Beanie's Guide To Killing Off Characters

Need help with killing off a character, main or even just a side? You could even just be bored and want to kill a character for the sake of it. I can guide you through the process of making a dramatic death or even write one for you if you'd like.



I yanked his trench coat off of him and moved to unbutton his white shirt my mouth in his our lips moving in sync as I pushed him up against the bedroom wall. I smiled against his lips and quickly broke our kiss to tear my shirt off and I braced my arms on the wall at each side of his head looking into his beautiful blue eyes with determination. I ran my hands over his flat stomach and stopped at his hips. I was pulled off of Cas and thrown against the wall, crashing to the floor.


I looked up at Cas only to see Sam with his shaggy hair grinning at me and his eyes flicked to black. Cas moved with his two fingers to stop Sam but then I saw it. The first blade held in Sam's hand, glowing red. "Cas!" I yelled scrambling up but I was pushed down again only to watch as Sam plunged the first blade into Cas' heart and disappeared into thin air.


Cas collapsed onto the floor and I scrambled over to him lifting him into my arms and holding him against my chest. Sam doesn't have the mark so he wasn't instantly killed but he was dying. Blood was still flowing from the wound in his chest and I knew that there was no helping him now. I took his hand in mine as he struggled to breathe. "Castiel, don't die. Please, anything but. I can't loose you, I love you."


He looked up into my eyes with his and squeezed my hand tighter. "I love-" he whispered before he went slack against my bare chest. The light had gone out in his eyes. I let go of his hand and cradled him against my chest my tears landing on his bare skin.

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