Short Stories

I have many ideas but only some come out. This is a brunch of short stories that I have written for fun and just want to get something off my mind. I would love to have more to write about but I have no where to start. If you have any story starters I would love to hear them. I write this for fun. Some of these are from school projects but most for them are for fun.


5. The Supernatural Issue

    Running down a dark ally way. There is something chasing after him. All that he knows is that they are fast and he can’t die like that. He doesn’t know what they are. One just appeared right next to him and allowed him to run passed. They like the hunting game that they set up. If only this wasn’t midnight maybe he might have a chance at living if it was.

    Another one just appeared next to him. He was terrified. He didn’t want to play this game. He wished now that if he could go back in time that he would tell himself not to sneak out to go to that party. It was not worth it, he decided. Death was not worth a party that he had fun at. If he could have told himself that then he wouldn’t have been here. It’s not like this was his first time sneaking out to go somewhere.


She was running behind them. She was going to kill them it was her job she needed to. They were rogues and they were hungry. If they killed this boy she was protecting then she would get resigned and when someone gets resigned you don’t see them of a long while. She didn’t want to know what happens to them. She was and angel demon hybrid, but was the only one and didn't like it so she called herself an ArchAngel instead. She had to save his life for this.

She has no clue why this human is important but he is. And she needs to save him. He must be much needed if she was signed to him. She was what everyone thought of as the best. She was only used as the best. This was an important case. She was told who he was, what he was, and where he was. Nothing else about him. She usually had much more time to do research before they got themselves into trouble. And she had never been signed for permanent.

Maybe they think that this is going to be her last one. She reached into her coat and got the hidden crossbow. If she couldn’t outrun them to get to him. Than she would shot them down one by one. She loaded the crossbow with an arrow and let it go. She didn’t aim but the demon always came out in her in this. She was close to getting her wings out and using them to save this boy.

She hit them down one by one though. Using wings in a mission was not what she did. She thought that it was weak. That he this boy wasn’t going to see her. She was invisible to humans. The boy slowed as he realized that he wasn’t being pursued by anything. He looked around to see if that was turn and it was like he saw her.


She was standing her crossbow aimed at his heart. He didn’t know who she was. He did have a feeling though that she was the one that had killed the thing though. He was scared of her if that was the case. She was looking at him waiting for what he would do, he thought. She must just be another thing that he sees. He sees them all the time. Usually when he was at risk of being killed. Wow that was serious if she showed up.

He watched as she put her crossbow back into her coat and turn to walk away. He thought that it was time to try to speak to them. He wanted to thank her for saving his life.

“Hey wait up!” He yelled and ran towards her. She stopped dead in her tracks.

“Hey I want to talk to you!” He yelled as he tried to run over to her. He was out of energy and breath. His mom and dad were not going to be happy when they see his clothing the next morning.

“Hey. Thanks for … saving my … life.” He gasped as he reached her. She turned around and he was staring at her. He didn’t think that she was supposed to be seen.

“How can you see me?” She asked as she looked him up and down.


He was talking to her. He was looking at her. He was standing right next to her. What is she supposed to do?Who was he? What was he? She wanted to know but not from him. She was going to ask her boss later though. For now she just had to get away from him.

“Don’t answer that. Umm I have to go. I have work that has to be done. Sorry. Bye.” She said and ran off. She usually saw the people she saved home, but he could see her. She wasn’t going to talk to him anymore. She doesn’t even know why he talked to her.

“Oh. Okay? Bye then.” He yelled to her as she was running away from him.

As soon as she was sure that he couldn’t see her she stopped and looked back the way she fled.  She called her wings out and flew out of there. She was so scared and she had never been scared of her job. This is what she does and she never once has been seen while doing it. This boy that she was told to watch out for could see her. That meant he wasn’t human. She was going to do some research and find out more. Instead of flying right back to say that she had gotten them off of his trial she flew straight to her home. That was where she was the most comfortable and could get the most done.


    “What was that?” The boy asked as he started walking the way that the weird girl had run. He thought that he had just seen something flying, but that can’t be true nothing fly’s except birds and bats and things with wings.

