Short Stories

I have many ideas but only some come out. This is a brunch of short stories that I have written for fun and just want to get something off my mind. I would love to have more to write about but I have no where to start. If you have any story starters I would love to hear them. I write this for fun. Some of these are from school projects but most for them are for fun.


9. The Mysterious Stranger

          "Thank you for shopping at your friendly neighborhood King Soopers. Have a nice day Ma'ma," I said cheekily as I pulled the cart around and gave her the cart. She said nothing and left. I wiped my forehead with the back of my hand looked at my watch. Great only, 7 hours left before I can go home at midnight. I sighed inwardly and started to bag the next person's produce. I looked up and saw just another face smiling back at me. Sometimes I get they to smile other time not so much. I like when the customs will tell jokes and I understand them so I get to laugh along with them, but mostly my job is to just say 'hello and welcome to King Soopers' and 'Thank you for shopping come again'. This job is driving me nuts, but I would rather be nuts instead of lonely. I don't like having days off or even breaks. I know that I am smiling on the outside because of my thoughts and the customer thinks that I am just trying to be nice. I have to be nice here otherwise I get fired. I can't get fired, I need this job. It is the only thing getting me up in the morning since school got out. I have had this job for three months now and I am liking it, so far. I am not sure if I can keep up with the Sundays thought. I had thought Saturdays were going to be busy, don't even get me started. Sundays are the worst. 8-hour shifts compared to my normal 4-hour ones. It just so happened that today was Friday. I had been asked to close the store up at midnight. 

          "Thank you have a nice night," I said as I handed the customer the items and smiled at him. He smiled back and left. I would at least be fine if I had to somehow pull the carts again. At least this time it would be dark and I would not be so hot. We have been having a record summer in Colorado. Usually, we might have a few stray snow storms in June. Not this year. All out heat, heat, heat! Summer is on and it is letting us know. From being outside for three minutes I had already gotten a sunburn. Not that I don't like Colorado or anything, it is just weird. The temperature goes from below zero to Texas summer hot. 

          I had just been let out on break when I was approached by a tall man with short dyed blonde hair. His roots were showing and he needed it redone soon. I smiled at him as he stared down at me with his icy blue eyes. I knew that I was forcing my smile as he just stared at me. "WOuld-would you like help finding something sit?" I asked in a small voice. He shook his head and looked at me perplexed. "Then I have to go, sir. It is my break and-"

          "I changed my mind. Would you please show me where your hair dye is?" He asked me. I nodded and led him through the store as he slacked behind me watching me with his staring eyes. I pointed at them and started to walk away before he took my hand in his and looked at me in my eyes. "It is very odd indeed," He muttered thinking that no one could hear him probably. I shrugged it off and tried to get away from him. He pulled me closer before someone came up the isle and took me in hand to the break room. 

          "Thank you so much, Lisa. I don't know what I would have done without you," I told her as she sat me down on the sofa and looked at me with dead eyes. "Uh-Lisa, are you okay?" I asked her getting kind of worried. I looked at the screen but felt her eyes looking at my head. It was the worst 15 minutes of my life. Being stared at but not doing anything about it. I almost sighed with relief when my break was done. I got up and went right to the bathroom and waited for the last few seconds as I used the time to brush myself up and make myself look nice. 

          I rushed right out of the bathroom right as my phone's alarm went off and went right into a solid wall of flesh. I grabbed onto his shirt as I felt my feet start to slip and felt him grab onto my arms to keep me up. I blushed bright red when I was stable on my feet. I let go of the shirt and looked up to say that I was sorry and all I saw was icy blue eyes. I shivered and looked away from his eyes. I knew that my smile as long was gone and I was only thinking about getting back to the front end and bagging again. I felt his finger on my chin as he lifted my face to look him in the eye. "Clock out. Your shift is done," He told me and pushed me to move still holding onto me. I went with him and clocked out. I started to reach my phone when his hand stopped mine, "I will give you a ride home," He told me and pushed me towards his car. I let out a huge scream and when his hand dropped away to cover his ears I made a run for it. If I knew anything I knew that it was not going to end well if I got into his car. I kept running not daring to look back until I got to my house and slammed the front door shut waking up my mother and father. They were sleeping waiting until I called and asked them to come and pick me up. 

          I knocked on my mother's door as I looked at the clock. It was not even close to midnight yet and they were sure going to ask me about this. At the last moment, I pulled away from the door and turned to my room. I walked in very slowly to make no noise as I shut the door behind me I sighed somewhat glad to be behind a closed door before I felt someone watching me. "What do you want from me?" I asked my door in a whisper. 

          "You can feel me? How odd. You are very weird. Everything about you is weird or odd even. I want to know your name and I want to know more about you," He said back not quietly but I knew that if he woke my mother and father up he would be paying for being in my room. I sighed once more and ran a hand through my hair to take out the ponytail that I had put it in. I looked over my shoulder as I slipped off my work shirt. If I could see in the near dark I would say that he would be blushing. I just tossed it onto a pile of clothing and went to lay down on my bed. Since her was still on my bed he moved over and made himself comfortable. He didn't ask me anything but I knew that he was looking at me. I could feel his eyes burning a hole through me even if I couldn't see him. I looked at him and knew that he was grinning at me. Rolling my eyes I rolled to my side and tried to fall asleep. 

          I was awake all night trying to sleep. It was hard to fall asleep when someone you did not know was in your bed with you. I must have fallen asleep at some point during the night because when I had awoken he was gone without a trace. It felt nice knowing that he was gone but weird that I knew he was going to come back. I was proven right at near midnight when I was almost falling asleep and I felt someone sit on the end of my bed. My eyes flew open and I nearly jumped out of my bed when I felt an icy hand hold my ankle. "You were not at work tonight," He told me calmly. Instead of saying anything I took a gulp of air and looked at where he might be in my near pitch black room. "I know you are afraid of me," He whispered right next to my ear. His hand had left my ankle but it felt like he was still touching it. He wasn't wrong that I feared him. It was all in the way he acted, and the things he said. He made me fear him and I knew that he was playing my own little game with the cat. He was the hunter and I was the prey. Not knowing if that was good I stood still knowing that if he was the hunter out to kill me than I was going to do everything that I had learned to try and flee. "I can smell your fear. You are truly scared for your life," He whispered in my other ear. I jumped when I felt his hand on my arm this time. I told myself to be prepared when he next talks. I can't have him thinking that I am as scared as he says I am. "I have been watching you for a few nights now," He spoke right in front of me. Even with me trying to get prepared for what he was going to say it did unnerve me. 

          He stayed right where he was as I felt him move my hair back from my neck. I didn't know who or what he thought he was but he could not get away with this. "I like fear. It tastes so good. It makes me want to kill them more," He said looking into my eyes. I felt him moving slightly to the side. I was fearful that he was going to kill me. "But I think that you will taste better than anything that I had ever tasted before," He said I jumped at the feel of breath on my neck. I fought the urge to title my head sideways and be his silver platter. I knew he let out a breathless laugh as I felt his hand on my arm crawl up my arm and into my hair. He forced me to move my head to the side. I felt the sharp needles on my skin before I felt them go deeper and break my skin. I knew that the books that I have read had some kind of truth hidden in them. I felt unbearable pain right before my mind blanked and I fell right to sleep. 

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