My best friends ❤️

Evie has been best friends with luke calum ashton and michael for a few years now She has a secret Will She Tāke a risk and ruin their friend ship or not...


8. meeting joe

Evie's POV

'Calum I have to go could you please take me home?'

'Yeah sure'

Calum put on the music in the car and the first song that came on was american idiot by green day we both sung along and then we adds about 5 seconds away from my house so I undid my seatbelt.

'Thanks for the ride cal , I'll meet you and the guys at yours tomorrow morning for school'

' yeah no problem and Okay bye'


When I got to my door I saw joe there

'Hey why you here so early'


'Let's go inside'


He kissed me before I could say anything , it went on for about 10-20 seconds.

I didn't really like to talk in front of him , I guess in a way he sorta scares me...

I just have this feeling

I don't even know to be honest ..

'How are you' he asked

'Im good ..' I said quickly but quietly

'Me too now !'

'Good' I replied

We sat down and he put his arm around me

' what did you need to talk to me about'

'Oh .. Nothing I just needed to see you'


' why did calum take you home.'

I knew he was gonna get angry in a minute

' my car broke down remember I told you so I asked him to take me home.'


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