My best friends ❤️

Evie has been best friends with luke calum ashton and michael for a few years now She has a secret Will She Tāke a risk and ruin their friend ship or not...


3. meeting the guys

I hopped in Calum's black BMW and we made our way to his house where luke ash and Mikey were.

We were stuck in traffic for about 10 minutes because a lorry had crashed into the back of a white Audi.

I walked into Calum's house and i was greeted by luke screaming 'GOALLLLL' I could tell straight away that ash Mikey and luke were playin FIFA.

'Hello Evie!' Calum's mum said

'Hey joy' I replied

'How are you?'

'I'm good thank you '

'Good make yourself at home'



'Hello eviee !!' Ash luke and Mikey said in unison

' let's get this movie marathon started' calum said

'Ill get the popcorn' Mikey told us all

'Can we watch the fault in our stars ? ' ash asked

'Sure' calum said

I love that film' I replied

'Hey , luke can I talk to you a moment please' calum asked

'Sure mate'

They then left me and ash alone

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