The player. The bad girl. The dork. The diva, and the counsellor. Sounds like the start of a bad joke, right? Well, let me put it into more of a better perspective.
The popular playboy who's set as an outcast in his own family and tries to make a name for himself in the outside world; the foreign rebel who tries to forget the painful memories of her past and puts on a fake smile just to get through the day; the quiet one with his nose in a book who tries to focus on the good while living in a world of bad. The openly gay who is still afraid of judgment and being cast out as a 'freak' or 'mistake' and not being accepted by society, and the girl who tries to fix everyone else's problems but can't fix her own, stuck in a world where everyone expects her to have the answer.
Five completely different teens, each living and leading their own lives. But what happens when one night turns into something that none of them will ever forget. *COVER BY Cheba


3. [3] School

When Mikayla woke, the house was quiet.

Typical, her family was still asleep even though it was seven in the morning. She couldn't blame them, though, she was usually the early bird of the family. She arose and got herself up and dressed in a cyan coloured tank top with spaghetti straps that clung to her torso, a white, see-through blouse that she left open and rolled up to her elbows and white denim shorts. All of this was allowed just as long as it didn't reveal too much skin and it could be covered up easily. She slipped on her brown Dr Martens as she grabbed her phone and put that into her pocket as she walked out.

The bathroom was her first destination where she brushed her naturally wavy hair and braided it into a fishtail, teasing it for effect; next she applied a small bit of pink lip-gloss and eyeliner as well as mascara to make her eyes stand out. She also pinned her favourite earrings into her ears - doves in mid-flight - as well as hung a silver necklace around her neck with an anchor charm on it. She packed up the stuff she got out (putting the lip-gloss in her pocket in case it was needed) and headed down to the kitchen where she made herself an omelet.

As she was cooking her breakfast, footsteps padded down the hall and appeared her annoying older brother.


"Morning!" Mikayla sang. "Sleep well?"


Xavier just grunted sleepily and sat down on one of the kitchen stools and placed his head in his arms on the bench. For a guy who slept like a bear through winter, Mikayla was still dumbfounded on how he could be tired.

Feeling generous, Mikayla put her omelet on a plate and handed it to him with a knife and fork. He could be a douche most of the time, but helping people was a soft spot for Mikayla so she did her best to try and help the people around her; as well as helping herself when she could. It doesn't hurt to be a little selfish sometimes.


"Here," Mikayla said. "Eat up."


Xavier glanced up and saw the omelet. He smiled softly and sat up more. "Thanks," he mumbled and pick up the knife and fork and began to eat.


Mikayla nodded. "No problem," and she started making another one for herself.


Around 7:17am was when their parents woke up. Her dad was wearing a simple white button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a black vest and a necktie with piano keys as a design. He also wore black trousers and black dress shoes to complete the outfit; his black hair was also combed and swept to the side all professional like.


"Looking very professional, dad" Mikayla stated as she sprinkled cheese onto her omelet without looking up.


Joseph Evans grinned as he fixed his tie in the hallway mirror and adjusted his vest. "Thank you, pumpkin," he said. "I have a very important client at the music shop today and I have to look my best."


Heels clicked along the marble flooring as Elaine Evans stepped into view. "You always look your best, sweetheart," she pecked him on the cheek as she passed him and entered the kitchen to make herself a coffee in her travel mug as well as some hot tea for her husband.


Mikayla glanced at her mom and took a look at her clothing for the day. It was nothing too formal or too casual, just a pair of pink jeans with black flats that allowed her toes to peek through, a purple shirt that frilled out at the bottom with an eccentric zigzag pattern design, diamond studs in her ears and a beige cardigan. Her mahogany hair was still down but straightened and rested on her breasts with it tucked behind her ears. A few strands of hair had grown grey over the years but it still didn't affect her youth as well as the wrinkles by her eyes. She still looked young in Mikayla's point of view.


"Darling," her mom said without looking up from placing two teaspoons of sugar in her coffee. "Your omelet is burning."


