The Pit & The Rope

Not sure it's a poem, a story or what. Just a set of feelings


1. One

I remember the day the pit appeared

Right in front of me, unable to avoid

I fell, falling heavily to the floor

Then the nightmare started

Stuck in a pit with no escape

The body giving up

I feel the pain

Don’t know where it’s from

Uncertainty grips my soul

Bleeding lightly but not too bad

At first the pit is shallow

Hope that I can use the rope to climb out

The pit is dark

The pit is lonely

I have the rope for comfort

Always there

Always present

Always comforting

Time moves on

The pit gets deeper

I feel more pain

Jagged knives attack my body

I’m getting weaker

It’s getting darker

The rope remains

Giving comfort

Giving hope

I try to climb it

But I’m too weak

Little energy to pull myself out

To lay under the sun

Darkness all around

The rope remains

Then it weakens

No longer able to support my weight

I have no energy left to plead it stays

Don’t want it to remain if it doesn’t want

The darkness closes in

The light above grows dim

Loneliness pervades

I search for the rope

It’s gone

The darkness is complete

Pain sears my body

I feel agony

From both the body and the mind

I try to carry on

To find my way

Keep getting lost without the rope

Nothing left for comfort

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