Caged Lives

Imagine living life in a 5m by 5m room. For Beth she doesn't need to imagine. After being taken away from her family home at the age of 4, she hasn't left the the cage for 8 years.


1. Life in a cage

For most, living life trapped in a small room would be unbearable, but after 8 years, I guess you sort of get used to it. You get used to the same walls surrounding you, the same smell of cheap air freshener and the small hole in the corner for toiletry needs.

The walls were a plain white, shiny plastic with spots of dirt and grime forming on them, the floor a cream carpet stained with old food, sweat and vomit. The roof added a bit of change. Navy blue coloured it was the most colourful thing in the room. Whilst no patterns or shapes had been purposely created, the paint brush had left lumps and bumps and with the boredom of an empty room, looking at them to find patterns, shapes and pictures became a common  activity to pass time. Over the years the room had remained uncleaned, the smell would be unbearable for a visitor; but when you've lived with it for what feels like an eternity, you don't notice it on a daily basis. 

Days would be the same, wake up, eat, do nothing and sleep. Over and over again, nothing new, nothing exciting. How could you live like that? Well, being in a cage for months on end becomes normal. You adapt to it and get used to a boring lifestyle. Your body gets used to doing nothing. Your senses get used to the light, the smell, the feelings of the surfaces. Your mind gets used to the boredom. Slowly the boredom dissapears and becomes a small ache; a small ache rarely present. Thinking. Something simple, but when you have time you do it a lot. With hours of nothing to do thinking becomes your main passer of time. You can think of anything you want as much as you want. Thanks to this you learn things others don't, you learn a different way of living, you learn about yourself and you wonder. You wonder what the real world is like, or is the real world just a cage. 

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