Alarmed, Mikayla focused her attention back to her burning breakfast and switched off the stove as she got the spatula and scooped the omelet onto another plate for her to eat. She grabbed herself her own cutlery and went and sat down next to Xavier who was about three-fourths done with his omelet. She cut off a piece and dug in. It wasn't as burnt as she thought, which was a relief.


"So," Xavier said, trying to spark up a conversation. "What's the plan for the day?"


Their dad wandered into the kitchen and got out the toaster out as he put some bread into it. "Well," he began as he pushed it down. "I'll be working until about five o'clock tonight. Lucas Richards is coming in today - he's my important client - and he's coming to discuss what's the best kind of music for the Diamond Charity Gala he's holding later this year. Then after that, I've got to clean and polish some of the brass instruments, file some reports and hopefully get most of my work done in time for closing."


"Diamond Charity Gala?" Mikayla questioned, swallowing her food. "What's that?"


"It's an event for charity Lucas Richards is holding to help raise money and awareness for homelessness and people who have lost their homes in natural disasters," her mom explained. "If you ask me, it's quite generous of him. He's such an umm... what's the word?" she tapped her fingers on the kitchen bench in deep thought.


Mikayla ate another piece of her omelet. "Altruistic?" she suggested.


Xavier looked at her like she had grown an extra head. "What does that mean?" he exclaimed.


"It means when someone is being selfless and unselfish for the benefit of others," Mikayla explained.


"Yes," Elaine said. "He's very..." she looked at Mikayla for help.






Xavier put down his knife and fork. "Wait a minute," he swallowed. "Do you mean Lucas Richards, as in the CEO of 'Richards Incorporation'?"


"Yes..." their dad said slowly.


"The guy who raised ten-thousand dollars for the Thirst Foundation?"


Joseph Evans nodded. "That's him I believe. That is if there isn't another Lucas Richards who's done those exact things."


Xavier's eyes lit up in excitement. "And he's throwing a charity event later this year for homelessness?" he jabbered on.


God, does he ever shut up?! Mikayla wondered as she ate her breakfast, rolling her eyes internally.


"Does this have a point, Xav?" Mikayla said aloud.


Xavier shrugged like it was nothing. "I just think he's really cool for doing all this charity stuff and all," he stated then started coughing. "His son is hot," he coughed.


Mikayla groaned and face palmed. Her brother was hopeless sometimes.


"Your gayness is affecting your brain, making you more dull an idiotic than usual, Xavier," Mikayla opined.


Xavier stared at her with wide eyes and a gaping mouth like a fish. "Rude much?"


She shrugged. "Only to people who piss me off," she ate the last of her omelet and stared at her brother's empty plate. "Need that anymore?"


Xavier just scoffed and slid it over to her. "I'm going to get dressed," was all he said before disappearing down the hall and up the stairs.


Mikayla smirked and stacked his plate on top of hers before getting off the stool and walking around the bench and placed their dirty dishes in the dishwasher.


"You don't have to be so rude to your brother, Mikayla," her dad said, using her actual name for once. Gasp, what a shocker!


Mikayla shrugged as she stood up and shut the dishwasher. "He only gets what he gives out. A bunch of sass and snarky remarks," Mikayla said. "I'm gonna go finish getting ready."


Leaving her parents alone in the kitchen, she followed her brothers footsteps up the stairs and went to the bathroom, only to find Xavier in there as well, doing his hair in the mirror. Mikayla sighed and rapped her knuckles on the door. She saw Xavier glance at her in the mirror and his expression wasn't exactly happy.


"What do you want?" he snapped.


"Whoa, easy there, tiger," Mikayla said and studied him. Arms tense, hand clenched on the side of the sink and shaking slightly and eyes glassy. Something was wrong with her brother and she suspected she had something to do with it. "Can I come in?" she asked cautiously.


Xavier just nodded and grabbed his toothbrush and the toothpaste. Mikayla grabbed her toothbrush and held it out so that Xavier could put toothpaste on hers as well. He did it without saying anything and put it back before wetting his toothbrush and brushing his teeth. Mikayla copied.


