not happy. Why would she be? This little... witch decided to insult her best friend right in front of her face and seem that it was okay. Oh hell no! Zoey better have 911 on speed dial because Mikayla was about to rearrange her face.


"Jeez, who pissed in your coffee this morning?" Zoey retorted with her face sour.


"FYI, I don't drink coffee," Mikayla spat. "But if you're not going to agree to my terms, then I suggest you go and put the record back on the shelf and get your sorry ass out of here; and I won't be seeing you at the party on Friday."


Zoey huffed, her expression clearly pissed off. For a moment there, Mikayla thought Zoey was going to hit her.


But she did the unexpected. "Fine," Zoey walked over to the shelf where she had taken the MCR vinyl album off and made her way to the door. "Watch your back, Shorty," she said as she reached the door. "Nobody talks that way to me and gets away with it."


Then she slammed open the door with both hands and marched right on outside. Mikayla sighed in relief and leaned her back against the counter, her face in her hands. She let out an exasperated breath and looked up to see Sally standing in the door to the storage room. Crap.


"Don't do what I just did," was all Mikayla could say. "Because you'll get in big trouble with both the customer and Kyle," who was their boss. "You don't want to be fired for bad attitude, now do you?"


Sally just nodded. "Noted," she said, showing off her purple braces.


Mikayla rubbed her temple and glanced up at the clock. "I've got to go, my shift ends at four-thirty and I've got homework to do," Mikayla picked up her bag from behind the counter and slung it over her shoulder. "Later, Sal."


"Bye, Mikayla," the newbie called as Mikayla made her way out the door and into the heat, the door shutting behind her.


Right, now to find a way home, Mikayla thought as the sun beat down on her.

At that exact moment, a dark blue Ford Mustang pulled up in front of her, driven by Bethany Brookes with Xavier in the passenger seat.


"Get in loser, we're going shopping!" Xavier quoted with his reflector sunglasses on his face and a cheeky grin tugging at his lips.


All her frustration drained away from before as she smiled at her childish brother and hurried towards the car and got in the back where she chucked her bag on the seat next to her. The retractable roof of the car suddenly appeared over her head and Mikayla was encased in a cool, relaxing environment out of the heat.


"Hey, Kay," Bethany said as she chewed her gum. "How was work?"


Mikayla flopped back in her seat after she had buckled her seatbelt. "It was so ridiculous like you wouldn't believe," she groaned.


"Yeah, yeah, so sad," Xavier stated as he checked his hair in the vanity mirror and pushed it back up. "You can complain later, missy. Right now, I am in the middle of an intense episode of Arrow and a guy is shirtless so if you could please move this vehicle along, Beth, and drop me home that would be great. Thanks."


Bethany scoffed and hit him on the arm. "You are so vain sometimes, Xav," she said and changed gears. "And how about I just leave you on the side of the road and you can walk home instead?"


"No!" Xavier exclaimed as Mikayla giggled in the backseat. "You so wouldn't.


"I so would!" Bethany responded and put her foot on the accelerator. "Now, to the Batcave!"



The week went by in a blur and before she knew it, it was Thursday. The day of before the party.

Everybody had been talking about it of course, and everyone wanted to go. But Chase had only decided to allow certain people come to the party under his say-so, no one else's. A lot of people were devastated (all the desperate wannabes who either wanted to become popular or hook up with the playboy himself), but Mikayla didn't give one crap about it. Four times that week Chase had come up to her and asked her to come. First, he tried his cocky approach with a bad pickup line (epic fail), he then attempted to ask 'politely' (she turned him down almost immediately). Thirdly he tried to bribe her into coming with money and a gift card to anywhere of her choice (he was being such an ass that Mikayla just slapped him), and finally, after being publicly abused by a girl, he went with the safe option and wrote an apology letter and stuck it to her locker; still asking if she would go to the party at the end of it (she just ripped it up and threw it in the bin).

