Penguin Boy {Luke Hemmings}

Skylar Thompson is the popular girl who has fallen for Luke Hemmings.
The penguin boy


1. prologue

I'm skylar Thompson aka the girl who stupidly fell in love with the boy at the bottom of the social chain. That's right. The boy at the bottom of the social chain. His name:

Luke Hemmings

I know it's stupid but I can't help it. He's just so cute and adorable and his penguin backpack and his love for penguins is adorable!!!! I'm head of the student body.

Ms. Popularity.

The captain of the girls varsity soccer team. I'm something of a legend at this school, I don't know why honestly but I am. It's weird. But this is the story of how Luke Hemmings and I became Skylar and Luke.


This is my first book on here I hope you guys like it


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