"So," Mikayla said, her mouth white from the toothpaste. "You okay?"


Xavier sighed. "I'm fine," it was muffled but she still understood him.


"Right," she continued, cleaning her teeth for another minute or so before spitting it out and cleaned her mouth and brush and put the toothbrush back in the cup. "You wanna talk about it or what?"


Xavier replicated her actions and ran a hand through his hair when he was done. "You're a bitch, you know that?"


Wow, straight up an honest.


"I'm aware," Mikayla retorted. "It keeps me awake at night."


Xavier smiled but it didn't quite reach his eyes like it usually did when he smiled. Something was definitely wrong now.


"Hey," Mikayla placed a gentle hand on his shoulder and spoke softly, feeling his tense muscle under her hand. "What's wrong?"


Xavier huffed and looked down at his shoes. "I just figured that... you would be my biggest supporter. You know, with my... sexuality and all," he said. "Instead, you tease me and made snarky remarks about it."


Mikayla mentally cursed herself. She needed to shut her mouth sometimes and think about what she was going to say before she said anything.


"Well," she chose her words carefully, making sure they were appropriate. "I do support you, Xav. It's awesome that you're a homosexual, and having the courage and bravery to come out like that, that took guts. You're amazing and I wouldn't give you up for anything else in the world," she paused and let that sink in before continuing. "You're my brother, and nothing is going to change that. Not a sexuality, not a person, not anything. We're related so toughen up and deal with it."


Xavier chuckled breathlessly and looked her in the eyes. "Thanks, Kayla. You aren't too shabby yourself," he said.


"Wow, thanks," but she couldn't help but smiling. "Come here."


She pulled him in for a hug and wrapped her arms around his neck as he hugged her waist. They stayed like that for a few moments, enjoying each others company and embracing each other in silence. They had your typical sibling relationship. One minute you love each other; the next, you want to rip each others throats out and bathe in their blood. Just your average siblings, nothing different. They were a lot closer when they were kids, though, but that changed when their sister, Alecia, left. Xavier and Mikayla grew slightly apart but they still had their moments where if one of them was in trouble the other would help them in a heartbeat, no matter the conditions or consequences. They were family, and family doesn't give up on one another.



The bus rolled around the corner at ten-past-eight and Mikayla was waiting at the bus stop to get to school. Xavier had gotten a ride with his friends, Bethany, and Charles, and was probably already at school by now; leaving Mikayla to wait for the bus that was filled with obnoxious and rowdy teenagers that spat spitballs, threw paper planes, told racist and cruel jokes they thought were hilarious and just acted like ordinary teenagers in general.

The thirty-seven-foot yellow school bus pulled up along the sidewalk and the doors opened, allowing Mikayla to step onto the bus. She made her way past the students at the front until she got to the middle of the bus where she found an empty seat and sat down. The bus shut it's doors and continued driving on to its next couple of stops before driving to school. Mikayla took out her phone and plugged in her earphones and selected her 'Smooth' playlist and pressed shuffle. The first song that came on was Chaos & Piss by P!NK and Mikayla silently went over the lyrics in her head.


I thought that you were driving, but you've given me the wheel
 There's rain clouds out there, that you don't wanna feel


Her lips automatically started lip-syncing to the song like she'd done a thousand times. The world around her was shut out and quiet, the only sounds were the music blasting from her earphones and the different notes she could hear that were playing.


Your anger's like a razor blade, it's just too bloody real
 I thought that you would be here, no I just don't get it
 Hey I also feel things more than I should
 I don't relax very often, as often as I could


The bus stopped at it's first stopped and on came about six people who took their places in their seats. Mikayla recognized a few of them but she only gave them a small wave and hello as they passed her. The bus began moving again when everyone was sat down and Mikayla rested her head on the window. It vibrated violently on the bumpy road but Mikayla didn't mind. It was just her and her music.

