Short Stories

I have many ideas but only some come out. This is a brunch of short stories that I have written for fun and just want to get something off my mind. I would love to have more to write about but I have no where to start. If you have any story starters I would love to hear them. I write this for fun. Some of these are from school projects but most for them are for fun.


3. The lost Dad

A lonely, pale as death girl is eating dinner very slowly. She feels like she is going to fall into a deep sleep if she blinks. But she still has a camera around her wrist thinking about making a video or vlog or something. Her mother and father are away… again. They left while she was at school and haven’t come back from there time out. She thinks they’re avoiding her. It’s like seven and she needs sleep. This is new for her she’s not sleepy til its eight something. She just gets up and walks to her room turning out the lights behind her. Plus she is going to be in so much trouble for leaving her dishes out. It’s Friday which means no school tomorrow.

“Great I can sleep in.” She says sleepy as she gets to her room and falls on her bed. But nothing happened. She is fully awake now. Is it the darkness that engulfed her that woke her up.

“Wow just so tired I couldn’t blink or I would fall asleep to wide awake. Lovely.” She frowned. She closed her eyes and tried again. But nothing would make this girl fall asleep. She was so tired she didn’t turn on the light. So she was in the dark.

“Okay how about I think about a place with something good happening.”

    “Is nothing going to put me to sleep?” she asked herself after a minute in quite, “Wait … Is someone here? I feel someone here, like I’m being watched.” She gets up and grabs a camera to go see what’s going on. She turns the camera on and points it to herself.

She presses record and says,” Hello everyone and my name is Selene. It’s seven at night and I feel like I am being watched. This is not new but I just wanted to see if it is true. Okay so there is no one at home with me right now. Time to see what is going on. So I feel like it’s coming from in here. By the way I’m looking through the camera screen to see if it is anything that I can’t see with my eyes. Like a ghost maybe.” She looks through the camera. Nothing. She looks up and then there is someone in her room with her.

“Hello. Who are you?”She looks through the camera screen as she points it to the person in her room.

    He is not in the camera. “I am someone you should know. I am someone from your past. I am the someone that watches you. Will you please put the camera away now?” The person asked in such a calm voice Selene was frozen. Selene stood frozen as this person walks toward her slowly and puts his hand on the camera and turns it off by pushing one button.

    “Who are you?” Selene asked again a little braver then the first time she asked now that she could move. It smiled at her.

“I am Adelphius. I am your real father.” He smiled as he spoke. Selene fell down on her knees before him and put her hands to her face and cried. She was scared. She was really scared. A feeling she never wanted to feel in her for so long she forgot what it felt like. She was really, really scared. Selene has never in her life felt afraid of anyone or anything but this was different. Not even of the ghosts that are around her all the time. Adelphius looked at her and sat on the ground next to her.

“No you're not- You're not, my-my dad is doing something now. I don’t know what but he left me alone.” Selene said through tears and sobs of fear.

“But if he is your dad then why is your name ancient Greek? My little Moonlight I have found you. I have looked everywhere on earth and here you are.” He said thoughtfully. “I am your real dad moonlight. I am the one that you feel connected to.” He smiled as he said moonlight.

“Why do you keep calling me ‘Moonlight’? That’s not my name. It’s Selene. My real name is Selene. And if you are my real dad you would know that”

“Yes your name is Selene in this time. But in ancient Greek your name means Moonlight.”

Selene stopped crying by then and wanted to move to sit but was stopped.

“Come we must go Moonlight. We must go now. Those others, those people that are taking care of you, they are coming and will be here soon.” He spoke quietly and quickly. Adelphius tugged lightly on her arm. “We must go now.”

“Why must we go now? I can’t leave them. These people you want me to go from, are my mom and dad. I … I can’t leave them now.” Selene said.  And just like he was there he was gone again.

“Okay let me get back to my vid- oh no Adelphius was right they are back. I should be asleep by now.” And Selene hopped in bed and while she was faking sleep she heard her dad say,” Good god he hasn’t come for her yet? When will Adelphius come and get this girl?” Her dad asked as he opened the door and shut it just as soon as he looked inside. Selene jumped out of bed and ran to the door.

