X-Men: Second Coming - Alternative Cover (Sci-Fi Competition Entry)

My entry for the Sci-Fi contest.
Designing a new cover for one of the issues of the 'Second Coming' event in the Marvel Universe. Features key character Doug Ramsey AKA Cypher (whose ability is to speak any language - including binary, allowing him to communicate with computers). Cover is created by me through method of digital painting. *sigh*



Just a few quick notes on how I am producing the cover.

First of all, I translated my focal character's - Cypher - name into binary. I then typed this into a new layer in Krita (illustration software), to fill a full comic cover sized page. Then, using a few selection tricks, I cut out all of the numbers, leaving 1 and 0 shaped holes in a grey layer. I then placed this grey layer over a black layer and got to work on painting Doug from a variety of reference ideas.

Oh! By the way... This is Doug/Cypher in this event (panel taken from "Chapter"/Issue #12 of the 'Second Coming' event)...

Isn't he cool?!

Anyway... Progress. Yeah. Firstly, I started with the hair and one or two segments...

Before I decided it would be more logical to initially plan out the base colour of each segment, and then add the tone in later. You can see that initial base tone plan here (note how pouty he looks! aha!)...

But, yeah. Tone will be added to complete the art tomorrow morning, and then onto the lettering in the afternoon! Hope you're enjoying it so far!

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