The Lock down Society🔑 L-H/C-H (5sos not famous)

K.C is a smart,talented,nice and Beautiful girl but she doesn't know it she's Shy will that might be because she's home schooled
she lives in Australia Sydney has 2 siblings her parents are one of the millionaires people in the world they have enemies and friends but mostly enemies people that would when to kidnap K.C so they could get money in exchange but what happens when she meets Luke Hemmings and his best friend Calum Hood at tha lock down Society read to find out
(5sos is not famous)


1. introducing the characters

Kc' p.o.v

Hi am Kc 15 years old I have a younger sister and an older brother


(Kc Young)= has brown hair blue eyes and has trust issues

(Luke Hemmings)= you don't need me to discredit him..... He is a bad boy

(Calum Hood)= he is a good boy but he can be a bad boy too

(Michael Clifford&Ashton Irwin) they the popular kids but not as popular as Luke and Calum and Luke&cal are best friends, Mikey&ash are best friends

(Nancy Lashmi)= is kc's bestie have brown hair brown eyes

(Mr and Mrs young)= Kc's parents


So this is my new story and hopefully I will get the first chapter up soon 😉✌️

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