By the end of the day, Mikayla was contemplating in whether or not to fake a cold and not go to school the next day. Her parents would both be working so she could just stay home and have her own little party. A party of one. But alas, she couldn't. After all, Elliot had asked her to come to his soccer game after school and watch his sister for him. Mikayla had promised she would go and get front row seats. She was his biggest supporter and loved the opportunity to cheer him on in a game (plus she loved his sister and she was like a little sister she never had).

Grin and bearing her way throughout the day, Mikayla sat next to Elliot under the large oak tree on the lawn where she talked to him over the phone on Monday. She had her earphones in and was listening to her 'Thoughtful' playlist while reading her book when Elliot tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention. She paused her music and marked her page she was reading before taking out an ear bud and listening to what he had to say.


"What's up?" Mikayla asked as she looked at her best friend.


"Are you coming to the soccer game tonight?" Elliot asked.


Was he being serious? Mikayla thought. "Yeah! Of course, I am," she replied. "Why? Do you not want me to come or something?"


Elliot smiled and shook his head. "No, not at all. It's just that I thought you would rather be doing something else."


Mikayla raised an eyebrow. Elliot had never implied something like this before. "Like what?"


"Well," Elliot rubbed the back of his neck, something he did when he was nervous. "You've heard of Chase's party right? And how he's moved it to tonight?"


Mikayla looked at Elliot in alarm. "Tonight? But it's a school night!" she exclaimed in astonishment. "He can't have it on a school night!"


"Well he has and word is that he asked you to go," Elliot said, looking slightly crestfallen. "Is that true?"


Mikayla rested her head against the trunk of the tree. "You know how I slapped him yesterday by my locker?" Elliot nodded. "That was him trying to bribe me into going."


His eyes widened. "You're joking."


Mikayla shook her head. "Nope. Not even close," she said. "And that was his third attempt to. He tried again of course afterwards, by sticking a note to my locker. I just ripped it up and threw it away."


"Damn," Elliot chuckled as he looked away. "I never knew you were so pitiless and barbarous. Are you sure you're still the same Mikayla from first grade?"


Mikayla laughed. "Oh, I'm sure, Eli. Trust me," silence fell between the both of them as they calmly sat under the shade. "Although, I am ruminating about something."


Elliot looked back at Mikayla, full attention focused on her. "And what's that?"


Mikayla huffed and looked up at the crowd of students running amok by throwing water at each other from their water bottles. "Well, when I was working on Monday after you left; you know Zoey Pearce right?"


"Yeah...?" Elliot said slowly.


"Well she stopped by a little while after you left and said that she was also going to the party," Mikayla explained. "She was pretty keen on me coming along as well."


"But you said no, right?" Elliot assumed and Mikayla just shrugged.


"At first, yeah. But then afterwards, she asked me to do a solid for her and go to the party if she bought this vinyl record she was obsessing over - and I quote - 'get out of my hair'," Mikayla said. "Then I countered her offer and said that I would do it if I only I could bring you along."


Mikayla noticed Elliot had started tapping his finger furiously on his knee like he did when he was thinking deeply about something. Mikayla waited patiently for his response and it seemed like forever until he opened his mouth.


"So, Zoey," Elliot began. "Asked you to go to the party if she bought a record?"


"Yep," Mikayla popped the constant at the end of the word and nodded.


"And you said you wouldn't without me?"


"Uh huh."


Elliot bit his lip and ran a hand through his hair. "What happened afterwards?"


Mikayla sighed. "Well she said some pretty horrible things and I wasn't overly impressed with her attitude so I much kicked her out if she was going to be so rude. I also told her to not bother seeing me at the party so she put the vinyl album back."


Elliot whistled. "She seemed pissed."


Mikayla scoffed. "That's the understatement of the year."


Quiet moments passed between them and Mikayla thought about something. Would it be so bad to go to the party? Surely Elliot wouldn't mind if she brought him along, would he? After all, he wouldn't let her go alone to this sort of thing. They were practically inseparable, and Elliot was protective when he wanted to be.


