Short Stories

I have many ideas but only some come out. This is a brunch of short stories that I have written for fun and just want to get something off my mind. I would love to have more to write about but I have no where to start. If you have any story starters I would love to hear them. I write this for fun. Some of these are from school projects but most for them are for fun.


4. The Story Of Nxy: The Vampire Queen

I felt someone watching me as I lay in bed. I have to sleep. My eyes shut lightly. And think. I have to think. I have to imagine something to fall asleep to. But nothing comes. As I fall into sleep an image pops up then I'm asleep. My dream was caused by that one image.

" I'm in the forest. I look up to see the moonlight shining through the leaves. It feels like I could reach up a touch the rays of moonlight. The moonlight flowing through my pitch black hair. I reach to a tree and I feel it. I feel the rough bark of it. I feel the grass and the dirt and the wood under my feet. I start to run. I don't know where I'm going or why. But I run. The black long skirt flowing behind in my short size is caught in the wind and moves like water. The long sleeve black shirt sticking to my pale white skin. Then I'm not in the forest anymore. I'm running on cold sand. I stop slowly as I reach the water. I look behind me but nothing all I see is the waves crashing against the shore. I turn to walk with the water not through it. Everything seems right in the world. The full moon looking down at me, making my skin look like it is illuminated. The light bouncing off the sea illuminating the night. Something stops my walking. I turn to the sea. I look out over the water. Nothing. I see the waves crashing. I step closer to it. Something is calling me to it. I walk into the water. Breaking the surface with my small feet. The water soaks the bottom of my black skirt that I stepped on. I walk farther into it. Being called away from the land. The water reaches my chest. Moving with my clam breath and my steps. As I step deeper and deeper into this water that should be cold. I feel warm and relax. I let the water run over me. Wash away anything I held on to. And finally I'm neck deep in the water. Not scared or anything else. I'm calm but it's still pulling me deeper. I look around me. I look at my clothes that are not covered with water. It's like the water's not there, I'm not getting wet or cold. I'm dry and warm and calm. I head deeper my head goes under the water and I wake up." It's day.

"I'm going to be late! No not on a school day!" And as I got up a pain greater than a knife in my stomach stopped me. I fell over once my feet touched the ground.

"Well I can't go to school if I can't walk." I started to cry, the pain was so great. My mother came in concerned filled her eyes as she took in the crumpled tall body that was me on the floor. My black hair in my face hiding the pain that stopped me.

"Why are you crying? You never cry." She asked with a deep concern.

"I can't go to school if I can't walk or even stand… I think I might be sick." I told her with a hint of terror in my voice.

"Oh that's nonsense. You're not sick. You've never been sick."

"Check my temperature and then tell me!" I yelled through the pain.

"Okay fine I will.  But you know the rules if you do stay home." she said as her blond hair bobbed out of the room.

"Yeah I do." And I started to cry again.

      The pain was killing.  But I couldn't tell her that because even I knew that she would think that I was faking it.  I wanted to stay home. I had to write down my dream. I didn't want to go to school.

My mother came back, "Open your mouth." She said. I did and she stuck something in my mouth. And then took it out when it beeped. She looked at the thing and then back at me concern filling her big brown eyes. And raised her hand to my forehead. She pulled back almost instantly.

"Well you are staying home until this fever of your goes down. If it doesn't it is something very serious so sleep." She said and helped me to my bed. Then she was gone I heard the door open and close down stairs and then I wrote. I wrote about my dream. And how my morning was going to go. I did go out and get something to eat but I couldn't hold it down I threw up everything in my stomach. I went to get something to drink and it happened again.

" Well I can't eat or drink anything.  That sucks." I said to myself my stomach still hungry. I was about to go to sleep when I heard something.  It sounded like someone coming into my room with me. I felt a ice cold hand on my skin.

Something whispered in my ear,"You're dyeing." I wanted to react but I couldn't move anything. Not even my mouth.

"I can fix you, make you better. I can help you and help you overcome anything you want. So what do you what? No need to speak just think and I will help you." This person said.

So I though "What are you and who are you?"

"I am a vampire, Nyx. And I will tell you who I am after you tell me what you want."

"Help." Is all I could think.

"Wise choice." This vampire said softly in my ear. And then everything went black. I couldn't feel or move or taste anything.

     I was waking up. Why was I waking up? Where am I? What is going on? Is it dark outside or is it light?

"All well be told shortly. But for now to help with that hungry that stopped you this morning. My blood will only help a little while longer. So you must go hunt for some food. Or you will die. And I don't thing you want to, do you Nxy, do you want to die?" This person asked me. But how did he know who I was?

" Ahh that question I love that one. You are well known in my world. You rule our kind. No not the human kind but the vampire kind. But it seems you need some help with that. I am going to be in so much trouble for doing this but I am your watcher, your protection if you wish. I was assigned this job. And if you were to fall vampire ill I was to get someone to help you. But I couldn't." The hunger was back again.

" It seems like I have talked too long...  again. I always seem to. I will be right back. Because you can not walk now. And then you must feed." And my watcher was gone. But the very next second was back with a young girl.

