My best friends ❤️

Evie has been best friends with luke calum ashton and michael for a few years now She has a secret Will She Tāke a risk and ruin their friend ship or not...


12. stuck in space

Calum's POV

I could tell something was up with Evie and I could tell that she was hurt.i don't know wether she did smash her head or not or if someone had done this but it was terrible I needed to get the actual truth out of her so I called ash up and he said he would be on his way here to help me force the truth out of Evie's mouth.

When ash got here he walked right in and saw me on the couch with Evie trying to talk to her but she was just staring out of the window. It was so strange it was like she was there but no one was inside of her body.

'Hey Evie what's up' ash said as if he was talking to a baby

She sat in silence..

'Hey ash can I talk to you in the kitchen please'i asked


'I have no clue what happened I know she is lying we just need to get the truth out of her somehow.'

'Ill tickle her'

'Okay go on then'

He actually did. Unfortunately she was still in her own world.

Ash and I turned our backs and suddenly she started singing astronaut by simple plan

'Can anybody here me or am I talking to my self my mind is running empty in the search for someone else who doesn't look right through me it's all just static in my head can anybody' tell me why I'm lonley like a satellite?'

She stopped for a moment for the chorus

'Cause tonight I'm feeling like an astronaut sending SOS to this tiny box and I lost all signal when I lifted up now I'm stuck out here and the world forgot can I please come down cos I'm tired of drifting round and round.'

She stopped

'It hurt me so much' she muttered to herself

'What did Evie' ash said

'I can't tell you.'

' well have to leave it for now.' I said jumping to the conclusion.

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