My best friends ❤️

Evie has been best friends with luke calum ashton and michael for a few years now She has a secret Will She Tāke a risk and ruin their friend ship or not...


28. scans

Calums POV

Knowing that Evie could be ill worries me . A lot. Shes just been taken to have a few scans so i'm left on my own in her room. I have got a few messages from Luke saying that he's on his way back to bring Evie's stuff.

But there is just one thing on my mind and its how to tell the guys that me and Evie are together because they could have mixed emotions or different reactions to what we would have thought they would have.

'Heyyyy' ash screams as he slowly opens the door

' shhhh Evie might be sleeping' i here mike say

'Where is she ?' Luke asks me

' she went for some scans' i said shaking

'Why do you look and sound so nervous' they ask in unison

'Im um wait i need to say something later'

' why not now ?' Ash asks

'Because errr im tired' i replied


Hi sorry i havent updated in like forever its cos i was locked out but it finally let me innnn ❤️ ty for 13k reads ❤️

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