    He shrugged and kept on walking to his home. It was getting close to midnight and he had school tomorrow. It wasn’t until he reached the street that he noticed something was off about the girl. Her face, her disappearing act, and her reaction to him talking to her. Maybe it was just his mind playing tricks on him. Oh well he was close to home anyway. He was going to have to sneak in.

    He just reached his house when a light in the front turned on. He saw that his mother was standing in the window watching for him. He frowned at the fact that she looked sleep deprived. He walked up as his mother opened the front door.

    “I hope that was worth it. If your father was up and waiting for you … well I don’t know what would have happened. Just be glad that it was me up and not him. Get in here.” She said calmly. The last thing he wanted her to be was calm. When she gets calm when he does something that he isn’t supposed to she was furious on the inside and it scared him.

    “Okay.” He said sounding mopey. She shook her head as he walked in. He wanted to be in his room right now sleeping that boring party was not worth going through this.

    “You know you're grounded. No reading, no T.V., and no writing unless it is for school only.” She said. He liked to read and write so not being able to for fun was going to hurt his followers badly.

    “Can I at least tell the people who read my stuff what happened?” He asked and hoped that she would say yes. She shook her head and pointed upstairs. He went upstairs liming. If his mom noticed that all hell would have been broken loose. Luckily she didn’t notice. He was only limping because he somehow twisted his ankle while running and didn’t feel it until he started to walk and the adrenal was all out of his system. It was not like he could look up the girl he saw, she didn’t give him a name and she looked frightened above all else.


    The moment she got into her home she called off her wings and went straight to her computer. It was sitting right where she left it on her table. When she opened it up she did the first thing she knew to do search for the boy who can see her.

    She typed in his name, Elijah Jackson, and pulled up his report. She found out that he had many people signed to protect him. They either got killed or they switched off of him. She was going to ask why those people switched. She found that she knew only one person on the list. Oliva, on of her friends that she hadn’t kept in touch with had been on his case for a few days. Now she knew Olivia, and she knew that she would never just give something up like that.

    She would have to go and hunt him down and be sure of what he knows. If he knows more than what he is supposed to know than he was going to come with her and she was going to have her boss look him over.


    And yet again he found himself craving the girl that saved his life’s company. It was like she walked into his life by saving it and then running away from it. It had been a few days since he saw her for the first time. Nothing could make his mind move from her now. He was walking to school this morning when he saw her once again. He walked towards her and away from school which he was already late for.

    “Hey. I didn’t get your name the other day for saving me.” He said as he took a sit right next to her. She stilled and smiled at him. He was curious as to why she was sitting and acting so tense. It was like she wasn’t used to being thanked or asked questions.

    “I have questions for you. I need them to be answered. If you answer them the way I think I have to take you to meet someone … of … a ...umm … school … that you … umm are qualified for?” She asked him to statement. He was confused as to why she was asking it. But he smiled anyway, his mom was going to be happy about this.

    “So what are the questions? And can I please have a name? I am guessing that you already know mine.” He said. If she didn’t than she was someone who sat here all day waiting for someone to sit down and talk with her.

    “How much do you know on otherworldly things? Like the supernatural?” She asked. It looked like she was uncomfortable asking the question.

    “Not much. I know about vampires. Those were the things chasing me the other night. I know about werewolves and other things like that. Why do you want to know?” He asked her. He knew that she was the one that was asking the questions but he had never heard of someone asking that for a school thing.

    “I was curious. The school that you can go to is a parana- I mean a supernatural one.” She stopped herself in the middle the world to hide something from him.    

    “You look nervous.” He pointed out as he took in her trembling hands.

    “I am fine. I want you to come with me.” She said and grabbed his arm but pulled back as soon his her soft, skin touched his.

    “I know why they want you know.” She mutter under her breath.


    “I know why they want you know.” She mutter hoping that he couldn’t hear her. His skin was hot and cold at the same time. His skin soft as it could be. He looked like he was made for the paranatural. She sucked in her breath and reached for his hand again.

    “Hold still. This might feel funny but it will only feel that way for a second.” She said to him and willed him invisable with herself.

    “What will feel funny?” He asked and tried to take his arm away from her. She dug her claws into his arm even more than what she normally would.

