I Guess We're Cool.

Lauren was finally leaving home and moving away to start her life in a new city and go to university. A timid and nervous girl being thrusted into an entirely new world on her world. She takes the opportunity to re-invent herself and start being the girl she wished she could be – a fun, loving and confident girl.
That was when she met Steven, and when her world turned upside down. Not intending on looking for love – it had found her.
*DISCLAIMER* This story is based on a true story. But for obvious reasons some events and names are fictionalised and changed. However the locations may be true, both in real life and in the story.


1. It all begins now

Chapter 1

“Lauren! Come down now, we need to get going!” Lauren’s mother screeched from the bottom of the stairs, looking up expectantly.

“Yeah, I will be down in a moment…” She replied as she stood there in her room. Correction, her old room. There she stood in the middle of an empty room, the room she had grown up in. Even to this day, she could remember the layout of the furniture, where she had put everything and where it all belonged. But that is now a distant memory.

Her eyes started to sting, while her bottom lip had started to quiver and wobble. Now is not the time….She try to tell myself. But it was no use. She knew this day would come, she had both been yearning for it as well as fearing it. She looked into the far corner where my bed used to be and sighed.

“My new adventure will begin today…” she proclaims, not only to state the fact but almost, to convince herself that she was doing the right thing and to motivate her to move forward. She places her hands on her hips and nods confidently to herself. “Right enough of this… My life starts today”.


She sat there in the van with her father sitting beside her father as they drove down the motorway, heading to the Midlands. The radio was playing while she had leaned against the window letting the wind push her hair from her face. She took long and deep breaths to calm her anxiety and heart. She lent her head back against the head rest of her seat, closing her eyes as she visualises her favourite and calming place.

“You okay there? Tired already?” Her father looks to her, at the corner of his eye with a raised brow in an amused and teasing manner.

She scoffs “Me tired? Why would I be tired?” She pauses “It’s not like I was up most the night panicking about today, so much so that it is consuming every thought I have right now….” She blurts out with a loud sigh to conclude.

He laughs for a moment before leaning over and patting her knee “Quit your worrying kid. You will be fine. Just… don’t argue with your mother. This affects her a lot y’know she is devastated to see you go.

Right. She thought, Of course the day I move away to go to university, and it is somehow about her…. I am not surprised. She groans and looks out the window begrudgingly.

Her father frowns at her reaction “Come on Laurie, you and her have been constantly arguing… you should be reminiscing and getting closer not further apart at this point in time” He defends himself.

“That is precisely my point! But you know mum, she has to be in control no matter what, even if it isn’t about her… Today is a huge day for me so why is it we are talking about her right now?” She protests, huffing loudly.

It was true; she and her mother had been arguing and fighting a lot lately. From the most insignificant things to the most important decisions. It was a constant battle but then again there were good and bad days in their relationship in the last month or so. Day by day was anyone’s guess of how they would be by the end of the day. Could be arguing and slamming doors or smiles, laughter and saying ‘I love you’ at the end of the night.

She would never deny the fact she did love her mother, she was an important part of her life and decision making in her academic path she was taking. But there were times, of course like every teenager goes through, she hated her mother. But it never lasted, she loved her mother far too much to risk even on day of no communication between them. Inevitably, she had no idea what she would do without her mother.

After a few moments of silence Lauren finally speaks “I know that is unfair to say but then, why is the focus on her and her feelings… What about what I feel?” She look to her father as she asks him.

He ponders for a moment before he lets out a sigh himself “She is your mother, today is the start of her journey of having to finally let you go and start your life. You are her first child, so this is heart breaking for her. A whole new experience for her. So you should understand from her point of view.” He replies, while keeping his eyes on the road.

“But – I do agree with you, today is about you. So… How about we stop by a drive-thru and get some food. I won’t tell if you won’t?” He smirks and chuckles.

Lauren nods and laughs “You got it” as she points out a sign for an Xpress Services “You’re paying right?” She looks to him with a cheeky smile on her lips. 

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