Short Stories

I have many ideas but only some come out. This is a brunch of short stories that I have written for fun and just want to get something off my mind. I would love to have more to write about but I have no where to start. If you have any story starters I would love to hear them. I write this for fun. Some of these are from school projects but most for them are for fun.


2. The Creepy Old House

       At the top of a big hill in a good neighborhood there stood a tall, creepy looking, old house. When people were new to the neighborhood they would ask around and then wonder up to the old house's steps before they could help it and then lose all mind and run back to their place. Those people would never talk about it. They would just walk away as if the person asking just bullied them.

     "But why? What did you see up there?" They would ask but no one knew the answer. The house reeked. You would always find some group of girls or a group of boys sharing stories of what they think happened. But no one knew if they were right.

     "Okay so what I heard is that a man died in the house and his ghost is still inside. That's why no one can even knock on the door. And when someone did they were pulled in by his ghost and they died in the house just like the man did. No one knocks on the door because that's the way he pulls you in. I walked up to the house and then ran back because I didn't know how I got their. I was just looking up at the house and then I was at the steps and ran back." A teen girl said to her friends as if it was some creepy story.


     A new girl moved into this neighborhood. This girl she was nice and kind to everyone. Even people who scared her she was still nice. She didn't wear any makeup because that would ruin the way she acts. And she wears nice long dresses. Her dresses were very nice. They made everyone smile.

     So this girl walked up to her house and saw this dark, old house on the top of the hill and had to help. She was very afraid but tried her best not to show it. She baked some cookies. She put her best dress on. She looked lovely walking up to the house in a lace black dress with it flowing behind her like water. Her shoulders covered in it's lace flower patter. Her long, light brown hair hanging lose behind her shoulders.

    She was on the steps of this house not a fear in her head. And she slowly raised her hand to the door and knocked once, twice, and a third time. The last time she knocked the door opened to show a young man in black looking at her with bright blue eyes. Watching her, hearing her, and looking at her hands. He eyed her. Curious on why she wasn't run away from him yet. He invited her in. She walked in without a care in the world. Her hips moving from side to side making the long dress flow with it.

    Oh good god he looks cute. This house is so nice. I wonder why everyone is so scared of this place. She thought. And she sat down of a sofa looking around her. Her basket of cookies still hanging on her arm.

     "So how is your day? My name is Melinda. What is your name?" She asked still looking around the house moving her hair with her head.

     "Why are you not running away from me? Everyone else does so why are you here Melinda?" The young man asked.

   "Why am I here? I saw your house and had to say hello. Your the only person in this neighborhood that I haven't meet yet. And what is your name? I really want to know what it is." Melinda incensed.

     "My name is Ambrose. And your name is very pretty so is your dress. He said eyeing her shoulders and light brown hair.

     " Well thank you Ambrose. I really like your ... eyes." She said and then her checks turned pink as she realized what she said. " I thought I would make some cookies and come to say hello to you. I mean your house looked like you needed someone here with you."

     Ambrose got up and held his hand out for hers and she gladly took his hand. He pulled her up and she heard music playing softly for the next room. And they danced to this slow music. Melinda found herself lost in the sound and Ambrose was lost in it too. They were dancing and holding each other close. When the song stopped they looked at each other and smiled.

     " Oh the suns down. I should be heading home now." Melinda said but she couldn't move. She said I have to go but her feet wouldn't let her leave. Ambrose looked down at her still in his arms and why she wasn't moving. Then it hit him. No one has left this house. And the house doesn't want her to leave. So he picked her up and opened the door. When they were outside Ambrose set her down and offered her a hand.

     "I will walk you home. The house doesn't like when I am gone but for you I will make an exception." Ambrose said and smiled down at Melinda's pink cheeks.

      "Thanks but It is at the end of the block. and that is really far." She said not wanting to look up but not having a choice. And Ambrose bent his head down to hers and kissed her softly on the lips and walked her home. His hand in her hand. He never went back to that house again. He didn't want to deal with what the house would do to him if he came back. He didn't want to clean up blood and leave dead corpses in the basement anymore.

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