    “I am an Archangel. I am also the person who was sent to keep you from getting into trouble. There have been many people who they have sent after you to watch so no harm comes to you. I don’t know how you can see me but you can. I asked you a question and you answered the one way I didn’t want you to. So now we have to go and I have to take you to my boss.” She said staring to keep her hold on him.

    “Wait … What? Your a what? Let go of my arm!” He yelled at her he was screaming for help when she had to shut him up some way. She pulled his face to hers and gave him a light kiss to shut him up. It was the only way that she could think to try.

    “What was that for?” He asked as she pulled away from him but her hand was still digging into his arm.

    “I need to tell you something but I can’t tell you here. Will you come with me?” She asked him. He nodded and picked up his bag. She dragged him outside and called her wings out. The boy was looking at her like she had grown two heads. In a way she had.

    “You weren’t lying were you?” He asked in amazement. She smiled slightly and hugged him close.

    “I would close your eyes if you hate heights.” She warned him before moving her wings to take off to her home. She was going to talk to him but that involved being alone. He shut his eyes the moment his feet weren’t on the ground and his arms tightened around her waist. She smiled at that.

    “You can let go now.” She told him the moment her feet touched the grounds of her home. He opened his eyes and looked around. The moment his eyes opened he let go of her. He stepped up to her house.

    “Is this your home?” He asked her. She nodded her head and smiled at him. She walked up and opened the door. The moment she walked in she saw that her computer was up and out and her boss was sitting on her couch looking like she had been there for a while.

    “Wellp. I guess I need to introduce you too. Do I need to, boss?” She smiled bitterly at her. Her boss stood up and walked to her. She was smiling happily. This couldn’t be good.

    “Don’t be so formal. My name is Charlot. Has my little Angel Demon Hybrid told you her name?” Her boss asked the Elijah who seemed to be moving closer to her like she was a sister of his, and he was trying to protect her.

    “No she has not. But I want her name when she is ready to tell me.” He said for her. This is new. No one has stood up for me before. She thought. She shot him a curious look. Her boss laughed at this.

    “Oh yeah. I just lost you to him. The is what I was hoping for. He needed someone and you needed someone.” Her boss told them both.

    “So that is why he felt like that.” She mumbled under her breath.


    “What did you just say?” He asked her. He thought that she just said, ‘that is why he felt like that.’ but he has to be sure.

    “That is what she said. Well I am going to go and leave you two alone. Don’t do anything stupid, and don’t hurt him like you do some many others.” She said and left. He was wondering about that when all of a sudden the girl that he put behind him moved to the couch and sat down closing the computer that was there.

    “Well. What are you waiting for come sit down. I guess I have to tell you things now.” She said with a sigh. He wanted to go to her and make her tell him but he also wanted to make her feel better. He went to the couch and sat down beside her. He put his arms around her and hugged her tightly.

    “Wellp. You ask, I answer. Get it? Just don’t do the touchy feely thing again. I am not a fan. Born in february, the LOVE mouth, the girly pink and purple stuff.” She pulled out of his hug. He chuckled slightly. He could understand that.

    “A name would be lovely to know.” He smiled and looked around the place.

    “My name? I don’t … I … Umm… Don’t have … A … Umm ...Name.”

    “You what? That is just ridiculous. How about we give you one?”

    “I have never wanted a name.”

    “Well now you have to have one. How about Selene?”


    “Okay how about Luna? You look like a luna. You ligh blue hair, moonlight eyes, fair skin. Yeah you look like a Luna.”

    “I … I like ...I like it.”

    “There not so bad was it?”


    “Okay next question. You said you know why they want me. Why?”

    “I believe they want you because you are a mix of every paranatural thing there is out there alive.”

    “That could be why.” He said shocked by what he just learned about himself. Would that be why strange things happened around him.

    They sat together in a comfortable silence. Until the sky became dark and they became hungry. It was weird but they moved together like they were meant to be. He would ask later if the answer didn’t show up.


    It felt like he was trying to understand what she told him. But she didn’t know, for some reason she couldn’t get over the fact that he named her. It was weird. She was not going to answer to that pretty name but it was nice to have one. They were moving together. What is happening between us? What is going to happen? I hate this. I hate not knowing! She thought to herself. It was going to become too much sometime soon. She could feel it. It was going to be weird to have to train him for this kind of thing. SHe was going to start looking into some people who could help her with it.

