My best friends ❤️

Evie has been best friends with luke calum ashton and michael for a few years now She has a secret Will She Tāke a risk and ruin their friend ship or not...


1. intro

Evie's POV

I woke up to the sound of Calum ringing my phone at about 10:00. For a moment I thought it was Monday but I realised it was Sunday.

I called Calum back

'Hello '

'Hey calum why'd u call me? ' I asked

'I was seeing if u wanted to chill with me and the guys today and have a movie marathon'

'Okay yeah sure can u pick me up plz my car broke down the other day.'

'Sure I'll be round in 30 mins' he replied

'Thanks calum , bye '


After the phone call I rushed to get ready.

I slipped on my black ripped jeans and my green day shirt and brushed through my long brown hair. Before I left I brushed my teeth and checked through my Instagram.

Text messages

Calum: hey , I'm here xx

Me: okay i just need to get my shoes on xx

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