“What do you mean ‘When will he come’?” She screamed at them as she tore open the door and from his hands.

“You're awake?” Her dad asked afraid he might have started something he didn’t want to answer. Selene calmed down at once. Slowly she asked very quietly,” Is what he said true? That you're not my dad, he is? That I am his Moonlight?” Her dad looked at her mom. They were afraid and Selene wanted to know.

“Please tell me the truth. I want to know, I have to know.” She said softly. Her dad shook his head and went into his room and so did her mom.

    She was up looking outside her window doing nothing for two days but watch the sun rise and set and the sky lighten and darken. She watched the moon. Selene felt like she as part of the moon somehow. But she knew that she always felt like that. She wished he would come back, her real father, Adelphius, would come back for her and get her and bring her home.

    She stayed in her room and looked out the window and didn’t do much anything else she never left to eat or drink or basically anything. Selene suddenly realized that she had not had anything at all eat anything in two days and was really hungry. Since it was Sunday night when she noticed she creep out of her room as quietly as the creaky floor would allow her to.

    Selene came back to her room hoping that someone was there but no one. She wanted to go, she wanted to say sorry for what she said, she wanted to take it back. But nothing. Adelphius was not there.

    When Selene's mother and father awoke on Monday morning they found her on the floor sleeping next to her window curled up in a little ball with her tears staining on her face. They covered her with a blanket and went to work. They didn’t yell at her to wake her up for school they let her be. Her father and mother knew thought that she would be awake when they got back and she wanted answers, and needed them too. They didn’t want to go home. But her mother knew that she had to know the truth and her father knew that Adelphius was there right now watching over her in her sleep.

    Her fake mother got home at about 9:30 at night and her fake father came at about 10:00. For them that was very unusually. But Selene didn’t care she didn’t even eat. She wanted to but she couldn’t force her mind to wander from the fact that her fake mother and her fake father told her no and left her standing there with nothing as an answer.

She did eat from time to time but not much. She realized that she shouldn’t care. She didn’t even know what made her this way not anymore at least. All she knew is that in her dreams a man would come to her room and watch her. He would say nothing and do nothing.

But a few years after she moved out of her mothers and fathers house she noticed things. Things that she shouldn’t have noticed. She felt things that didn’t happen until the next day. Her dreams had changed from nice and friendly to Adelphius. Nothing in her life away from those people that she called mom and dad had happened. Nothing but a weird downhill roll of her life. She had a job but as soon as this started she just forgot to show up. She searched. Selene looked for Adelphius. She looked everywhere she could, but nothing. He never showed and never came back. Of course she didn’t know that he was always the one watching over her. She was his Moonlight.

One day she finally got a led on him but then it was a little too late. She just so happened to get in some really big trouble that would have to cause him to come out and help her. She got in a fight and the people were fighting her they were beating her and killing her slowly and as death approached silently for her, Adelphius came back to help. He saved his little girl.

Adelphius picked her up and went to the first place that she could remember meeting him her old room. He laid her on the floor and she woke up.

“Hello again my Moonlight. How are you?” He asked her softly.

“Fine, I guess. Where am I?” Selene asked dazed.

“You're in the first place we met that you can remember I had to see that you were safe.”

“I am safe. Can I take back what I said last time we met?”

“ Yes you can but I will never forget that.”

“Thank you for coming back. I missed you Adelphius.”

“When will you call me dad?”

“When I feel right about it.”

Selene got up and fell back but Adelphius caught her before she hit the ground.

“Take it easy.” He said quietly. And she stood up slowly. They hugged each other and they were off in the world. Adelphius said,” We must go find your mother. Of course I mean her grave she has been dead for a long time. But I think that you should meet her. I think that she would love to know that you are safe and home with me.” And Selene was made sad again but she was his daughter once again. And with her dad she would stay till the very last breath in her was gone.

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