Beanie's Guide To Killing Off Characters

Need help with killing off a character, main or even just a side? You could even just be bored and want to kill a character for the sake of it. I can guide you through the process of making a dramatic death or even write one for you if you'd like.



I'm Beanie and I absolutely adore dramatic scenes especially killing of characters in a big way without it being incredibly stupid. Whether it be a bullet, asphyxiation, bleeding, impact or disease it can be a dramatic and feel crushing scene for everyone. I'll be using my killing of Fang in my Maximum Ride fan-fiction for SciFi week.


If you'd like me to kill a character for you, fill out this form: Incomplete forms will be rejected, if your comment has a like from me that means that I have accepted it and it will be completed soon.


Character to be killed:

Description of the character to be killed:

Character witnessing the death:

Description of them:

Point of view: (Third person, if first person state who's POV it is)

How they are to be killed:

Bond between the two characters:

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