Short Stories

I have many ideas but only some come out. This is a brunch of short stories that I have written for fun and just want to get something off my mind. I would love to have more to write about but I have no where to start. If you have any story starters I would love to hear them. I write this for fun. Some of these are from school projects but most for them are for fun.


8. A Light In The Dark

    The light that came from his hands shocked me to stay still, even through the blinding light, I couldn't see him. All I knew was that it was a him, but I could barely make that out. I couldn't tell but I had a feeling about it. I just needed to move to get a closer look. Most people would have tried to run, but I want to see who this person is. I just want to know his name. He closes his hands and the light stops. All I can see is black. The light knocked out my sight. Shit. Great just great. Now I can't see.


     "Hello? What is your name?" I test my voice but little more than a mumble comes out. He didn't hear me and, he can't see me. I think that if he saw me he would have come to say something to prove what I just saw was fake.


     My eyes can see now and I look at him. He looks back at me. I try my voice again but nothing. It is like my voice is stuck in my mouth. He smiles at me and then turns to leave. It is at that moment my body falls and I wake up from a sleep I didn't know I was in. The first thing I see would be doctors looking down at me.


     "Welcome back to the living my friend. You were so close to death and have been in this coma for months now." He looked down and I knew who he was. He was the guy that didn't want to talk.


     "Who are you?" I ask but little comes out of my dry mouth. They get me some water.


     "What was that?" He asked back.


     "Who are you?" I asked in my normal voice. I could finally talk. This is wonderful.


     "I am the doctor that helped wake you up. My name is, of course, Vladimir. But you may call me Vlad. And yes I know that it is a funny name for a doctor." He said before the question came out or I laughed at his name. I knew that I was rude yes but I haven't smiled in a long while. And I haven't slept in a while too. If my sleep eyes told me anything.


     "Sleep," I mumble before I fall back asleep and a dream world plagues me again.


     I am falling through the air. But not falling. I'm not moving but I feel like I am. I look down and I see nothing. I look up and nothing. I am surrounded by the nothingness. Then I see something. Something that I didn't know I could see. But the moment I looked closer it died away. I can't move but I want to.


     I feel like I am being moved and it looks like I am. But I don't know who is moving me. But the next thing I see is the ground. I see the ground far under me. I am not stepping on the ground. I am walking on air. I feel something coming from my shoulders and I look to see the blue feathers of wings coming from my back.


     "What am I?" I asked out loud. I don't know if anyone can hear me but I hope they can. I want an answer to why I have these things coming from my back.


     "What am I?" I ask again. I am tempted to yell. No one is answering me. I need the answer. I need answers. But no one is grieving me answers.


     "What am I?" I yell the question at the top of my lungs. But nothing. I am perfectly alone. No noise no movement. Nothing. Nothing but me filling the air. Is this death? Ha. Funny I don't remember dying.


     I wake with a start. I look around to find myself in an empty room at the hospital. I must have been out of a long time. It looks dark outside. I don't like the dark. I don't like the strange dream. I test my hands, and my feet, and my head. I am fine. I turn to get off the bed but something is stopping me. A needle I think. I pull it out. I get up and walk out. It is like I am not even controlling myself. The last thing in this world that I remember was falling asleep in my bed.


"What? What is going on?" I screamed at the top of my lungs. A nurse came running into the room as fast as her small feet could take her. She looked over the room and then at me. She looked angry that I had woken her up from the night. 


"What is wrong?" She asked coming over to my bedside. I was staring off at the front door. She followed my gaze but did nothing about it. I saw a man dressed in black coming towards me looking like he was ready to kill. I was going to try and back away if I was not sitting and could have moved. I was under some sort of spell. He was looking right at me and stopped when he saw that nurse by me. "Sweet, nothing is there. Here I am going to give you something to go to sleep," She said to me and walked to a desk close by to get something to put into my IV. My eyes never left the man in black, though. I didn't see her pumping something into my IV. I just felt the wave of sleep claim me. Before my eyes closed I saw that the man in black had come to my bedside. He was smiling as he took the IV out of my arm slowly. I didn't see anything after that.