The chorus was soon in Mikayla's ears and she listened closely.


I don't feel like calming down, no I don't
 I don't feel like hiding out, so I won't
 I can't turn the volume down, so I sit here in this
 Chaos and piss, watching the storm passing
 Storms are beautiful, right here it's beautiful


Surprisingly, Mikayla could relate to this. It reminded her of the times when she got so angry that she would lock herself in her room and destroy it; or go to a secluded area and just scream, breaking and hitting anything that would help her calm down. Most of all, it reminded her of the times where people got on her nerves so much and she let her anger slip and she snapped and was seething with anger. But what angered her the most was when she was having these kinds of angry moments and people just told her to calm down. Like that was going to help! Sometimes, Mikayla just needed an escape from reality and she would either go to Elliot's house and talk to him about her problems (he was an amazing listener and problem solver) or go down to the local swimming pool and just live under the water for as long as she could hold her breath for.

The bus arrived at its final spot to pick up students who took the bus and Mikayla recognized a certain one as her best friend. He climbed onto the bus and sat down next to her, placing his bag at his feet and took out a book Mikayla recognized as The Death Cure by James Dasher.


"Beware of page 250," Mikayla warned Elliot in a sinister voice.


Elliot looked over at her with a puzzled expression. "Whatever for?" he asked.


A smug grinned grew on Mikayla's face. "Oh you poor thing," she said.


"What?" Elliot questioned, completely confused. "What should I be prepared for?"


Mikayla's smug grin grew. "Let's just say that you'll need a whole lot of tissues for such a sombre and lachrymose chapter."


Elliot furrowed his eyebrows in confusion and Mikayla noticed him muttering the word lachrymose over and over again as if trying to remember or understand what it meant in his mental dictionary.


"What does that word mean again?"


"Forlorn, tragic, teary," Mikayla explained. "All words that are synonyms of crying."


Elliot's eyes widened. "Does someone die?"


Mikayla pursed her lips in a straight line as if holding herself back from spilling any juicy secrets. Her eyes, however, were sparked with mischief and devilry.


Elliot's eyes went the size of Frisbees. "I swear to God if Minho dies-!"


"No Minho doesn't die!" Mikayla exclaimed. "But someone does..."


Elliot inhaled sharply and frantically went back to his book and practically engulfed himself in it; taking in every detail and reading every word like it was a valuable piece of history. Mikayla silently chuckled to herself as she readjusted herself in her seat and sat forward silently and changed songs. Hula Hoop by Omi played and she silently hummed the lyrics.

The bus eventually reached it's final destination at the school and stopped at its proper location. The doors opened and as quickly as they got on, the students piled off one by one and immediately went off in their different directions. Elliot still had his nose in his book.


"Eli," Mikayla nudged him. "Hello-o-o? Anyone home?"


No response. Typical of Elliot to get so immersed in a book that he didn't have a clue what was going on around him. They world could be ending and he would have no idea what was happening; his attention only focusing on the events in the story.


Mikayla poked his cheek repeatedly. "Elliot. Elliot. Elliot. Elliot. Elliot."


"What?!" he ejaculated. And no, not like that kind of ejaculated.


Mikayla gestured to the almost empty bus apart from a few teens who were still getting off. "Do you want to live on the bus or...?"


"Oh," Elliot pursed his lips a small smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. "Sorry, I didn't realize."


"You think?" Mikayla gave him a lopsided grin and paused her music, picking up her bag. "C'mon, shove love. Schools awaitin'."


Elliot placed his bookmark on page 127 and put it in his bag before picked it up and slinging it over his shoulder. He stood up and gave room for Mikayla to get out of the seat. They both made their way off of the bus and walked up the front steps and pushed open the glass school doors as they walked into the school's foyer; which was lit up by the bright morning sun that shone in through the glass windows. Students of all grades scurried around doing their own thing, talking on their phones, chatting with friends, scrolling through Tumblr; any regular thing a teenager would do. Mikayla recognized a few people from the classes she had with and greeted them as she passed them on her way to her locker. Elliot walked along side her as they made their way through the halls, weaving and passing through the crowd of students making their way to class.


