Short Stories

*may include self harm*


1. Kate - Chapter 1



I look at the little pop up notification, hoping it's from Hot Topic.

I frantically open the email, and my heart deflates a little.

It's not from Hot Topic.

It's from the boy next door.


Hey Kate!

How the hell did he get this email?! Nobody knows about this email. 


Do you want to hang with me and Ryan today?



Who put you up to this? Mum? Jake? Lyn?


From: Jack0Lantern

No..............? Why?


From: KitKat.e

No reason.

The truth is my 'family' has been worried that I don't go outside or talk with people my age enough. I don't like people, or outside and they don't seem to understand that.


From: Jack0Lantern



From: KitKat.e

Well what?


From: Jack0Lantern

*eye roll* Are you going to hang out with us?


From: KitKat.e

Why would I?


From: Jack0Lantern

Bc I'm outside your window.

I look out my window and surely enough there was Jack, standing under my window (I'm on the second floor) 


From: Jack0Lantern

Come outside or I'll bust your window.

Genuinely confused and a little frightened I reply.


From: KitKat.e


There was a loud noise and I yelped nearly falling out of my chair. I realize the sound came from my window so I open it and a pebble goes flying past my face.

"WHAT THE HELL?" I yell to Jack

"Sorry?" He said a bit amused. 

"Michael Jackson Barrows!"

"Why must you insist on calling me that." 

At that point Ryan walks into my view laughing. "Michael Jackson?" 

"That's NOT my name!" He looks at me. "WHY DO YOU HATE ME SO?"

It really isn't his name but I call him that because it annoys him. I prefer it to his actual name, Michael Jack (Barrows).


From: KitKat.e

That's no way to treat a guest!

I smirk knowing that I've won.

I walk to my house, with Ryan following me, and Kate is sitting on my front porch.

"Shut up." she says

"I didn't say anything." I say with my hands in the air in defence.

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