"Wake up," Was the first thing I heard when I was even slightly awake. It was coming from a voice I had not heard of before. I kept my eyes closed tight until I felt the wind on my face. I peaked on of my eyes open slightly to see that I was in the air. I was flying, somehow. I opened my eyes all the way and looked around to see that we were in the middle of the sky flying somewhere. I felt hands on my waist and a body pressed against mine from behind me. I wanted to look over my shoulder but my eyes were glued to the ground below me. I swallowed weakly, afraid of heights as I was I was amazed that I was not pucking. "You were doing that early," Was whispered once more in my ear. As the white nose in my mind cleared I was able to hear the flapping sound of wings. I wanted to twist my head and open my mouth to speak but I couldn't. "It is okay, Stella. Breathe. We are almost home," I heard in my ear again. My eyes still watching with amazement as the ground was flying past me. I felt myself getting dizzy right before I fainted.


"Wake up Stella, you have been asleep long enough," I heard slowly coming from somewhere to my left. The person sounded grumpy with me. I opened my eyes to see who was talking. The first person I saw was the man in black that looked like he had wanted to kill me. I jumped up and tried to get away from him but I was up aginst a wall. He changed from looking like he was going to kill me to sympathetic to me. He pulled his hands above his head and backed away from me. 


"Who -who are you?" I asked as soon as I could get past my fear. He out his hands down and sat as far away from him as he could. He looked at me slightly before he nodded his head as if giving me the good to go sign.


"I am Almbus. I am sorry if I have scared you. But you were having dreams and I had to get you away from people. I am your father," He said looking at me for my reaction. His eyes were on my face as he watched the play of emotions from where he was. At first, I was confused at to what he was telling me. But as I heard the rest of it through my sleep clouded mind I got angry at him. My father died when I was ten. My mother died when I was 19. I was alone. No one left but myself. 


"That is a lie! My father died when I was 10! Who do you think you are? Playing this trick on me? I lost everything in my family! This is just some cruel joke of yours!" I yelled at him with tears coming down my face. He got up and came closer to me. When he was touching my hand I knocked him back away from me. I didn't want this trick. 


"Then how did you get this? It is on your arm, isn't it? It is shaped like wings, isn't it?" He asked me and shoved up his shirt and mine. I looked up from the bed and saw that he was right. I had a birthmark that was shaped like wings on my stomach. I had never thought much about it, but now seeing it on him there was nothing I could do not to believe him now. I shoved my shirt back down as he pushed his down as well. I wiped away my tears and sat up against the light blue wall with my knees coming to my chest. 


"Okay fine. I believe you now. Why, though? Why have you come back for me after all these years? It has been 17 years, why now?" I asked him clinging to my legs like it was my anchor. He sighed and sat down away from me again. His eyes were focused on mine.


"Why? Why did I come back for you? I have never left you. I was the bird that was near you always. I was the bird that sat next to you on the bench while you feed the other bird's bread crumbs. I was the man that sat next to you or behind you or the teacher in the room teaching you. You see I had never left you, you just never saw me. But now that you have been having the dreams, I believe I am correct in saying that your shoulders have been hurting?" He asked me. Now that he mentioned it they had been hurting me for a long time now. I just never knew why. I hadn't gone to the doctor. I thought that it would just go away on its own. I nodded my head once. Almbus stood up and came over to me. "Spin around. I went to see something," He told me. I spun around to face the wall. I felt him lift up my shirt and his hands going over my back feeling for something that I didn't know about. When he ran his hand over my shoulder blades I lifted a hand to muffle a cry of pain. It didn't work through because he heard it and looked up at me. "It is happening." Was all he said before he pulled my shirt back down and spun me around to him. 


"Stella, do you know what I am?" He asked me hurriedly. I shook my head in response and bit my lip."Okay, I need you to know this and right now. I am a Shifter and you being my daughter are one as well. But of course, we both shift into something with wings. If you have wings when you're in shifting than everyone after you will as well. I am one that can just shift enough to have the wings but keep my form. You will too. I promise. We just need to get you into some flying lessons. I know that you will not believe me at his but we can also hold fire and light in our hands. I am going to have to show you," I watched as he shifted into something that looked like a bird with a body of him. It looked so weird that I didn't know what I should do. I screamed but that was more out of the fact that I was going through what he just said I was going through. 

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