"Catch you later, Kayla," Elliot said as he slowed and trailed behind, going to his locker.


"Bye," Mikayla called as she continued walking, grasping her bag straps tighter around her shoulders.


Mikayla's locker was only down the hall and around a corner from Elliot's so she didn't have far to go. When she reached her locker, she entered her combination and opened it up. She slung her bag over her shoulder and unzipped it, scavenging through it and making sure that all of her homework that she needed was in there; along with her pencil case and other school essentials. Mikayla then preceded to take out the textbooks she would need for the different periods she had throughout the day.

Recounting all of the things she had, Mikayla was sure she was prepared for the day ahead of her and to remember that she had the afternoon shift at her job at Rockin' Records after school. It wasn't a full-time job but it earned her some extra money when she needed it. After all, she was driven and inspired to become a counselor for kids who had suffered through traumatic experiences and help them through tough times. Mikayla loved helping people and she wanted to help as many people as she could.

Suddenly, the first bell for classes went and Mikayla shut her locker, locking it and hurried off to her first class. History. It wasn't a bad class but some lessons could be a bit of a bore; the teacher wasn't actually that bad, but she did tend to drone on some of the time.

Mikayla speed walked through the halls of Martin High and went up a set of stairs to reach her class. She had memorized the route to all of her classes like the back of her hand and could navigate herself around the school with her eyes closed.

Although that didn't help her when she collided with another student and fell to the ground, her textbooks spilling all over the floor.


"Oi, watch where you're going," the voice sounded feminine and had an accent to it. Was that British?


"Sorry," Mikayla apologized and glanced up to see a black girl standing above her wearing a studded, denim jacket with ripped off sleeves, black, ripped skinny jeans and a white shirt that said I Hate Mondays. "I wasn't watching where I was going."


The girl huffed. "Well next time, keep your chin up and eye forwards," she extended a hand. "Name's Zoey, and I'm usually not this pleasant."


Mikayla accepted her gestured and allowed her to help her up. "Thanks," she mumbled and pulled herself up.


The girl - Zoey - then bent down and picked up Mikayla's fallen books. "History and AP English," Zoey commented. "Smart."


"Yeah, well I plan to triumph in life so I need to be at the top of my game," Mikayla retorted.


"Damn, snarky much?" Zoey smirked and handed Mikayla back her books. "See ya 'round, Shorty."


Without anything else to say, Zoey waltzed passed Mikayla like nothing had ever happened and went down the stairs, disappearing out of sight. Mikayla scoffed and rolled her eyes as she continued on her way to class. Zoey Pearce, one of the schools renown badasses. She was known for being suspended twice in a month for pulling pranks on teachers and playing My Chemical Romance over the school's intercom. She was a bad girl and played by no rules but her own. In a way, Mikayla was inspired by her. The way she didn't take no for an answer and wouldn't back down when things didn't go her way. Zoey was strong, not just physically but mentally and nothing seemed to scare her. But still, she was a part of the type of crowd Mikayla vowed to stay away from.

And what was with Zoey calling her, Shorty? Mikayla was slightly offended by that, even though Zoey probably didn't mean it in a harmful way. But still, she wasn't that short.

Was she...?



School flew by and before she knew it, it was the last period of the day, so school was almost over. Mikayla didn't have any classes in the last period, instead, she was given an opportunity to work with the schools counselor and take notes from her in hopes of becoming something similar. Helping people, taking notes, the counselor business.

Mikayla made her way to the middle of the school where the counselor's office was located; as well as the main office and principal's office. Mikayla knocked on the counselor's door and she saw shapes moving behind the frosted glass before someone came and unlocked the door for her. Summer Masons - the schools counselor - held the door open for Mikayla and welcomed her with an award-winning grin that was so white, it could almost blind people in direct sunlight.


"G'day, Mikayla," Summer's Australian accent rang through her ears. "Come on in.


