Short Stories

I have many ideas but only some come out. This is a brunch of short stories that I have written for fun and just want to get something off my mind. I would love to have more to write about but I have no where to start. If you have any story starters I would love to hear them. I write this for fun. Some of these are from school projects but most for them are for fun.


6. The Others

    I am riding in a car with my Mother, My Father, and my little sister. My mom and dad were in the front sit and I was in the back looking into the the empty dry sands and ground that was out my window. I had to go to the bathroom as did everyone in the car now. We were finally coming to a stop when I felt something that didn’t feel right. I looked out my window and nothing. The bathroom was not a big place, it was very small really.

    I was keeping my eyes out and looking like I was being watched. I was saying nothing to anyone as I got out of the car to go to the bathroom. The moment I entered the bathroom I noticed the vases that were almost everywhere. They were by every door and every window. I didn’t want to go into it. I didn’t want to know what was going to happen.

    I took a step into the bathroom, and my need to use it came over me and I ran to a bathroom stall. I used the bathroom and came out to wash my hands. I didn’t know what to do when I saw the three grown men standing by the door to the bathroom and looking at me. I was frozen to my spot. If you could see my face you would see the fear that is in my eyes. They looked at me and smiled at me. My mom had come to a stop by my side and my little sister was standing behind her.

    “Harper, move behind me.” My mother told me and grabbed my hand to move me behind herself. This was her mother side. Most of the time she is my friend but when something happened that she knows is very serious she gets her mom side on. I don’t like this side of her. I didn’t like when she told me what to do. But I knew that when it happened that it was something that is needed I had to do what I was told to do.

    I stood behind my mother and my sister moved behind me. The men that were at the door moved to me mom and she pushed us to back up. I knew what I had to do. My eyes scanned the whole place and I was looking for something to hurt these guys with. I saw the flash of a gun in one of their hands and a knife with two others. They were all armed. And one with a gun. I wasn’t going to get far if I had a weapon anyway. I wouldn’t know what to do or how to use it. I would just have to hope for some time of adrenal rush to hit and hope that something happens in my favor. I was still scanning when I felt my mother still. The men had finally came to to us and pulled out the gun that I had seen. There was nothing that could have stopped me from doing what I had done, not even my own mother,

    “What the Hell do you bloody reaks want to do to us, you don’t know what I can do and you don’t want to know who is coming to save us right as we speak. I called the police when you were not looking at us.” I said bravely and tried to look like I had. I had indeed called someone but that someone would have been my best friend. I knew that she had moved here to Texas and I knew that she would come running on all fours and she would helps us. I don’t know why I had put on a accent but it sounded like I had just gotten off the boat that left England. I didn’t like it, but it worked in your favor.

    “So are you all brits or is it us you? Or maybe you would like us to blow her brains all over you first to see that we will do it to you too. Now where is your phone? Give it to us and no one is going to have their brains blown out because of something as silly as you not giving it to us.” The one with a gun told me. I smiled and took out my phone. He tried to turn it on and it was dead. He whispered something to one of them and he smiled evilly. I was taken aback by it. I didn’t know what he had told him but it was clear that I was not on their to kill list any more. I didn’t want anything to happen to my family or even myself but more to my family then anything else.

    I backed up even more then I knew I could but it wouldn’t save my life to be like this. I knew that at some point in time I had become the victim and not the hero. That was when I drew the line. I am not the victim here. Those that are trying to hurt us are. I may not be anything but human but I was going to put up a hell of a fight trying to save myself and them if I had to. I stopped moving. I think that I might have stopped breathing but I am not sure. If I did they didn’t notice and neither did I.

    I turned very cool. My skin felt like ice and my eyes turned colors. I didn’t know any of this at the time but my friend had come in at that point and stopped dead when she saw what was happening to me. You could tell that power was coming off of me in tidal waves of fury. I was mad and they were going to pay for it. I moved my sister and mother out of the way with a thought. And walked up to the people that looked like they had just seen a ghost. I couldn’t blame them for that. It felt like I was a ghost and human at the same time. I just doubt that you could call me human. The only thought that was running through my head was save my mother and sister. I was going to do that even if that meant I was going to die. I didn’t care I would welcome death like a brother.

