Some brilliant quotes both funny and true to the heart.
Beware: there is some swearing.


4. More random quotes

'I admire those people who can stay calm despite of too much pain. However, I love those who cry for a while but after the tears have fallen, you'll see a real fighter the moment they start to smile'.


'Everyone says love hurts, but that is not true. Loneliness hurts. Rejection hurts. Losing someone hurts. Envy hurts. Everyone gets these things confused with love. But in reality love is the only thing in this world that covers up all pain and makes someone feel wonderful again'.


'If you love something let it go, if it comes back to you it's yours, if it doesn't, it never was, and it's not meant to be'.


'Beautiful things can exist in the darkest of places. That's how it's been since the beginning of time. Then again beautiful things can be dangerous'.



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