Beanie's Guide To Killing Off Characters

Need help with killing off a character, main or even just a side? You could even just be bored and want to kill a character for the sake of it. I can guide you through the process of making a dramatic death or even write one for you if you'd like.


4. Step Two ~ How To Kill Them?

Then there is the insane how do I kill them? You can go simple, like they get shot or stabbed. Face it, whenever a character gets killed it's far better for crushing everyone's feels. Just a few little sentences can make anything more powerful when killing a character.


"It felt as if fire was coursing through my veins as I writhed in total agony on the cool ground."

"The pain skyrocketed through my body, I allowed myself to scream."

"The numbness crawled through my body, slowly getting closer to my heart."

"The darkness surged up to meet me."


"I watched in horror as the light behind their eyes went out and they slackened in my arms."

"They smiled up at me and said only one thing, 'I'm sorry' before they went limp against my chest a single tear rolled down her cheek."

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