"Actually, Eli. Would you do me a favour," Mikayla asked. "And go to the party with me?"


Elliot looked over at her uncertain. "But I thought you said you weren't going?"


Mikayla shrugged. "It might not be so bad. That is - if you went with me to be my personal bodyguard for the night."


Elliot began tapping his fingers on his knee again. "Hmm..." he hummed. "I don't know, Kayla. I mean, I do have my soccer game and I have to watch Gabby so that she doesn't wreck the house again. You know what happened last time, right?"


Mikayla nodded, understanding. "That's okay. I was just wondering."


Silence hung in the air between them and Mikayla put her earphones back in as she pressed play on the previous song she had playing before. The soft, melodic tune rung through her ears as she rested her head back against the tree and she read her book - although it seemed to be quite a challenge as her mind was somewhere else entirely. She kept thinking about the party and weather or not she should go with or without Elliot. The two of them were usually inseparable and not ever had one of them gone to an event or social gathering without the other. But they were Juniors now and next year they would be Seniors so it'd be fine if she went to this one party alone, right?

Again, the question spun around constantly in her head, reciting itself like the famous Shakespearean quote; 'To go, or not to go: that is the question.'



School droned on for the rest of the day (as usual) and when Mikayla thought it would never end, the bell rang, signaling that class - and school - was over. Mikayla packed up her things at the speed of light and was one of the first people to get out of class.

She hurried to her locker, weaving and dodging students in the halls before she safely made it to locker 209 and entered the combination for it. Mikayla returned all the textbooks she wouldn't need for her homework and shut her locker just as Xavier passed by.


"Come on, slowpoke!" he called. "Time's a wastin' and you have a soccer game to get to tonight."


"Yep, just a second!" Mikayla answered and grabbed the things she needed and thought were necessary before grabbed her bag and shut her locker, making sure it was secure before hurrying to catch up with her brother. "So, what are you doing tonight?"


"Probably going to binge watch my favourite shows on Netflix and let my social life be sucked away on Tumblr," was Xavier's response. "What are you doing, besides Elliot's soccer game?"


Mikayla shrugged. "Well, that's the thing-"


Mikayla was stopped short as a particular someone with blonde hair and a big ego appeared in front of her and Xavier, stopping them in their tracks. "Sup, Kayla?" Chase ambushed her and cut her off mid-sentence. "How you doin'?"


Mikayla groaned internally and prayed that he would just vanish into thin air. "Eff-off, Chase. I don't have time for your shit," she snapped.


"Whoa, calm down, princess," Chase chuckled which made Mikayla want to slap him. "I just wanted to talk."


Mikayla rolled her eyes. "About what?" Chase opened his mouth but Mikayla beat him to it. "And if it's about your damn party, no means no. If you want me to write it down for you and the definition for it, then I can guarantee that you'll have a full report next week by Monday."


"Cute and funny. I like it," Chase smirked and Mikayla took a step forward to bitch slap him but Xavier grabbed her wrist and pulled her back.


"Easy, Kayla. Take a chill pill," Xavier muttered as he restrained her from animal abuse. "Be nice."


"Yeah, princess. Be nice," Chase mocked and Mikayla swore that she was going to go full savage and lash out at him.


"I swear, Chase," Mikayla seethed. "One more bloody word out of your big ass mouth and-"


"Whoa, what's going on here?" a feminine, British accent called out. "Everything alright?"


All three heads turned to sound of the voice and Mikayla noticed Zoey standing there with her weight shifted onto one foot with her bag slung over one shoulder. She looked completely different from when she did on Monday; red flannel skirt that ended just below mid-thigh, black shirt with a mid-drift that rested on her breasts that said 'I woke up like this #FLAWLESS', black converses and a choker necklace with her hair resting on her shoulders, winged eyeliner and red lipstick while it looked like she was chewing gum. As noted, way different from Monday's outfit.


"Ain't no problem here, Pearce," Chase said. "Don't you have some alley to go graffiti or something?"