Mikayla smiled and walked into the counselor's waiting room. There wasn't anyone in there yet expect from a pet guinea pig that scurried around its cage, eating it's vegetables and running on the hamster wheel (yes it as one of those).

A way to describe Summer Masons was pretty much in her name. She was a lot like summer. She was carefree, playful, warm, relaxed, an outdoor kind of person and very beautiful. She had sun-kissed hair that flowed freely down her back, tanned skin, freckles dotting across her nose, bright green eyes, a lean, strong, petite posture, curves, wore little to no makeup and usually would always be wearing summer dresses or loose clothing. She seemed to always radiate happiness and not ever once had Mikayla seen Summer Masons frown. She was the type of person to go out a play in the puddles on a rainy day while everyone else stayed inside out of the rain.


"So what are we doing today?" Mikayla asked enthusiastically.


"Well," Summer walked into her office (which was conjoined with the conference room) and began sorting through her files, searching for the cases she would have for the afternoon in which Mikayla would be a part of. "I'm sure you're aware of the fight that went on not too long ago at lunch?"


Mikayla nodded. After all, it had happened just a few meters down from her locker.

One of the girls from the cheerleading squad - Kylie Johnson - was having an intense make out session with the school's playboy, Chase Richards - the guy that Xavier was fangirling over that morning. But what everyone knew, was that Kylie was in a protective relationship with the captain of the football team, Jacob Smith; and when he found out, he lost it. He pulled Chase away from Kylie with such a force the he crashed into the opposite lockers and started beating him to a pulp in the middle of the hall. Chase fought back of course, but not before he was left with a few cuts and bruises. The fight didn't last long though because luckily, Coach McKnightly was on duty and stepped it. He gave them both a very loud pep talk about how it wasn't team spirit and that for their actions, they would both be given two week's detention and a trip to the counselor's office three days in that same week.

After searching through the organized mess Summer had on her desk, she eventually found a pale, yellow folder which contained the details from the fight at lunch.


"So," Summer huffed, and walked around to the front of her desk and check her watch. "The boys should be here any minute so I suggest you get yourself ready and comfortable. Just remember, not interrupting while I'm working but you can offer some opinions to me about the case when it's over."


"Right," Mikayla nodded and followed Summer into the conference room, shutting the door to her office behind her.


Mikayla sat in one of the floral partnered accent chairs that Summer had behind her desk. She got out her notebook from her bag as well as her lucky purple pen and found a blank page as she rested her right foot on her knee and reclined herself in the plush chair. Sunlight seeped in through the window and warmed Mikayla up in the air conditioned room. She immediately felt relax and wanted to rest her eyes for just five minutes. It had been a long day.

She didn't get the chance however as Summer Masons returned and was followed by Jacob Smith.


"Jacob, this is Mikayla," Summer gestured to her with a small smile. "She'll be taking notes from our session today and writing down what she thinks is important for your case."


Jacob didn't seem very enthusiastic. "Yeah... whatever," he ignored eye contact and sat down in the chair opposite Summer's desk and crossed his arms, stretching his legs out in front of him, crossing at his ankles.


Summer got to work straight away. First of all, she went over the file and looked to Jacob for any other details that seemed to be left out when the fight occurred. She questioned him about what drove him to pursue his actions and why he would hurt another student for whatever reason it was. Jacob was a bit reluctant to talk at first but Summer was impossible not to talk to and within five or so minutes, Jacob was dishing out all the reason and details on why he got so fired up.


"I've just been having some troubles at home," Jacob explained, leaning forward with his elbows resting on his knees and hands clasped together. "My parents have been arguing a lot more lately and I don't know what to do about it. Plus, Coach is also pushing us even further since we have the game against the Skyline Raiders and I guess I've just been on edge from the nerves for the game."


Summer nodded and jotted down some notes into Jacob's file. Her handwriting was very elegant, according to Mikayla, and she never seemed to mess up which made Mikayla self-conscious about her own writing, which had crossed out words and doodles in the margins. Mikayla's handwriting wasn't as nearly neat as Summer's but it was, at least, readable.

