Short Stories

I have many ideas but only some come out. This is a brunch of short stories that I have written for fun and just want to get something off my mind. I would love to have more to write about but I have no where to start. If you have any story starters I would love to hear them. I write this for fun. Some of these are from school projects but most for them are for fun.


7. The Little Warrior and the Mind Monsters (My sister story)

My sister made this story and I went through it to fix everything. This was something for her class and I did ask her if I could post this and she said that I could. All credit goes to my little sister who said that I could post this on my Movellas. Thank you, little sister.



          This heroic journey shows a journey of a young girl that is forced to battle three deadly mind monsters. Each of the mind monsters tends to show up on after the other. These mind monsters are called Depression, Anxiety, and Panic Attacks.  Although  theses are common monsters, each one is more evolved than the last.
          This story starts with a young girl she thought she was a normal girl living a normal life. Little did she know when she hit sixth grade she would have to learn to be a warrior. As soon as the second quarter started she knew she was in for a battle, her best friend started to get into fights that lead to her expulsion from the school. At the end of the year, this girl learned that people change then by seventh grade she was all alone. The only thing she had left was a flashlight because the darkness was making an appearance. The last quarter of seventh grade she started to experience the first mind monster, depression. The girl came to the realization that she needed to fight back. This mind monster started to put up walls, and it started to use the past experiences to trick her into isolating herself. As the girl tried to fight back she experienced a double hit from the next two monsters. 
          She Learned to love the darkness that the mind monsters placed her in, she learned to depend on it. Then the mind monsters added fake love into the equation. She fell for it, and she fell hard for him. It was like he gave her a false sense of hope, he played her for five months before he left her for another girl. She was broke but then she was done; she wanted to fight back harder than before. At this part of the story, she was finishing eighth grade and getting in the summer of ninth grade. She had learned to be dependent on him. When she was down she would rely on him to pick up the pieces that her life had turned into. Now she would have to learn to pick up the pieces of her broken heart. 
          In these following months, she got suicidal and even more depressed over a boy that had stolen her heart. A boy … Later she learned that this path of suicide and self-hatred she had been walking down was not working out so she went off the path the mind monsters had been blindfolded and lead down. Now she decided to take the leads and make her one path. 
          With only a flashlight in hand, the little warrior took the mind monsters and hushed them when she went on a journey to find the land of the lost; the land with all of these monsters and much more that she has not met yet. This land is the land that the lost souls and taken childhoods go. She wanted to go there because the boy who broke her heart was there and she wanted to be in control again. On the way, the mind monster, Panic Attack, would keep her on edge along with the mind monster, Anxiety. After a couple of months, and a lot of battle wounds later, she finally found the eye of the storm called life and on this day Nov 1st, she finally realized that she had been in control of these mind monsters the whole time . On this day she learned to love herself scars and all. On this day she picked up all the broken pieces of her heart even though some are missing she is learning to love herself again. 
          Hopefully, by the next year and coming she will be able to stand alone. Hopefully, the little warrior will keep fighting off the mind monsters, for they will always be with her, never leaving her side throughout her own life. By these next years, the little warrior won't be so little and she will be able to fight the mind monsters and the doctors with the needles and pill bottles, that she is a different monster to also fight. The little warrior learned to fight and now she needs to learn to slowly take down the wall that the mind monsters put up but slowly so they don't rebuild themselves and learn how to take her down once more.

To be continued ……...

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