"Ha ha, Richards. You're so funny, you should have your own comedy show," Zoey replied, sarcasm dripping from her words. "But I wasn't talking to you, fuckboy. I was talking to Shorty over there. You know, the one that looks as if she's about to tear you a new one?"


Mikayla hadn't realised it until then but a small crowd of bystanders and stopped to watch the small performance that was happening in the middle of the hall. She suddenly felt slightly self-conscious of herself and pulled her wrist away from Xavier's grasp. She was not about to be publicly humiliated for looking as if she needed to hold her brother's hand when facing the bad guy.


"I'm fine, Zoey," Mikayla said, trying not to snap. "Chase here was just leaving."


Chase scoffed and rolled his eyes. "Right. And you were just about to spread wings and fly," he remarked which caused a few people to snicker.


And then Mikayla kicked him in the balls.

A collective gasp went up all around them as Chase toppled forward and groaned in pain. He fell to the floor, holding his sensitive area and wincing in agony. Mikayla noticed Zoey laughing her head off as she clutched her stomach and said "Oh shit." Xavier looked both horrified and mortified at her actions and Mikayla noticed everyone else who had seen it had different expressions on their faces. Some in shock, some grinning and some trying not to turn out like Zoey. Most of their attention was on Mikayla and her gut began to sink. She hated being the centre of attention and started to internally panic when several pairs of eyes were on her. She had to get away but she also had to make it look like she was getting freaked out.

Adjusting her bag and smoothening out her shirt as she ran a hand through her hair, Mikayla sashayed away from Chase and through the crowd like she owned the place.


"Move," she ordered the people in front of her as she walked through them without stopping, some of them getting out of her way.


Once she was clear of the crowd, Mikayla kept up her act until she was in the parking lot and kept going until she was out of school grounds before she took out her phone and sent a quick text to Elliot.



Your house. Fifteen minutes.


Within seconds, he responded.



Will do. See you there.


Mikayla let out a huff of air before plugging in her earphones and playing her 'Fierce' playlist while pocketing her phone and making her way towards the third bus which took the detour in getting her home but ran right by Elliot's place on the fifth stop. She didn't feel like confronting Xavier - or anyone for that matter - about the performance she just put on in front of a bunch of people. She needed to rant and Elliot was the only person she could talk to.



Elliot was waiting on the homemade wooden tree swing in his backyard for her when Mikayla arrived. He was slowly pushing back and forth on the balls of his feet with his phone in his hand and looked up when Mikayla got closer, bringing up his phone screen and showing her the timer app.


"You said fifteen minutes but I figured by the urgency of you message, you would try a get here as soon as possible, so I timed you," Elliot explained.


"And?" Mikayla replied, trying to get a better look at his screen as she held back a small smile.


Elliot grinned and looked back at his phone screen. "Eight minutes and thirty-three point zero six seconds; so you must've not taken our usual bus," he announced and shut off his phone and he looked up at Mikayla. "And it must be something really important."


Mikayla's sighed deeply and any sign of her trying to hold back a smile faded away as the events of before reoccurred in her head.


"Oh yeah. You have no idea."


Noticing the expression on Mikayla's face, Elliot stood up out of the swing and gestured for Mikayla to sit. "Then talk and I'll listen."


Mikayla nodded and put down her bag by the trunk of the tree before sitting down on the swing and allowing Elliot to push her.


After a few moments, Elliot spoke up. "So tell me," he said. "What's on your mind?"


And off Mikayla went. She explained to him about some thing's he already knew like Chase's failed attempts to get her to come to the party and whatnot until she got to the part where Chase ambushed her in the hall at the end of the day and it resulted in with him on the floor in agonizing pain and Mikayla storming off like a boss.


"So yeah," Mikayla sighed and ran a hand through her hair, pausing to let Elliot go over the information she had just given him. "That's what happened and I'm kinda freaking out."


"Why are you freaking out?" Elliot asked as he gently pushed her.