That's a tip, Mikayla thought and jolted down 'Neater Handwriting' in her notebook.


"I thought only Mikayla was the one taking down notes?" Jacob questioned, seeming confused.


Summer gave a reassuring grin and set down her pen. "Would you believe me if I told you that Mikayla is actually a figment of my past and that she's here to help me be a better counselor for the future?" Summer said with a serious tone.


Mikayla had to resist a smile and hid it behind her hand as she looked away. Jacob just grinned.


"No but seriously," he asked. "What is she really doing here? Not to be rude or anything."


Mikayla got a hold of herself and faced Jacob. "Actually, I'm taking notes to become a counselor myself," she explained.


Jacob nodded, satisfied. "Sweet."


The session went on for another few minutes until Jacob's time was up and it was time to hear the other side of the story. Jacob left and got a hall pass to give to his teacher explaining why he wasn't in English while Summer rearranged her things and prepared herself for her next appointment with Chase Richards.


"I'll be right back," Summer said to Mikayla as she stood up and left the conference room.


Mikayla couldn't hear Summer talking to Chase so she figured she had left to go to the bathroom or something. Mikayla decided to take this extra time in stretching her muscles and looking outside the window to see what was happening in the outside world. The sun's rays lit up the grass and made it glow like thousands of tiny jades because of the sprinklers that were on in the period before lunch and it was still wet. A few students sat out in the sun in small groups and Mikayla noticed a specific person resting up against the large oak tree and - what looked like sketching - in a sketchbook. Mikayla smiled and decided to call them. She took her phone out of her pocket and looked for his contact on her phone. She pressed call and watched him as he put down his sketchbook and answer his phone.


"This is Elliot Mitchell," Elliot sounded nonchalant as he spoke.


"Hey, Eli," Mikayla replied. "Look to your right."


Mikayla watched as Elliot turned his head in her direction and noticed her in the counselor's window and smiled as he waved. Mikayla returned the action and kept a small smirk on her face as she made eye contact with him.


"So whattaya doin' there?" Mikayla asked, implying about his sketchbook.


"Well I have a free period so I'm spending it doodling random things that pop into my head," Elliot explained.


"Cool," Mikayla watched as Elliot picked up his pencil again and absent-mindedly started drawing again. "So how are you feeling?"


"About what?" Elliot mumbled.


"Yesterday," Mikayla implied. "You alright?"


Elliot paused and looked around at the other students who were laughing and talking among themselves. "Yeah," he said. "I'm coping."


"You.. wanna talk about it?" Mikayla bit her lip and rolled back and forth on the balls of her feet.


Elliot shook his head. "No. Not here, maybe later at your place."


Mikayla nodded and smiled slightly. "Sure no problem."


"Mikayla," an Australian voice said behind her. Mikayla turned around and saw Summer Masons standing in the door with Chase behind her. "Could you please put that away?"


Mikayla nodded and spoke to Elliot. "I'll talk to you later, Eli," she said and glanced out at him on the lawn under the tree.


"Okay. Bye, Kayla," he replied.


"Bye," Mikayla hung up the call and sat back down in her chair with her notebook and pen ready to go.


"Right then," Summer said and moved to her seat as she sat down and picked up her pen. "Chase, could you please take a seat," she pointed to the previous seat Jacob had sat in just before.


Chase - being the ass he is - just crossed his arms and leaned against the doorframe. "Nah, I'm quite comfortable here if you don't mind."


"Well, I do mind because as regulations state," Summer said. "All sessions are private and to make this as private as possible, the door has to be shut. So please, sit down."


Chase rolled his eyes as he sighed and sat down. He reclined in the chair and put his foot up on his knee, put his hands behind his head and not seeming to give a crap about how he was acting. Summer got up and shut the door, sealing them all in. While her back was turned, Chase made eye contact with Mikayla and winked seductively. She just scoffed and rolled her eyes, crossing one of her legs over the other and sitting more professional-like to show that she was only here for business. Chase ran his tongue over his bottom teeth as he smirked impudently.