    “What were you saying that made him smile?” I asked in a sweet calm voice that made them shrink away from me even more. I smiled and move to push them back. I touched one on the arm and his eyes got big and he yanked his hand away. I saw that his skin was getting goose bumps and it was like the had stepped into a freezer with me. It was hurting them but it was my power. They were walking on thin ice with me now. I was going to hurt them for what they had down to me. I don’t even think that if my mother could have seen me she would have been able to. A whirlwind had kicked up around us and even my friend who came to help out was in the circle. She had gotten down on all fours and had started to growl at them.

    My friend she told me her secret. She was a wolf by heart. She had called out her wolf and now was there to help me. I was losing control over this and I needed her help with it. I pushed one back and that was how it had began the fight.


    “Now students what did you learn from that story?” The teacher asked. The students looked at her wide eyed and wondered if it was true.

    “Okay so you might not believe the story but it was real it did happen.” The teacher told the students after they looked regained their color back. They looked down at their books. All but two looked at the books. Harper and her friend, wolfe were staring at the teacher in shock.

    The teacher winked at them and moved to sit down. Harper was named after her great- great- great- great- grandmother. And Wolfe was named after her great- great- great- great- grandmother. They knew that much about their history but anything beyond their names they could tell you. Know they knew that they were bound to be friends and they were bound for something new and to save something or someone together. They held hands together the moment the story was over. It was not to say that they were scared but it was to become their pack. They are not going to leave each others side and they were not going to do anything without each other.

    The bell rang and all the students in the class got up fast and ran out the door. The only two who didn’t seem to be able to move from their sites were Harper and Wolfe. The teacher looked up and saw the two of them looking at her. She smiled and got up from her chair. She slowly made her way to them.

    “So do you know anything new about your history?” The teacher asked them both. They looked at each other and nodded not breaking eye contact with each other. The teacher laughed slightly.

    “Good. Now go and play outside. Unless of course you wish to stay and meet them for yourselves. I have them coming in a few.” The teacher told them and walked back to her deck. The two friends sat there together holding hands and talking throught their minds.

    What do you think? I want to meet them. Wolfe told Harper. Harper nodded her head.

    So do I but I thought that they had both died a LONG time ago. So how are they alive? Harper asked. Wolfe thought about it for a while and shrugged her shoulders. They had decided to stay and meet them together like the pack they had just made.

    “Well hello there, Mother. How are you to-” They stopped when they saw the two students sitting and holding hands. They were deep in thought or each others thoughts to have noticed the new people coming in.

    “Who are they?” Wolfe asked her mother. Her mother smiled, and pointed to her head. They both joined into the conversation that was going on in the students thoughts.

    Okay so you are going to ask your mom if I can come over to your house to night, Right Harper? Wolfe asked. They knew that it was serious when used each other names.

    Yes, Wolfe. I will ask my mother if you can. I need you to come over so we can talk alone because right now we have three other people dropping into our conversation. Harper pointed out and let her friends hand drop away. They got up and looked at the new people.

    “Wow, little one. You are very smart if you could feel that. So I am guessing what you are like us than?” Harper asked the little Harper. The smaller Harper nodded her head. Wolf stood up a little taller and took her friend's hand again. This time it was not to have a chat but it was for support. That gave her a little more help with standing up to them and she strained her back.

    “Okay I get it. You two are the best of friends. But understand what happened to us. She moved and we had something great happen. We came into ourselves. So you're Harper and you're her friend Wolfe, am I right?” Wolfe asked them both they nodded but not a word came out of there mouths.

    “Yes. Mother they are going to do something very great I can feel it. I just don’t want to leave them alone when it happens. I can feel that it will be soon. Very soon.” Harper said to the teacher. The teacher looked shocked and astounded.

    “But they are still so young. You were teens when it happened they are just kids. It can’t happen to them. Not yet at least.”  The teacher told both of the old teens this. The other two students backed slowly out of the classroom while they had their conversation. As soon as they were not in the classroom they took off down the empty hall. They were going to have to come back for there things but they were not going to want to. Halfway to the door that leads outside. Harper stood in front of them looking down at them. She looked assumed that was what it had come to.

    “Calm down little ones. We are not going to hurt you. We are just going to watch over you for a while until you come into your powers and when that happens then we will teach you how to control it and you will be the best.” Harper told them leading them back to the classroom.

    “O-O- Okay. But don’t hurt us.” The smaller Harper told them. The older Harper looked down and smiled.

    “I am not the one you are going to be wanting to not hurt you. When the time comes you will have someone to fight for and your powers will come out to you. The good thing is though is that you don’t need to practice the mind thing. I still have to tell you my theory as to why only we can do it. But that is for another time.” She said as they walked into the classroom and sat down.

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