The Lock down Society🔑 L-H/C-H (5sos not famous)

K.C is a smart,talented,nice and Beautiful girl but she doesn't know it she's Shy will that might be because she's home schooled
she lives in Australia Sydney has 2 siblings her parents are one of the millionaires people in the world they have enemies and friends but mostly enemies people that would when to kidnap K.C so they could get money in exchange but what happens when she meets Luke Hemmings and his best friend Calum Hood at tha lock down Society read to find out
(5sos is not famous)


3. chapter 2

Kc's p.o.v

After I said goodbye to Nancy I told Bob how I didn't want to take the limo, so we left the limo at the parking lot so that we could walk home it wasn't that far.

Bob and I went through an alley it was kinda creepy I didn't like it one bit but I liked walking I'm a really athletic person I take martial arts, dance, I play soccer, and I take guitar I know it's not an athletic department said but it calms me...

Before I could finish my thoughts I hard a sinister screen that dragged me out of my thoughts

"Stay behind me Kc" said/yelled Bob I went behind him even though I now martial arts

Someone came running from the direction the screen was coming from I didn't know who he was but he looks like he was in his 20s

I squint my eyes to see clear while I was behind Bob

The mysterious guy came close to us that when I saw that he had a freaking GUN!! he pointed the gun at Bob and shot him in the arm I was so scared BOB!! I screamed the guy then come closer to me "tell your parents they owe me for Speering there precious daughter "weewo weewo" a police siren came the guy said one last word I would never forget "I WILL FIND YOU AGAIN"

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