        Angledemon- Hey I need some help with something.

        Anglefire- What do you need help with?

        Angledemon- The person I was sent to protect can see me and is with me in my house sleeping at this moment.

        Anlgefire- Is this boy trouble I hear that you're having?

        Angledemon- YES. Now HELP me!

        Anglefire- I can’t. This is all on you. Ask someone else for help. Have fun!

        Angledemon- yeah. Sure whatever.

    She closed that conversation and opened a new one up. If that friend couldn’t help than she was going to ask all of them for it.

        Angledemon- I need a little help with someone that I am protecting.

        OlivaOliva- What can I do to help my best friend out?

        Angledemon- I am having a … boy issue. *Sigh*

        OlivaOliva- OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Angledemon- Don’t freak out.

        OlivaOliva- You say that and tell me not to freak? Do you know how long I have waited to hear those words coming from you?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!

        Angledemon- Yeah Yeah Yeah. I know. I am not the boy crazy type. But I need help okay. Can you help me? *Sigh*

        OlivaOliva- OMG YES!!!

        Angledemon- *Sigh* Why did I do this to myself?

        OlivaOliva- I don’t know and I don’t care! I am coming over ASAP!

        Angledemon- Oh god no. *Sigh and runs hand through hair* Fine.

    She logs off and shuts the computer down. It is at that moment she feels eyes on her. She looks around around and see that Elijah has woken up and went to find her, she guessed. She smiles and get up from the computer. He is looking at her like had grown two heads again. It was then that she noticed that her demon side was coming out. She was going to have to be careful around him with this. The only thing that he knows is that she lied to him about what she was.


    He had gotten up because she was talking out loud and thought that she was asleep on the couch or something, what he found was much worst. He walked into the living room and on the coach there was a large human sized red woman looking like she was angry as all hell. He wanted to back away from it but he couldn’t move his feet. As he became to understand what she was saying she was talking out loud to friends over the computer.

    He wanted to just move out of her sight and back into the room that he fell asleep in.She was talking about him and it looked like she was getting upset about something that involved him. He didn’t want to be her punching bag.

    “Hi.” He somehow got out of his suddenly dry throat.

    “How much did you hear?” She asked him. She was turning back to her color and not this dark blood red looking creature that he saw just than.

    “Not much. Just that I don’t want to be your punching bag.” He shied away from her. The moment the words left his mouth she was laughing and was her fair color of skin. He wanted to laugh with her, but he couldn’t find it in himself to do anything but stare.

    “Oh god. That was funny. You heard enough to get that. Umm yeah I was telling me friends about you. It was what they were saying that was getting me upset. I will not turn you into my ‘punching bag’ as you put it.” She said trying to stop smiling while she said. He arched an eyebrow at her and she smiled a little more.

    “By the way, I am having a friend come over right now. She will more than likely want to see you and detrimen the best thing to do. But that is not anything that should worry you know at least. She might hound you for answers but not when I am with her. I will try to not leave you alone with her. But I can’t do it forever so.”She said. She smiled and went to her kinteck. He founded her not knowing what else he should do. It was not like he could just walk home after this. He watched as she pulled out a glass and filled it with water and handed it to him. She got out a seconded glass and did the same thing but she drink it instead.

    “So you really are an Angel Demon thing?” He skead. He checked his voice and nothing was wrong he was just scared out of his mind. She sighed and out the glass down in the sink. And nodded her head.

    “Okay I don’t think that you will be able to forget that. I have an issue okay? I am the only Angel Demon there is. I hate being called it so I don’t call that myself. I also have a bad anger issues. Which is not good if you think about it. I have learned early on that I hold things in and when the time is right they come out but not with angry or anything. They come out in tears.” She told him. It was clear that she didn’t like telling him this. He set the empty glass in the sink and went over to her. He pulled her against him and hugged her.

    She melted and didn’t pull away. He took his hand and made her look at him. He lowered his head towards her and the doorbell rang. He let her go instely. Not knowing what had come over him to do that. She walked away from him to answer the door but he could see a little blush making its way to her face. He smiled.


