At Love’s Altar



1. At Love’s Altar

A wind passed by, with the scent of your hair,
I tried to hold onto in lonely despair.
Far that you are, my heart so bleeds,
A heart wrenching thirst, painfully pleads.

Your smile never seems to leave my side,
Oh heavens listen to my woe tonight.
This air that I breathe is choking me,
It’s your visage that I once long to see.

I am lonely without you, my silent cries,
With each breathe, a little of me dies.
Want to hold you once in my arms tight.
Oh angels, once pay heed to my plight.

The moments that we shared together,
Over and over again, they play forever.
My mind is playing hard tricks on me.
In every sight, in every face, it’s you I see.

Just one smile, maybe just one kiss,
Laying on your lap, such heavenly bliss.
Each dawn brings me such bright desires,
Each night my heart burns in the fires.

As I sit & wait and long to see you again,
Come hold me now, and free me of my pain.
As miserable life teases me at loves altar,
I find you so near and yet so far.

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