Short Stories

*may include self harm*


2. Detention - Chapter 1

(Clare’s POV)

"Why are you hanging out with the faggot?" James, the quarterback, sneers at me and my friend Anna.

"What did you just say?" I lightly growl.

"You heard me." He smirks

"What did you SAY!"

He leans closer, "Why are you with the Faggot."

"Take it back." I sternly say

"I'm not scared of you."

With a sickly smile, I grab his arm, sweep kick him making him fall to his knees. Kneeling down to his level I whisper in his ear "You should be. Now take it back."

"No" I twist his arm back and I hear a few gasps from the small crowd we had started to gain.

"Take. It. Back. Or so help me god I'll break you"

"You don't scare me freak." I kick him in the kneecap, which was sure to have hurt like hell.

"Last chance. Take it back."

"Never." He whisper yells with a smirk.

At this point I lose my patience and punch him in the nose. HARD. The crowd had gotten the attention of a teacher who had seen me punch James.

"Clarissa!" The football coach yells at me while rushing to his star's side. "DETENTION!" I roll my eyes at Coach helping James to the school infirmary.

A few minutes later, Coach comes back and hands me a detention notice. "Tomorrow, Directly after school you will report to Ms. Tran in the library.

Lydia and I are on a first name basis because I spend most of my time in the library with Anna.


-After School-

"CLARISSA ANALISE HAMILTON!" My father yells at me, and I knew that the school had called him and told him about my detention."What the hell did you do!"

I just look at him with an innocent face knowing that it'll piss him off. "What're you talking about?"

"Clare, honey just tell us what happened." My mum said, clearly trying to stay calm.

"I punched James." I say nonchalantly, giving a shrug, and grab an apple to take up to my room.

"WHAT?" My father bellows.

"W-why?" My mother whispers to me, astonished that her little angel would do such a thing.

"He-" I was cut off

"It's because of that Girl. GOOD LORD! I never should have let you befriend her." Dad said disdainfully, stopping me halfway through my journey up the stairs.

Getting a little protective of Anna I retaliate. "That 'girl', is my best fucking friend. And I punched James because he called her a faggot!"

Mum gasps at my language, she’s never heard me curse.

"That's because she is one!" Dad jeered.

Infuriated I yell "NO SHE ISN’T, YOU DICK! She is HUMAN, just like you and me!”

“Clare, she isn’t like us-” Mum starts
“Why because she likes girls?” I cut her off “So what, BIG FUCKING DEAL!”

“She is an abomination” My father hissed.

“I’m leaving now. Call me when you stop being assholes.” I point to them, then walk out the front door.


I call Anna and she picks up on the first ring “Clare?”

“You have..” I look at my watch. “10 minutes”

“Be there in 9” She says and I can hear her start to get ready to meet me before she hangs up.


(Anna’s POV)

I nearly fall on my face while tugging my skinny jeans back on. Grabbing my phone, my bag and some money, I write a note for my mum telling her I’d be back soon hopefully. I race out the door hoping Clarissa was okay.

THERE! My mind screams when I finally arrive at the school library where Clarissa is.

“Clare!” I hug her, out of breath.

“Jesus Christ! Did you run the whole way here?” She jokes.

“Yeah..” I say regaining my composure.

Frowning she says “You didn’t have to.”

“I was worried. What happened?”

“My dad” I know that her family, and previously her, are EXTREMELY religious.

“What did he do!” I whisper yell becoming aware that we’re in the library.

“We kinda, mighta… foughtoveryou.” She starts the sentence cautiously but quickly mumbles the last half.

“What?” I say with wide eyes.

“Him and mum weren’t giving you the respect you deserve so I stood up for you, and when got to be too much I walked out on them.” She fought with her Father over me.

“Where are you staying?”

“shit…” She says with wide eyes

“Come on.” I grab her wrist lightly and walk with her to my house.

During the walk we figured that Clare could wear my clothes and when and if she needs something from her house we could climb the tree and through her window, just like we did when we were younger.






(A/N) I honestly absolutely hate the word faggot. I will punch you if you say it, no joke. 


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