The Lock down Society🔑 L-H/C-H (5sos not famous)

K.C is a smart,talented,nice and Beautiful girl but she doesn't know it she's Shy will that might be because she's home schooled
she lives in Australia Sydney has 2 siblings her parents are one of the millionaires people in the world they have enemies and friends but mostly enemies people that would when to kidnap K.C so they could get money in exchange but what happens when she meets Luke Hemmings and his best friend Calum Hood at tha lock down Society read to find out
(5sos is not famous)


2. chapter 1

Kc's p.O.v

"Hey Jack do you ever wonder what it feels like to go to high school and hangout with teenagers your own age? I asked while taking my seat on his bed..... Oh ya I always forget to introduce myself, hi I'm Kc 15 years old, I am homeschooled. That's, it not much to know about me I really have a boring life ya and my parents are filthy rich, people think because I'm from a rich family that am spoiled brat you can call my whatever you want. All I do is get up in the morning eat breakfast with my sister Jade and my brother Jack and go to school right there in my library (ya I have a library in my house don't judge) after words I do my homework and my best friend Nancy comes after her own homeschooling ends, she's homeschooled too (her parents and my parents work together that's how we know each other by our parents)

I snapped out of my thoughts when Jack waved his hand at my face

"Are you feeling ok" he asked worryingly

"Ya ok.. I mean ya am feeling ok" I said a little confused

"always" he said but I was a little confused again

"What? I asked

"You're question about me wondering how it feels like to go to high school and hangout with teenagers my age...... Are you sure you're feeling ok? He asked once again

"Ya ya just thinking about stuff" I replied

"I'll see you later I have to go meet Nancy at a coffee shop" I said while whaling out but I hard Jack shoutout for his room "don't forget to take Bob", Bob is my bodyguard we all have one even Nancy.


This is the first chapter please like&comment what you think and I know it's short sorry I'm not really good at writing long chapters ✌️

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