Mikayla smiled slightly. That was another thing she loved about Elliot, he was never quick to judge. He preferred to hear the whole story first before making his opinion on things and dishing out his own ideas on the situation. It's what made Mikayla so trusting around him and vulnerable because she could about almost anything with him. It made her feel safe and secure


"I'm freaking out because a) I physically hurt someone in public with a ton of people watching - even though I did slap him earlier this weak, b) people are going to talk and you know how I absolutely hate being the centre of attention and c)," Mikayla paused to catch her breath and relax a little. No good getting hyped up again and lashing out at Elliot. "I'm scared."


Elliot sounded confused. "Scared? Of what, Kayla?" he asked.


"Of myself," she answered, then realising that it wasn't a good enough answer so she elaborated a little bit. "Lately, I've just been more angry and snappy then usual and I don't know why. And I'm afraid that one day I'm going to finally loose it and lash out at someone I really care about and hurt them - badly. Like, so badly that they'll never forgive me and I'll hurt them in ways I never thought possible," Mikayla wiped away her watery eyes and tried to cover up the fact that she was crying. She hated crying. "I just don't want to be responsible for someone getting hurt because of me."


Elliot grabbed hold of the ropes to stop the swing and walked around the front so that he was facing Mikayla. Mikayla glanced up at him with wet, red eyes and saw the sympathetic expression on his face. She then watched as Elliot knelt down in front of Mikayla and took hold of one of her hands as he gently rubbed his thumb over her knuckles in a reassuring way. He glanced up at Mikayla through his eyelashes and smiled warmly.


"Mikayla Alexandra Evans," Elliot said in a soft voice. "You have been my best friend since as long as I can remember and meeting you was probably one of the best things that has ever happened to me."


Mikayla started to giggle slightly and noticing the strange look on Elliot's face, she explained herself. "You sound like you're proposing to me."


At that, Elliot laughed as well. "Well I'm not, so apologies but I'm looking for someone else."


Mikayla gasped mockingly and turned her head away. "How dare you, Eli. I thought you were the one! We were going to get married, have kids and everything!" Mikayla began to fake cry which just made Elliot laugh.


"Mikayla, stop it," Elliot chuckled. "I'm trying to be solicitous and compassionate here and you're not helping."


Mikayla stopped fake crying and began to giggle. "Sorry, Eli. Just being dramatic like my brother," Mikayla said and calmed herself down.


"Anyway," Elliot continued. "I've known you at you're best and I've known you at your worst, and none of those moments have ever given me any indication on that you would ever hurt a fly."


"Actually, there was that one time where that fly was being really pissing me off and-" Mikayla interrupted.


"Mikayla, stop it," Elliot said and she went quite. "As I was saying. No matter how angry, vexed and waspish you get, from my personal opinion I know that you would never ever do anything that could seriously hurt someone. You're too much of a selfless and kind-hearted person to ever hurt someone too badly that they wouldn't forgive you because I know that a face like yours is hard to not forgive. You're loved and cared for by a ton of people - even Xavier - and if you were to ever hurt them, they wouldn't be able to stay mad at you for long because they love you, no matter how much they annoy you."


A bubbly feeling of mixed happy emotions bubbled up inside of Mikayla and she couldn't help a giant Cheshire cat grin growing on her face, stretching from ear to ear. No matter how far down she was in the dumps, Elliot as always there to pick her back up.


"Oh, Eli," Mikayla hopped off of the swing and engulfed her best friend it a tight hug. "Thank you."


Elliot hugged back and held her close. "Anytime, Kayla. Anytime."


They embraced each other for several moments on the grass, just keeping each other company. Anyone who saw them at that moment probably would've thought that they were a 'thing', but of course, they weren't. Sure there were stronger feelings between them some of the time, but to Mikayla, they felt more brotherly and sisterly related than anything. Elliot was like the brother she never had and if she could, she would adopt him into her family and make him her own. But for now, things were fine as they were and she was fine with that.

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