I Guess We're Cool.

Lauren was finally leaving home and moving away to start her life in a new city and go to university. A timid and nervous girl being thrusted into an entirely new world on her world. She takes the opportunity to re-invent herself and start being the girl she wished she could be – a fun, loving and confident girl.
That was when she met Steven, and when her world turned upside down. Not intending on looking for love – it had found her.
*DISCLAIMER* This story is based on a true story. But for obvious reasons some events and names are fictionalised and changed. However the locations may be true, both in real life and in the story.


2. Don't let the nerves get the best of you....


It had been an hour since her parents had left her. She was in a new city, completely alone. She had assumed she would be depressed by this but in fact she was relieved to say the least. She had sad her goodbyes and had been greeted by her flat mates who had moved in the day before her. Some hungover from the night before and others just chilling in their rooms.

It wasn’t long till she had stepped out into the quads in the middle of the building complex, where all the flats faced into. She stood there for a moment taking it all in. Her eyes looked across to the other flats adjacent to hers. She moves over to a bench and takes out her packet of cigarettes and lights one up. She exhales the smoke from her lips; the nicotine coursed through her body automatically making her feel more relaxed. It was a bad habit, but she had kept it under wraps from her family.

It had all started from her previous relationship, it had ended rather badly to say the least. And that’s where she began to smoke; her coping mechanism through her heart break and pain. Her gateway, even for a few minutes, to escape the drama and just let her mind wander and relax. However since then, it was a stress reliever through her exams and A-levels. And indirectly a way to piss her ex off which had been very satisfying at the time. But she had stopped after her exams, feeling there was no longer any need for her to smoke anymore.

Till now, she had moved away and no longer under any scrutiny from her parents and she didn’t have to hide it. Now smoking was her freedom but mostly to calm her down from her nerves.  She looked around the quad, there were many people wandering around; chatting to other people, walking into their flats with their luggage or smoking on other benches like her. She bit her lip thinking to herself:

You wanted to be different… You wanted to change who you used to be and be more social… get up… introduce yourself … what is the harm?....

Her conscience was battling itself till she finally got up, pushing her packet and lighter back into her pocket and takes another inhale of her cigarette before she confidently (or appears to be) walks over to a group of people chatting and introduces herself. They started talking, laughing and having fun.

The rest was history. 

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