We're so Disconnected

Violet Jackson doesnt know what's she's in for when 5 seconds of summer and One Direction both come to her agency for a photo shoot. Between batteling all of her secrets, and dealing with the drama and mishaps..
I don't know how Vi will survive.


3. Chapter 3

A.N Hey guys so I guess this is what I picture Violet Looking like. Her eyes are blue with a shade of green so Yeah lol. Thanks so much for the four people who favorited this story and the 3 people who liked it xxx much love to you all <3




Violet's Point of View


4 boys were in love with me..? I still can't believe it. Ashton went home after coffee.


I was still mind blown that four boys were in love with me. What if Ashton was over exaggerating..?


I mean who could love me..? I'm boring, plain brown hair and boring blue/green eyes.


I'm extremely thin, but not thin enough, my voice is annoying. I hate myself, so how could four boys love me..?


*Buzz Buzz* My phone vibrated indicating I had a text message.


Nialler- Want to hang out with me and the lads today..? Not 5sos though.


Me- Erm... I guess... why not 5sos?


Nialler- They have meetings today! I'll pick you up in 10 xx


Me- um... okay...


Ten minutes??? Ashton never said they had meetings... Well whatever I better get ready.


I went into my room; I didn't have time to shower... I opened my closet and grabbed a pair of black leggings and an oversized jumper. I put on fresh undergarments then slipped the leggings and jumper on. I made sure to have a cami on underneath in case I got hot.


I slipped toms on, than put my hair up in a messy bun. I applied mascara, brushed my teeth and then I was ready.


I heard someone knock on the door, I opened it and Niall was there.


"I'm just going to grab my bag." I stated.


Niall nodded waiting, I quickly grabbed my bag; putting my phone and wallet in it.

Niall and I walked to his car, I got in and we started driving.

*Buzz Buzz*

I looked at my phone it was a text from Mikey.

Mikey- Want to hang out with the lads and me? Not 1D...

Me- I thought you guys had meetings...? That's what Niall said..?

Mikey- We don't... I guess he lied...

Me- Yeah how about all of us just hangout..? We could go to the fair..?

Mikey- I'll text everyone to ask! But I'm in x

Me- Okay :p

"Niall..." I said

"Yeah?" He asked

"Why did you lie to me..? The boys have no meetings. Mikey just asked if I wanted to hangout."

"Umm... I don't know."

"Well you can drop me off here please." I stated

"What?! I'm not dropping you off! We're almost at the house!"

"Fine, but I'm not talking to you today. I hate lying." I snapped.

We pulled up to the house and I got out.

I ran inside and I accidently ran into Harry.

"Hey Vi" He smiled

"Hi" I smiled back.

"We're going to the carnival today..? That's what Mikey said." He questioned.

"I nodded, indeed we are."

He smiled, "great this is going to be fun!"


Sorry for this extremely short, terrible chapter! I didn't have much computer time today! I'm sick as well. I will update soon! Feel free to comment, like, and Fav <3 Much love xxx

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