    She didn’t know what to make of anything at all. He had just tried to kiss her. What was she supposed to think. She reached the door and opened it to find her friend Olivia standing her and looking smugger than ever.

    “Well come on in Olivia.” She said and Olivia brushed past her to sit down on the couch. Luna shut the door and sat down opposite her.

    “Welcome back to my home friend. I guess you want to meet him.” At the moment the words left Luna’s lips Elijah was sitting down beside her making himself comfortable. This was going to be a very weird helping thing.Luna knew that when he put his arm behind her on the couch that her friend was looking at them and matching looks up. She didn’t have to see her face for that fact.

    “Wow you weren't kidding were you? You need some major help with him and him with you.” Olivia stood up and went to the bag that she had been caring that no one had noticed. She opened it and a lot of things came out at once.

    “You first boy.” She said and smiled at him.

    “Don’t worry just don’t let her take your clothes off for you. And you don’t do that in front of her. You will be right back.” Luna whispered in his ear. He smiled and nodded. He got up and went to where he was told to go.


    The moment she was out of his sight everything turned bad. He was houded with question he didn’t know how to answer.

    “So do you know that she doesn’t have a name and what is her favorite color? When was she born? What is her favorite time of the month?” Olivia asked without stopping. She pushed him into the bathroom and headed him some clothing to get into. He got into them and when he sorted out her looked like a type of god. He didn’t get to check a mirror or anything but he saw what he was putting on.

    “OMG. you look like you belong here!” Luna’s friend squealed. He arched his eyebrows at her. She pushed him back into the room that he had just left. The look on Luna’s face told him what he wanted to know. She liked the way he looked now. That was good was it not? He didn’t do the dating thing much.

    “Your turn friend.” This friend of hers said and pulled her up. It didn’t look like she would have moved otherwise.

    In a few minutes she came back out into the room. With a long dress that was about midnight blue but started as a moonlight blue. She looked stunning in the dress with her hair blending perfectly. Her was only one thing that told him it wasn’t part of the dress and that would be the white line that told him where the dress ended and flesh and hair begins. It was also on her waist.

    “So what do you think?” This friend of hers asked him. He was speechless. She took that as a yes sign and smiled proudly about it.

    “I hate wearing dresses.” Luna said with a strain in her voice.

    “Luna calm down. You look lovely. Just calm down okay?” He said trying to calm her. She looked at him and blushed a bright red. She looked down at her feet while her friend looked at him and back at her.

    “Luna? Who is Luna?”

    “She didn’t have a name so I gave her one.”

    “You … What?! And she let you? Oh My God you two are meant.”

    “Okay I get it. Will you leave so I can calm her down?”

    “If you can make her blush she is calm down. No one can do that. What is so special about you?” She asked herself. It was like she was inside her own brain until her eyes landed on him again. She walked towards him and reached for his hand. He yanked it away from her but she went for his hand again. She caugh it and held on tight. She looked up and down his arm. She felt different to him. She felt like ice and fire together. He didn't want her touching him.

    “Drop his hand now. It is clear that he doesn’t want you to touch him.” Luna said and appeared at his side. His hand was dropped.

    “Well you're feisty when it comes to him.I don’t think that you need my help. I think you got this around control. I will leave you to it than. By loves.” She said and waved good bye to them. He wasn’t even looking at her when he heard the door open and close he was busy with the fact that she got defensive over him.

    “I am sorry. I should let you sleep now. Go on, go sleep if you want to.” She said and went to the bathroom to change out of what her friend had put her in. He grabbed her wrist to stop her.

    “What? Do you not want to sleep? We could always play a card game or something.” She said to him.


    I can’t believe that you just said that. You know that he doesn’t want to play a card game. He wants something else. Well play it like you don’t know what to do. She thought to herself. She tried to pull her arm away but he wouldn’t let her go.

    “What do you-” He leaned forwards and kissed her. She kissed him back everything in her head melted to the moment his tongue was in her mouth. This was something that would be hard to forget. He pushed her back to the couch and made her sit down. He sat down on her still kissing her. She was already understanding where this was going. She couldn’t allow it but could stop it.

    She gasped and moaned into his mouth the moment his hands went up her dress touching every part of skin that they could without feeling like he was violating her.

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