The Lock down Society🔑 L-H/C-H (5sos not famous)

K.C is a smart,talented,nice and Beautiful girl but she doesn't know it she's Shy will that might be because she's home schooled
she lives in Australia Sydney has 2 siblings her parents are one of the millionaires people in the world they have enemies and friends but mostly enemies people that would when to kidnap K.C so they could get money in exchange but what happens when she meets Luke Hemmings and his best friend Calum Hood at tha lock down Society read to find out
(5sos is not famous)


4. chapter 3

Kc's p.o.v

The day after what happened, wasn't that great my parents are always worried. I always thought my parents were perfect, of course I did everybody thinks there parents are perfect. I don't have any freedom anymore, it sucks.

I was laying down on my bed when suddenly I hard a knock on my door "who is it" I questioned "its Bob you parents want you down immediately" he responded

I want down stairs as soon as I put my pants on since I wasn't wearing one.

When i reached the bottom stairs I saw my parents, and some guy I have never seen before,brother, and sister. I didn't know what was going on.

"What's going on here?" I asked nervously, but right away regretting I asked

"There sanding us to some kind of boarding school" Jack blotted out

"I don't understand why?"

I asked with a voice a little harsh

"What don't you understand? Because of you mom and dad are sanding us to boarding school. What a go! Kc you've done it, You have managed to drive mom and dad crazy for the last time." I was going to speak, but he cut me off

" but why Kc? Why the hell did you have to walk? you do that every day in our huge backyard"

I was so shocked my brother has never spoke to me that why.

"Jack!! That's enough" my dad said before I could even answer Jack's question.


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