Fearsome.-Harry Styles

"When the ice and attract the fire, tell me, ¿who separates them?"


1. Prologo.

-Fearsome, arrogant, hard, cold, possessive, Sheileen Styles, ¿Are You Afraid you something? -I Do not know ... -¿And who does it? -Love..." (•••) What happens when "A little joke" takes you to jail? Nothing good in fact, when his mother Sheileer Green, is "obliged" to send her daughter to another country, intending to improve his attitude, personality and behavior, has no choice but to call his younger brother Harry, for who can care for her daughter as she goes "business trip" to learn not react Sheileen best, causing his mother so angry, that came to enroll in a military school, but nobody beats Sheileen ...  (•••) "He, broken and arrogant, yet no one has put in place. She, rebellious and realistic, and here to stay " ¿Will it be a fight? ¿Harry learn to live with Sheileen? But that if the fearsome Sheileen, never loses ...
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