"Here you must." And the girl was on her knees at my bed begging me not to hurt her. I grabbed her throat and tugged her to my mouth. Blood was in my mouth before I noticed that she was fighting for life. I let her go. I couldn't kill her. I didn’t have it in me to kill her.

"Wow so you are the real Nxy. Only she would not kill someone and have the power to stop feeding. And you just did, so you must be the real one. We have searched long and hard for you my queen." My watcher said and bowed on a knee to me. My watcher kept telling me that I need the strength and I should kill her. Until I had enough. I put my hand out for her to be quiet and she stopped talking at once.

I cleared my throat to speak. "Thank you.  Now I can think. So what has happened in my absence? Please tell me." My watcher stopped and looked at me. Had the watcher never heard me speak? Oh I forgot block your thoughts Nxy, block them.

"Ummm. No I haven't heard you speak before now. And my god your voice is so lovely in this form." I smiled and made her sit down to speak. I got up and walked over to the watcher and put my hand on her shoulder and pushed down. She went down. And I put little effort into it but she went down.

"Wow you are stronger than the other fledglings. Most fledglings never even talk for a few days. But you wow. You're the first fledgling in what maybe a hundred years. There aren't that many anymore. But you asked what has happened well nothing much anyway. But I am so sorry if I look too long but you are a truly different being. Everything about you is not the same as it was a hundred years ago. So-"

"Stop. Your chatting again. Why don't you stop and take a break? You need it. I am going to go find some more people. And don't worry I will clean up when I am done." I made sure the watcher did what I told her to do. Then I was off I found some killers lurking in a dark alley. And let's just say they are no more of the death bringers that they were. But people who want to stop killing and stop the hurting of the people of the world. Home was last on my list to stop by. I made my way to my old home. And I saw that my old mother and my old father were in there wanting to know what happened to me. I knocked on the door and when they answered.

They said,"Who are You?" I looked at them.

" My name is Nyx and I have come to take away your pain about losing me. So listen carefully. I have never been here nor do you know me by any name. I am not here now. And never will be here. All that you know is that when I was a newborn baby you lost me in a car crash but you have no pictures of me and anyone I have had over you do not know. Someone will be here tomorrow night to clean out the back room. Good bye." I turned and left. And after that no one in that house knew who I was.

      I returned to my watcher she was awake now and wanted to know what I did. I told her. My family will not know me. She looked shocked.

"Why are you so shocked? It's not like I did something I couldn't do. I knew that I must take their pain away just as you did mine. You helped me and now I am ready to go to the group of leaders and take my place." She looked even more scared. She had to tell me something.

"What? What must I hear from you protector?" I asked her softly.

"Well ... umm ... so if you go to them they will kill me and I don't want to die as someone who protected you. Not that you aren't the best thing in my life now but it is by your blood we can make more of us. I don't think it is a good idea to go to them." She said.

"So they plan to use me? How foolish for them I could kill them all right now if I pleased."

"But how? No you couldn't kill them. They would find you and kill you first."

"But why? I gave them the life they have, or at least one of my lives has, I can take it back. Is that something that the old Nxy forgot to say. I can take back the power they have."

"Yes she did forget to mention that but you see. I am part of them. I do plan to use you. So two choices take away the pain of life or go to them and face your death."

"Fine I will see you in hell my friend." And I took every ounce of power she held over me. I took it into me. I held her to me till she was dead. She can't hurt me now. No one in this world could stop me from what I wanted. I walked the streets fearless. Nothing could touch me. Nothing wanted to. I walked into the group of false leader's. And I drank. They are no more. They no longer will bother me or anyone else.

I sent out my silent message," I am back in charge. Come to the false leader's group meeting. Come to me. And ask me anything you wish. I'm in charge of the night now." And in minutes the room was full of others. There were 20 vampires in the room. They were there because I wanted them and they wanted it.

"I am Nxy." I said in a voice so sweet they almost melted.

"What do you wish from me?" I asked brave and fearless. They felt that I was new. But they knew that I was Nxy. They said nothing but got down on one knee and bowed.

"We do need more of us. I will chose those who are worthy of it. And you will help them. I will be back soon."

         I was gone. I was set out to find those who are worthy of being one. And it beings.

         I found those who are worthy by being a little girl without a mother or father. That I wanted to find them. Those who stopped to help I saw if they were worried or just doing it for another reason. If they did it for another reason I knew and I made them walk away. If they did it for the reason I was looking for I helped them find the meeting place and told them to stay. I did that till I thought it was enough. And I returned. I saw them and I made them. I had to tell people want to do. I hated to be in charge. So of course I did move I made it known that if they wanted to find me they would have to look hard for me.

    I had found the place in my last dream as human. I found the big forest and ran through it just as I did in the dream. Then I was on the beach I walked just as I did in the dream. I went in the water. I went deep in the water and then when I had fulled my dream I left but not for long. I was back but I lived. I lived on the beach I watched the sunrise. I watched the sunset. All from the safe of my home. 

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