The thing about Chase Richards was that he seemed to get away with anything and everything. Maybe it was his looks or his silver-tongue; but somehow, Chase could get out of any situation if he wanted to. He'd faked his own parents signature once just to get out of Chemistry to hook up with a girl in the janitors closet. Mikayla should know, he was in her class and the number of times he got into trouble with the teacher was ridiculous.

Chase was a tall guy and easily towered over Mikayla. He was quite broad and muscular with a lean posture and big ego. He was a natural blonde with piercing blue eyes that could easily captivate any naïve girl with a desire to get in bed with him (which he used to his advantage). His ears were pierced (rumor has it that he pierced them himself), he was growing a slight stubble and he basically looked like a model who had escaped the modeling industry. He wore a red plaid shirt, ripped jeans and converses, as well as a Chicago Bulls cap that he wore backwards. The turn off though was the busted lip and swollen eyes that seemed to be changing colour, along with the bruise on his cheek.


Summer sat back down in her seat and got straight to work. "So, Chase. Can you tell me exactly what happened today during the fight and what caused you to do what you did?"


He shrugged. "The guy was jealous. I can't help it if his girlfriend thinks I'm more fanciable than him," wow, cocky much?


Summer just smiled and Mikayla resisted in rolling her eyes. She had to keep her cool and stay professional for the sake of being a proper counselor and getting a good report. This was going on her resume, as Summer said, to help her get a decent spot at a good school; depending on how well she kept her attitude and how well she reacted with different students.


"Right," Summer said and wrote something down in his file. "It says here that the reason for your actions was to provoke Jacob and... get him kicking off the team?"


Chase just leaned forward and grabbed the orange slinky off of Summer's desk and started playing with it. "Meh," he shrugged. "Depends on how you look at it really."


Summer cocked her head to the side. "In what way do you mean?"


"I mean," Chase said, slowly dropped the slinky into each hand a couple of times before answering. "That he's an ass and I might've done it if he deserved it."


"And why did he deserve it?"




Mikayla was going to loose it. Sure she'd seen Summer deal with other douche-bags like this before, but just something about Chase made her so pissed off that she wanted to beat him up just as bad as Jacob had.


Chase seemed to notice Mikayla's frustration and looked her way with a dumb smirk plastered on his face. "You alright there, princess? You look like you're about to make like a volcano and erupt. Maybe you're the one who needs counseling and not me."


Mikayla was seething with anger but she couldn't let him get to her. "I'm fine, thank you very much. I just don't appreciate guys with egos so big that their minds are incredibly foggy and that they can't think straight because all that comes out of their mouth is a load of gibberish."


Mikayla couldn't help herself. Summer looked over at Mikayla with a mortified expression while Chase was just silently chuckling to himself.


"Damn girl," he stated. "You got balls."


"Well it's more than you'll ever have," Mikayla retorted.


Chase looked slightly confused. "But you don't have any."


"My point exactly."


"Okay!" Summer Masons interrupted and put down her pen. "Mikayla, I think you should wait outside until we're done here. Chase, you can't be such a bully and at least, be a bit nicer to your pupils. I will not accept negativity in this room!"


Mikayla hung her head when she realized what she had officially done. Sure it had been good to stand up against Chase and put him in his place, but she didn't exactly think of the consequences. Plus, Summer was actually pretty scary when she was mad.


"Mikayla," Summer said. "Please wait outside."


Mikayla just nodded and collected her things as she stood up and walked out of the room.


"See you later, princess!" she heard Chase call.


Mikayla was prepared to go back in and slap him, but she held herself together as she shut the door and walked out. She went and sat on one of the waiting chairs with her head in her hands as she heard the clock slowly tick by. She prayed and hoped that she didn't mess up completely and that she would have another chance.

Otherwise, her career in counseling was over before it had even started.

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