We're so Disconnected

Violet Jackson doesnt know what's she's in for when 5 seconds of summer and One Direction both come to her agency for a photo shoot. Between batteling all of her secrets, and dealing with the drama and mishaps..
I don't know how Vi will survive.


1. Chapter 1

(A.N  I will always have Zayn in my fanfics, because I still love him and he was apart of One Direction for 4 and 1/2 years. He still was our heros and for most he still is. Yes I'm dissapointed that he left, but if there is any hate about him in my comments you will be deleted and blocked.. xxx enjoy the first chapter"

Violet's P.O.V

 **BRING!! BRING!!!**

The Sound of my annoying alarm clock went off, I sat up, rubbed my eyes and then turned the stupid thing off.  I looked at the time, it was 6:50 am. I hate early mornings, but I need the money so I better get ready to work.

I got out of bed and headed to my rather small bathroom. I lived in a small apartment in the centre of London. I lived alone, it was rather lonely at times but I had my best friend to work with at work. I took my clothes off and put them in my laundry basket. I turned the shower on waiting for it to get to the right tempature. I stepped in allowing the steaming water soak my body. I put some shampoo in my hair and then started lathering it through my hair. I hummed a 5sos song while rinsing my hair and then applying conditioner. After washing my hair, I washed my body, rinsed off and then got out of the shower. I wrapped a towel around me, and went into my room.

I looked through my closet picking out an outfit, I couldn't decide between two.

My phone buzzed, I picked it up.

Lila: We have major clients today, don't wear sweats!

me: Alright :p This sucks but Okay.

Well that settles what I'm wearing, I slip on my undergarments on and then put on a pair of blue jeans and a royal blue t-shirt. I then put on a light grey scarf, and a pair of brown boots. Being Nearly November, London was very chilly. I sat down at my vanity and dried my hair. I put it in a neat bun and then added a simple white bow.  I then applied some make up, Mascara, eyeliner, lip chap, and some concealer. I put my glasses on, slipped on my jacket, grabbed my camera bag, than went out to my car. I checked the time, 7:45 am. Not a bad time to be ready by. I drove to BWJ ( My work) and then parked my car. I walked in, took my coat off and hung it up.

"Violet!! Clients should be here in 20 minutes, please set up!" My boss said.

I nodded, taking my camera out of my bag and setting everything up.

Around 20 minutes later my clients came.

"THE SASSMASTER OF DONCASTER IS IN THE ROOM" A guy dressed in black jeans and a white shirt yelled as he ran in.

"Shut up Lou" I heard someone say.

I smirked this was going to be fun


"Louis go pose next to Harry"  I said

"Like this?"

"No.." I grumbled having to walk over and fix his position.

"Now Liam stand next to Louis, and Zayn you go next to Niall."

"What about us?" Mikey asked .

"You guys go..." I finished saying pointing them to where they had to go.

I have learned who everyone is. Both 5 Seconds of summer and One Direction. They are extremely nice lads.

I took a few pictures arranging them in different postions now and then. About 2 hours later we were done.

"Okay boys thanks for the hard work, you're done!"

"Can we see?!" Luke and Louis shouted.

I laughed nodding my head. All the boys walked over and I showed them the pictures. They picked which 6 each band liked.

"You're really nice" Michael said.

I smiled, "Thanks Mikey."

"You should give us your number so we could see you again!" Liam said.

I smiled but than frowned.

"Sorry boys, I can't accept that, work policy."

"C'mon, give me your phone, I won't tell.."  Niall said.

I hesitantly gave them my phone, they cheered. They all added their numbers into my phone.

I hugged them each goodbye as they left. Even though it's been only a few hours of knowing them they seemed really nice and hopefully we'd all see eachother again...

A.N So that was the first chapter and I pray that you guys liked it. I'm sorry im not the greatest author. And I'll try to update as much as possible it's just I can't use my computer mines broken so I have to use my grams and she hardly lets me on hers. I can see this book having around 30-40 chapters. I'm trying really hard for people to enjoy this! Anyways much love xxxx

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